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User avatar #167788 - swagasauruss (22 minutes ago) [-]
I got a huge fuckin pet rabbit. Whats some bad ass names?
User avatar #167792 to #167788 - infernobird ONLINE (5 minutes ago) [-]
Supreme overlord bun-bun annihilator of galaxies.
User avatar #167791 to #167788 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (7 minutes ago) [-]
User avatar #167790 to #167788 - mnmzg (10 minutes ago) [-]
"Sir fuck-shit-up-and-poop-everywhere"
#167785 - gypsydude ONLINE (39 minutes ago) [-]
Alright everyone I'm going to give you some advice. But first a short story of my mistake. Three days ago I was talking to this chick that I had a crush on. We were talking during a break from our college courses. Anyway during this conversation I mention to her how I wanted to ask her out when we meet. She leaned in a whispered to me "I wish you did." At this point in time she is dating someone. I fucked up big time. I didn't take a risk and I was too much of a pussy. SO here is the advice. Take the risk, don't be a pussy.
#167786 to #167785 - confusedasian (36 minutes ago) [-]
One day, when I finally leave the house and see a cute girl, I will remember your advice.   
Thank you my brother. And good luck on your journey of getting pussy.
One day, when I finally leave the house and see a cute girl, I will remember your advice.

Thank you my brother. And good luck on your journey of getting pussy.
#167784 - anonymous (57 minutes ago) [-]
Why does not having a girlfriend bug me so much, when I don't really know anyone that has girlfriend potential in my eyes and that I know having a girlfriend would be such a bad idea for me right now?
User avatar #167789 to #167784 - swagasauruss (19 minutes ago) [-]
Look, being alone sucks major phallus at times. But you have to admit sometimes its easier. I love my wife, adore her to death. but there are times in a relationship where it gets difficult and the pain of that is excruciating. Id rather feel single and alone then alone, hurt, and in a relationship.
User avatar #167787 to #167784 - confusedasian (34 minutes ago) [-]
You're probably just feeling alone.
User avatar #167775 - confusedasian (3 hours ago) [-]
Yo pkmexplain or pkmxplain or pkmnexplain or pkmnxplain which ever one you were, what's the newer generation of pokemon like? I haven't played since emerald and might pick it up again. Anything else on the 3DS you recommend? I like fighting, racing, rpgs, and hack n' slash games.

Might just go for a Vita first though.
#167778 to #167775 - anonymous (2 hours ago) [-]
same anon, the ds has more games but the vita has more lengthy games.
#167777 to #167775 - anonymous (2 hours ago) [-]
as someone that that has both if you have the money just get both. I got the ds first with the new fire emblem game, shin megami game, and the entrian odyssey. all are ok but you would probably like the smash game over entrian. new pokemon is great but easier than the past games, x and y are pretty good. but again eveything is easier. you can make things harder by purposely limiting yourself. ORAS are a good call back to the old games but I would probably start with X or Y.
as for the Vita its some games but most of the "good" subjectively speaking are good because of prior knowledge. some fighting games but the games i'm currently playing for the vita are tales of Hearts r, persona 4 golden, and disgaea 4. the vita came with borderlands 2 but I'm probably not going to play it. I've just started but they are pretty good.
User avatar #167783 to #167777 - confusedasian (1 hour ago) [-]
I prefer lengthy games since I don't buy games a lot. But damn, I forgot about the tales series. Loved Tales of the World Radiant Mythology.
User avatar #167776 to #167775 - derpityhurr (3 hours ago) [-]
I havent played X or Y but i have Omega Ruby, and its pretty fun although its a bit dumbed down
I love the overworld mechanics, specifically how smooth the bike is
there are games like smash bros, which i have, and monster hunter, which i plan to get in the new year
User avatar #167781 to #167776 - confusedasian (1 hour ago) [-]
I'm not going to lie, I really didn't think Pokemon was a game you could dumb down.

I've never played Smash Bros before. What's the online like? Is it only local or is it the whole jubilee?

