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User avatar #198734 - jellyman (38 minutes ago) [-]
I'm not really looking for advice, I just want to share my thoughts since the social board is kinda dead and there's no other board to post.

I hate the summer. In Florida, especially the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, it gets really humid, like 90 to even 100 degrees on it's worst days. It brings down my mood and my confidence, so it makes me feel more like shit when I have emotional problems. I feel less motivated, sadder, angrier, more stressed out. I feel less desire for things and I usually feel like absolute shit about myself.

This week or last week, fall just came in, and I absolutely love the fall season. It seems nicer, and somehow I feel better. I feel some sort of fuzzy feeling inside of me. I feel more hopeful and I feel less stressed out, happier, not as angry and not as sad. Even when I'm in a bad mood, there's something that blocks it out eventually. I listen to Mumford and Sons don't judge me, I fucking love that band and Twenty One Pilots and it gets stuck in my head and I start to feel a bit more euphoric, as if the chemicals in my brain are flowing more normal. Everything feels right, I feel that everything will be fine, I feel that I'll have a better chance of finding love, or I'll do something that'll make me happy. It happens every year and I don't know why, but I do know that it feels really nice and I love it. Maybe the weather is altering my mind, and the humidity from summer fucked it up.
User avatar #198728 - fukatron (1 hour ago) [-]
Guys, I have a weird dilemma and need some guidance or advice from someone who already went through college. Does wanting to change your major actually have an impact on what your financial situation looks like through your college life?
Right now i'm studying to be an engineering major but after 2-3 classes and the stress i've been getting from it financially i'm starting to feel like i might've chosen the wrong major..
I'm very happy doing math and crunching numbers, and i've always enjoyed tinkering with electronics and mechanical stuff but actually taking the classes and everything for engineering so far just feels like a waste and not really important to me..
I don't really know what to do at this point other than drag on and do homework while working...
User avatar #198732 to #198728 - schurftinator ONLINE (53 minutes ago) [-]
So I cannot help really with the US college system and how that will effect your college life, but having been through uni myself I can say that a lof the courses that you do, even though they are really useful and necessary, are a lot more boring than the actual job you might get.
So if possible, I'd advice you to look around at the jobs you might get or want with your engineering degree and see if you enjoy that kind of work. Often if you email someone from a company they're happy to give you a tour! And then just talk with some people there, ask what they do, ask what they like most about their jobs and see if you enjoy that. If that looks cool, stick around doing the boring major and focus on your future!
User avatar #198722 - hardstylehobo (2 hours ago) [-]
Would a complete stranger be up for giving me some advice via PM? Someone who knows nothing about me, my friends or my circumstances, but who would still be willing to hear me out?
User avatar #198725 to #198722 - schurftinator ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
yeah you can always PM me if you want
#198720 - Natelawl (2 hours ago) [-]
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I was gonna ramble about crybaby stuff about my recent life but it was a lot.

I was happy. I'm not happy anymore. I put on this persona of positivity at work for the best "customer service" and tell people I'm always positive just for social boasting. I'm not as productive as I was months ago. I feel like a change would help but nothing super major. What can I do to keep a fresh positive mind?
User avatar #198726 to #198720 - schurftinator ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
get a new hobby, go out to a place you haven't been before, plan yourself a cool holiday (which can be low budget, actually those sometimes are the most adventurous), think about what your childhood dreams were and try to make one of those come true. bringing some new elements in your life can sometimes be exactly the refreshment you need, and takes your mind off the bad stuff!
User avatar #198719 - advicedude (2 hours ago) [-]
Feeling like utter shit when all my ex and I needed were some time apart to fix things but I broke it off completely and I don't think we are going to get back together.
User avatar #198727 to #198719 - schurftinator ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
it's probably for the better, it always sucks in the beginning even if you were the one to break it off. it gets better eventually though!
#198721 to #198719 - Natelawl (2 hours ago) [-]
all my ex and I needed were some time apart