Yeah, that's my main concern about the 3DS. Big Monster Hunter fan. Very upset that it's not on PS Vita.
User avatar #167782 to #167781 - derpityhurr (1 hour ago) [-]
not the mechanics, but its just a lot easier than the original Ruby was for me, especially considering i was 10 when i first played it
Smash bros is great, but the wifi online is laggy if your connection isnt too strong
local and single player are both seamless tho
User avatar #167767 - cacti ONLINE (3 hours ago) [-]
So I just got a gay dudes number. Not sure how to feel about that.
#167769 to #167767 - confusedasian (3 hours ago) [-]
I'd take it as a compliment.
User avatar #167773 to #167769 - cacti ONLINE (3 hours ago) [-]
Or maybe i'll go gay. Who knows? There's all kinds of possibilities.
#167765 - drastronomy (4 hours ago) [-]
Tfw hot or not girls 0.5 points below me do not respond when I write "hi"

#167763 - mexicandudeinsd (5 hours ago) [-]
someone have a link to where i can download the movie fury in HD or something, please
User avatar #167764 to #167763 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #167761 - fappening (6 hours ago) [-]
How can i exclude certain content? Like channels I dont wanna see posts from
User avatar #167762 to #167761 - confusedasian (5 hours ago) [-]
Is this about the whole Korra thing? I don't think you can. I'm also pretty annoyed with it myself.
User avatar #167766 to #167762 - fappening (3 hours ago) [-]
Yes, how did you know though?

I don't know what a Korra is, but if its that Gaynime bullshit, I want to exclude the whole lot. I don't see why its fair for people who have 0 interest in that shit to constantly see it
User avatar #167768 to #167766 - confusedasian (3 hours ago) [-]
There's been an influx of that show lately, and then I see your question. I put two and two together.

I'm with you. I don't like the whole Chinese cartoon stuff either, but I just skip it. It gets annoying seeing it, but it's better than people posting some sjw or feminist thing.
User avatar #167771 to #167768 - fappening (3 hours ago) [-]
Nah, its getting just as bad as the sjw/feminist bullshit.
User avatar #167772 to #167771 - confusedasian (3 hours ago) [-]
The difference is that, it'll go away sooner since it's just a show. I remember the titan show's hype. Now that's gone. sjw and feminists have been here for quite some time.
User avatar #167774 to #167772 - fappening (3 hours ago) [-]
Man Gaynime has been here too long, I don't mind if it stays, but ffs admin should let us filter the shit out. It is not that hard to put a fucking script in that lets us block that cock sucking shit out
User avatar #167758 - funi (6 hours ago) [-]
Do you think I could use a regular Weber charcoal grill to melt metal?
#167760 to #167758 - confusedasian (6 hours ago) [-]
Considering forges look like this, I would give it a shot. Might take a while though.
User avatar #167753 - gmanofwonder ONLINE (7 hours ago) [-]
So can someone give me the cheesiest pick up lines they know?

I'll start.

Girl if you were a document, you'd be the fine print.
User avatar #167779 to #167753 - nachoiscool (2 hours ago) [-]
Did you fall from heaven? Because that ass is one hell of a cushion
#167759 to #167753 - confusedasian (6 hours ago) [-]
I'll murder your family if you don't have sex with me.

Cock or glock, bitch. The choice is yours.
User avatar #167756 to #167753 - advicedude (6 hours ago) [-]
Do you like cheese? Because I'd like to fondue you.
#167754 to #167753 - anonymous (7 hours ago) [-]
"I eat ass."

that usually works well.
#167740 - anonymous (9 hours ago) [-]
parents are divorcing, best christmas ever.
User avatar #167752 to #167740 - arenaferox ONLINE (7 hours ago) [-]
This will be something that will get better with time, my parents got divorced some years ago.
They had been fighting years before that so it was actually a good thing when they finally did get divorced.
If they aren't happy with each other anymore then it's better of they're not together if they don't have to be.
If they stay together it may get worse.
Try to stay positive.
User avatar #167739 - headlessmamii (9 hours ago) [-]
Hey everyone. Recently a lot of people told me that I'm a fairly negative person. I don't believe I am THAT negative but I'm not very positive either. I decided I should at least try to be optimistic for now on and see where that goes. Any suggestions on where do I even start with this?
#167780 to #167739 - tikitaco (2 hours ago) [-]
Just cause people say you're a negative person doesn't necessarily mean you should immediately go and change who you are. It's good to think about self improvement and all, but you should just do what works best for you. Kind of like the saying, "why fix what isn't broken?"
User avatar #167755 to #167739 - durkadurka ONLINE (6 hours ago) [-]
Just remember that any big chance is going to take a while.
#167749 to #167739 - saltybanana (8 hours ago) [-]
nigguh your just stubborn!!   
ehh try changing the ways you go on about your day. like lets say when you wake up. you usaully go watch tv or lay in bed looking thru videos on your phone. Instead go out for a morning run or learn how to make an amazing breakfast! now this is an example, if you do these stuff thats great bitch
nigguh your just stubborn!!

ehh try changing the ways you go on about your day. like lets say when you wake up. you usaully go watch tv or lay in bed looking thru videos on your phone. Instead go out for a morning run or learn how to make an amazing breakfast! now this is an example, if you do these stuff thats great bitch
User avatar #167750 to #167749 - headlessmamii (7 hours ago) [-]
Alright thanks
#167727 - jacoban has deleted their comment [-]
#167716 - anonymous (18 hours ago) [-]
guy and I become friends, then friends with benefits (only had sex once though). Now he's always too busy to talk to me. Did he just use me for sex?
User avatar #167742 to #167716 - joshlol (9 hours ago) [-]
#167724 to #167716 - saltybanana (18 hours ago) [-]
maaan oh man he used you girl!!   
come on all you wanted was friends with benefits? of course he used you for sexs. shouldnt really take it hard tbh. when you go on the friends bus, all your gonna be treated is a friend even if your friends withe benefits.     
look for a real man. a good looking one. dont do fwb at all. it just leads to a road of pain
maaan oh man he used you girl!!

come on all you wanted was friends with benefits? of course he used you for sexs. shouldnt really take it hard tbh. when you go on the friends bus, all your gonna be treated is a friend even if your friends withe benefits.

look for a real man. a good looking one. dont do fwb at all. it just leads to a road of pain
User avatar #167732 to #167724 - advicedude (12 hours ago) [-]
Hey casual sex is ok. As long as neither of you are interested in the relationship. Now if you were interested in a relationship, date the guy. Jeeze what's up with people not going on actual dates anymore. it's like they likeeachother so they just become bf/gf but then wonder why they don't do well.
User avatar #167748 to #167732 - saltybanana (8 hours ago) [-]
the darting stuff your talking about basically died IMO

lately its just one night stands or no string attached stuff that happens around me.
its sad honestly cause we only see it as, "who am i going to sleep with tonight hmmm?"
User avatar #167751 to #167748 - advicedude (7 hours ago) [-]
Yeah it's a shame.
User avatar #167718 to #167716 - inudewaruika (18 hours ago) [-]
Or, he's busy, most guys I know wouldn't make the effort in making a relationship just to ditch it.

How long have you been friends before it evolved in something more?
#167719 to #167718 - anonymous (18 hours ago) [-]
about a week. not like I made it hard for him.
User avatar #167720 to #167719 - inudewaruika (18 hours ago) [-]
Maybe he did use you then, or maybe you were looking for the exact same thing he was looking for? No strings attached sex. Nothing wrong with that unless you didn't take precautions.

He most likely did use you, but at the same time, a part of you made it simple to do so. Don't mean to intrude, but were you a virgin before this happened or are you experienced?
#167722 to #167720 - anonymous (18 hours ago) [-]
No I'm not a virgin. And it was just supposed to be fun sex but I thought we'd stay friends. I feel stupid.
User avatar #167723 to #167722 - inudewaruika (18 hours ago) [-]
People feel regret after something enjoyable, hence guilty pleasure.

I was asking about your experience because people who are new to sex, or only have had a few partners can become more emotionally attached than others that are more experienced.

All you can do is move on, and if he calls to invite you over to his place, or invite himself to yours, decline and move on, it's not worth maintaining a relationship like that, even if it's just for sex. Wouldn't want to become a booty call, now would you?
#167725 to #167723 - anonymous (17 hours ago) [-]
no this just happens often.
User avatar #167726 to #167725 - inudewaruika (17 hours ago) [-]
You're setting your sights low.

You either don't posses the self esteem to make you think you deserve a longer relationship, or of the mind you don't want one and just want flings so you aren't tied down.
#167715 - anonymous (19 hours ago) [-]
Anyone have the gif of the skyrim dragon flailing around with the caption "you don't have enough badges to train me"?
#167733 to #167715 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
I have a few; Without the caption, or with the wrong caption, though...
I have a few; Without the caption, or with the wrong caption, though...
User avatar #167692 - sisterblister (23 hours ago) [-]
is it safe to feed my dogs puperoni
#167693 to #167692 - confusedasian (23 hours ago) [-]
What kind of sick twisted person are you? Forcing your dogs into cannibalism.   
The things made for dogs. Just give it to them as a treat dude.
What kind of sick twisted person are you? Forcing your dogs into cannibalism.

The things made for dogs. Just give it to them as a treat dude.
User avatar #167694 to #167693 - sisterblister (23 hours ago) [-]
yea but that big china toxic thing i want to know if their still unsafe
User avatar #167696 to #167694 - confusedasian (23 hours ago) [-]
That was two years ago. If you don't want or feel that it's unsafe, there are other doggy treats.
User avatar #167697 to #167696 - sisterblister (23 hours ago) [-]
damn near all of them are still on the list i was just courious wha fj had to say and from what i saw china didnt change anything thats why im asking my dogs love them and i love the dogs but i work with dogs and most pet parents dont let us give them to them because they get sick and when i looked into it i saw no new info on it so i just dont know man
#167698 to #167697 - confusedasian (23 hours ago) [-]
Give them something like watermelon cubes. They're okay for dogs. Just no seeds or rind obviously.
Give them something like watermelon cubes. They're okay for dogs. Just no seeds or rind obviously.
User avatar #167699 to #167698 - sisterblister (23 hours ago) [-]
its winter i cant get watermellon right now but i think they eat cherry tomatos at least they have in the past i may try that
User avatar #167675 - badsamaritan ONLINE (12/20/2014) [-]
My girlfriend is starting to get clingy. Been dating two years, so we are close
User avatar #167729 to #167675 - advicedude (12 hours ago) [-]
Been with a girl that I truly love and I would tell her my plans anyway. I'd say it's a sign of your lack of interest in her.
User avatar #167717 to #167675 - inudewaruika (18 hours ago) [-]
Late entry here, but maybe it's not that you're making plans without her knowledge that's upsetting her, but not being in the loop.

She may just be upset that she didn't know, not that she wasn't included in the plans.
User avatar #167678 to #167675 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Clingy? How so?
User avatar #167680 to #167678 - badsamaritan ONLINE (12/20/2014) [-]
She gets mad if i make plans and dont tell her. That kind of shit.
User avatar #167682 to #167680 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Have you tried explaining to her that you need your own space?
User avatar #167683 to #167682 - badsamaritan ONLINE (12/20/2014) [-]
yeah, i need to talk to her again. Maybe she dosent understand that i dont want to get approval all the time
User avatar #167685 to #167683 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Yup. Just tell her calmly and gently about how you feel, and all should be well. Dancing around the subject won't do you any good.
#167677 to #167675 - anonymous (12/20/2014) [-]
Clingy is good, if you no want then hand over to me.
User avatar #167648 - fornowjr (12/19/2014) [-]
Hey everyone this is for a christmas idea.

Secret Santa, got a girl (don't like her or anything), and I don't know what to get her.

I was told a 20$ gift card is good as there is a 20$ limit. Let me know what you guys think I should get. Thanks.
User avatar #167746 to #167648 - guiguito (8 hours ago) [-]
Depends on the girl, a gift card is as good as plain money, it's completly lazy and impersonal and the best thing you can get on secret santa, but that's not the fucking point of the secret santa, if you wanted 20 bucks you just skipped the danm thing.
One thing that never fails is either a homemade chocolate basket or those the stores make for you, and if you guess the kind of chocola she likes, she'll feel special and shit, even tho you don't like her it's nice to do nice things to people.
Stuffed toys are also nice, but depending on the girl she will just throw it away.
Think of something she needs too, i had this friend that was always asking me the time, so i got the bitch a watch, bitches love watches, but that's just a exemple, don't blow 20 bucks on a watch.
Something that also never fails is a keychain, especialy if it's something she has intrest in, if she likes games (imb4 gaemr gurl) give her a shroom, if she likes animals, a paw or some shit.
Well that's the end of this video, remember to rate the video, and subscribe if you want to see videos similar to this one, cya.
User avatar #167738 to #167648 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
Starbucks gift card.
Can never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card.
User avatar #167721 to #167648 - inudewaruika (18 hours ago) [-]
If you do get a gift card, try and get one you'll know she'll use and maybe add a tasteful card as well so it's not so cold.

Or make a card to go with it. If you're artistically inclined.
User avatar #167714 to #167648 - saltybanana (19 hours ago) [-]
you know i just did the secret Santa aswell

try going to fossil, been having alot of deals there. her her a bracelet for around 15bucks
looks nice and will make you look like a cool dude.
#167691 to #167648 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
these i mean
User avatar #167713 to #167691 - youngneil (20 hours ago) [-]
I remember seeing these all the time when I was little.
Except they always had spikes on them, and the girls wearing them were really into punk rock and liked to pretend they were from the UK.
The 90s were pretty radical.
User avatar #167690 to #167648 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
buy her a couple of chokers

bitches love chokers

chokers are fucking hot
User avatar #167700 to #167690 - teoberry (22 hours ago) [-]
jesus christ you're fucked up
User avatar #167701 to #167700 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (22 hours ago) [-]
of all the things you could choose from to say that, you chose something incredibly fucking tame
User avatar #167702 to #167701 - teoberry (22 hours ago) [-]
jesus christ you have an ugly taste in necklaces

User avatar #167703 to #167702 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (22 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #167667 to #167648 - ilikethisusername (12/20/2014) [-]
get her a huge as fuck teddy bear or some shit. its cute and shit.
User avatar #167649 to #167648 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
You could ask some of her friends what she likes.
#167647 - anonymous (12/19/2014) [-]
How do I build my self confidence? I feel like it'll make a lot of things so much easier in my life but I just can't seem stop putting myself down or thinking it's the end of the world if something doesn't go the way I planned.
User avatar #167747 to #167647 - guiguito (8 hours ago) [-]
Throw yourself at completly random shit and conquer it, confidence is achieved trought conquest.
User avatar #167651 to #167647 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
Tell yourself that you have no choice but to move forward. If you're exercising, don't stop until you have to. You have no choice but to do your work, to get up and out of bed, to live your life. Once you start doing this, you'll find that you can accomplish much more than you had thought. This will help build your confidence, and show you what you are capable of. Confidence issues are just a matter of overpowering your pessimistic side, and taking control for yourself.
#167695 to #167650 - confusedasian (23 hours ago) [-]
You know, you can upload webm videos like you normally upload a picture. You just click "select file manually" and then click the webm.
You know, you can upload webm videos like you normally upload a picture. You just click "select file manually" and then click the webm.
#167646 - deckbox (12/19/2014) [-]
girlfriend and i spend long silences, like we play games now i cant think of anything to say to her, i had another breakdown and now it robbed me of my conversation skills
User avatar #167684 to #167646 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Well, think about that. Who is the man that she loved? If you were happy, talkative, and at peace, then you've got to pull that guy out of the wreckage and get him treated. You say you've been trying, well you have to stop that. Make it happen, tell all of your anxieties and worries to go to hell, and piece by piece rebuild yourself.
What happened in the past is important, but like you said, you've never been hit this hard.
Look to your strengths, find an activity that will get you up and moving. You're having trouble figuring out what to say, then go out and make stories happen. Example: If you join a painting class, then you can talk about how it went. Or if you build a bird house, then you can talk about that.
#167686 to #167684 - deckbox (12/20/2014) [-]
yea i know, but i stil having troruble i get those headaches of cripplin pain and makes me feel stuck.

Ah well I guess I will fix it.

She has hyper insomnia, so sleeps 12-18 hours a day. Is currently on these keep awake tablets and its funny she is flying around her house jabbering about shit :p
User avatar #167687 to #167686 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Alright, I wish you both the best. I'm sure you'll work it out. At least sounds like she can carry the conversation while you recover.
#167688 to #167687 - deckbox (12/20/2014) [-]
eh kinda she is as much of a lazy fuck as i am :p

seriously we both need a kick in the ass,
User avatar #167652 to #167646 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
Start with questions (How was your day? What do you want to do later? What do you think of (insert current event here)?). Then just talk about your own answers, how you feel about blablabla and blablabla. Eventually it will stop being an act, and will be more natural.
#167653 to #167652 - deckbox (12/19/2014) [-]
yea but like, we have been talking for 4 years, conversations that last 9 hours or so, but all of a sudden I cannot think of a fathomable thing to say and it is driving me insane because she is not initating conversation either, we are in long distance thing but we know eachother inside and out.

before it was nt a problem, we owud talk little some times but still talked, but i had some sort of episode last week and ever since then I have been completely stuck what to say and do. Feel like she is just doing her own thing and i am just like the occasiona l message.
User avatar #167655 to #167653 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
Well, have you discussed this problem with her? She might feel the same way, that you two aren't talking much anymore.
#167656 to #167655 - deckbox (12/19/2014) [-]
she promises everything is fine, and it is on an emotional level, I love her she loves me, but now things are getting worse, I feel like i am being ignored, and I am like You ok baby and she is like you ok or whatever, and it just stops dead there. I dont understand, It happened before but it is like really bad now, before i would send messages and i would just get a smiley face every 15-30 minutes after a couple of paragraphs of talking.

now i can barely form a sentence to say.
User avatar #167657 to #167656 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
Do you two ever talk over video chat? Text can be quick and all, but you might be overthinking what you want to say. How did your previous silent periods end?
#167658 to #167657 - deckbox (12/19/2014) [-]
we are talking over video right now, but she has cam off, and is watching youtube videos and i am sat here in silence talking to some random guy on a forum instead of the woman i love
User avatar #167659 to #167658 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
Just tell her everything you told the random guy. Say that when you try to talk to her, and she responds with "whatevers", that you feel ignored. Tell her that you feel lost on what to talk about, and that you want her to talk to you in a meaningful way. Tell her that you are so desperate to fix this problem that you have been driven to posting on an advice forum, instead of talking to her. Tell her that this is really important and scary to you, and that she needs to help you face it.
#167660 to #167659 - deckbox (12/19/2014) [-]
I did and she said to go see counselor or something. I am going mad I did this to myself I made my self upset doing something or seeing something reading i dont know that would make me upset so i feel like i put myself in this position.
User avatar #167661 to #167660 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
It doesn't matter how you got here, and seeing or reading something that put you here would not make it your fault. A counselor might be a good idea, someone to help focus your thoughts. I don't mean to bring up bad memories, but might I ask what the nature of what you saw was? If you feel shut down because of it, then you'll have to confront and remove it.
#167662 to #167661 - deckbox (12/19/2014) [-]
nothing even that bad, its like , hmm you know that feeling like you are anticipating something ? You get either an adrenaline rush or a sense of dread or excitement ? I feel like with all the shit i have been seeing online recently has fucked up the signals to my brain, So i would think about something, and then get that feeling in my heart or brain of that omg i am about to see something gross or cool or whatever, and its like i get some sort of physiolgogical response to it and it makes me feel REALLY bad.

I think my brain got stuck on one pathway, either getting excited about one kind of image or action, but it warped things in a way that If i look or think about looking it makes me so ill I feel like i am about to have an Anyurysm
User avatar #167663 to #167662 - phoenixforger (12/19/2014) [-]
I think that a couple of days away from these sites would help calm you. Some peace and quiet, with easily predictable and structured schedules could give you a moment to relax. Maybe go out, sit back and take a moment of respite. You'll definitely have to try and keep out feelings like dread, excitement, and such for a bit. Try to focus your thoughts, because a focused mind keeps those feelings at bay. Do some crosswords, sudokus, and such to keep yourself occupied but not stressed.
#167664 to #167663 - deckbox (12/19/2014) [-]
No thats the thing, I stayed away for ages, stoped altogether coz of how i felt, but then I just randomly looked at my phone and it had like the images you know google search or whatever and its like " Search such and such" and whilst I didn't actually see anything, its like that feeling i got, and when it spiked it made me go really like hysterical, I couldn't understand but its almost like something from Clockwork orange.

anyways I felt completly ok yesterday, so I thought right OK lets get to the bottom of this, and was seeing to what it was that was setting me off, and again, didn't see anything but got that feeling again a little bit.

I don't need anything sexual or otherwise, I got my girlfriend back but we broke up and i guess i got into some shitty habits from lonliness or whatever, Have a chequered sexual past so I suppose its all part and parcekl, but all my signals are fucked up for some reason, And i can't let that rob me of my girlfriend after working so hard to get her back and rebuilding our love.
User avatar #167668 to #167664 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Seeking professional help would be wise at this point, you'll need someone to help "rewire" your signals. The fact that you care so much is great, it means that you're just getting bad feelings at odd times. Maybe a procedure for when you get these hysteria bursts would help, deep breaths, counting, stuff like that. If it comes and goes in waves, then there might be medication to help balance it out. Have you tried speaking to a counselor or doctor?
#167669 to #167668 - deckbox (12/20/2014) [-]
ewant to. my gf wants me on meds but i was completelt 100% fine then i saw me phone and im fucked again. i brought this on myself and ruined the relationship with gf i thought i long lost.

i had bouts of anxiety that ruinedd things for us, I had a breakdown last year coz some guy made a pass at me, I thought i was going to get a disease from him or some shit, and like, There is this gross kid i know who isn't all that hygenic and i toucheed his playing cards and i felt like my hand was grossed out and contaminated like my body changed.

I meant to get on a plane to see her but i was too upset to go and she dumped me because of it, i was at the air port but didnt go on the plane i needed more time to settle down but was too late.

And I broke up with my GF, but what in the mean time she slept with some one else and got a STD so i go over there ? If i went on the plane we could have been together still and everything. Things are good now but now I done this stupid shit and now Ruined everything once again.
User avatar #167670 to #167669 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Don't mean to snoop, but is the girl you are currently with the same one as in this content?
#167671 to #167670 - deckbox (12/20/2014) [-]
yup, meant to delete i mean its accurate but prob too harsh. i felt like that a lot since she came back. i was finally over that shit then this happens
User avatar #167672 to #167671 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Alright, clearly you've got a torrent of emotions going on inside of you. You bash on her, then, when you get back together, you turn around and beat the emotional shit out of yourself. You're suffering from anxiety, paranoia, and probably depression. You really need to make it a priority to see a counselor about this, and work through this mixture of feelings. It is only hurting you and your relationship, and making you miserable.

I think your main issue is confusion, you just don't see why you're being affected in these ways.

Long distance relationships are hard, and they can really test trust and communication, both of which are tests that you are feeling right now.

Your anxiety to ride in a plane is a hurtle you will have to overcome if you want to make this work, and for that to happen, you really have to stop beating yourself up. All of this self pity and hate is just obliterating your confidence, and feeding into your anxiety. Think positive things, about what you'll do with your GF when you see her in person, about how a plane ride is nothing to be afraid of, and about how your mistakes in the past don't control your future.
#167673 to #167672 - deckbox (12/20/2014) [-]
my family are going with me but that could be as long as 6 weeks away any other man would be over there like a shot . i want to go now ir new years i cant take 6 weeks of boredom and depression
User avatar #167676 to #167673 - phoenixforger (12/20/2014) [-]
Well, what do you do with your time? Maybe you need a project to keep yourself busy, and remove that boredom. Plus, completing it will give you a sense of satisfaction and confidence.
#167679 to #167676 - deckbox (12/20/2014) [-]
i know im trying but we both are currently not really doing anything productive with our time .

I mean, i wasnt doing much before and i could still talka bout anything ad me my usual go lucky self and entertain and be cute and cheeky etc, but now i feel I cant do any of thiose things or be the man sh e loves
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