You sure that's what you needed? Definite for sure sure?
User avatar #198723 to #198721 - advicedude (2 hours ago) [-]
Yes, we were around eachother nearly 24/7 and started to get more and more irritable. Just needed a day for ourselves.
User avatar #198718 - kokanum (3 hours ago) [-]
I have tons of personal problems but nobody to trust.
User avatar #198710 - joshlol (4 hours ago) [-]
Is it normal to be reduced to tears every time you try to sleep?
User avatar #198711 to #198710 - confusedasian (4 hours ago) [-]
You mean crying? Like actually "WAAH WAH WAH"? Or your eyes just get watery? Because my eyes get watery. It's normal.
User avatar #198717 to #198713 - confusedasian (4 hours ago) [-]
Stop being sad at night.

I listen to music while I sleep. Otherwise my mind is free to think of whatever. And I usually think of death and blank nothingness that comes after it while finding the meaning of why I was given life if I'm so unhappy that everything will disappear forever and I can't do anything to stop it. So the music helps keep my mind busy.
#198703 - notred ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
Lewd post about myself, more or less a problem. There is a girl at work and she has given me her nudes and what not. She wants "private" lessons on how to give better blowjobs and handjobs and stuff. She is apparently a virgin, but I unno. I feel like she could be. Anyway, she did all this stuff in one night and shit. Next day we aren't really talking and now she hasn't responded to my texts. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I could talk to her about it at work, but I feel if she is upset or awkward about it now then it might be a bad idea. Especially since I'm her supervisor.
User avatar #198733 to #198703 - yibdiy ONLINE (52 minutes ago) [-]
share nudes
User avatar #198712 to #198703 - confusedasian (4 hours ago) [-]
>Especially since I'm her supervisor.

I feel like she wanted something from you.
User avatar #198714 to #198712 - notred ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
I don't really think it's that way. Cause if it was she would still be talking to me.
#198715 to #198714 - confusedasian (4 hours ago) [-]
Maybe what she wanted was the dick, and when she got it, she wasn't satisfied with it.
#198716 to #198715 - notred ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
I haven't given her nudes. I haven't done anything with her like that yet.
#198708 to #198703 - anon (4 hours ago) [-]
>She is apparently a virgin
#198709 to #198708 - notred ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
dunno. She said she only does BJ's and stuff. 5 guys in 5 months she said. She just got out of a FWB dealio. So I'm hoping I can take that place.

She was asking me how to give good blowjobs and stuff tho.
User avatar #198704 to #198703 - misticalz (5 hours ago) [-]
Don't talk to her about it at work. Why would you want to make someone uncomfortable.
Also, a lot of people feel sexual, and desperate at night time when theyre alone, maybe she was feelin sexual, but now she doesn't feel that way in the morning, or after she cums. Just leave it alone tbh
#198705 to #198704 - notred ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
Yeah maybe. I was considering giving it like... friday. If she doesn't message me by then I'll ask if everything is k? or something. If she doesn't respond I'll leave her alone.

The thing is this happened before with her. We texted a shit load. Mind you it wasn't dirty like it is now. Then she just sorta stopped. I unno.
User avatar #198706 to #198705 - misticalz (4 hours ago) [-]
oh okay
good idea
User avatar #198702 - jaytothadee (5 hours ago) [-]
Ok so rant time And you dont have to answer me but I just need to put this out somewhere
First off my mom is dying. she has ms and we cant get her diagnosed so people try to treat it with "alternative medicines" Over time these medicines made her get addicted to them and the doctors realized this. now my mom is addicted to over 30 different types of drugs and when she trys to get off them she gets put back on them. Now she is starting to think that the doctors dont know shit and she is yelling at them so they are sending her to a hospital in denver and they are going to milk the shit out of our insurance and fuck us over till she dies.
Second off: on these drugs she is very truthful and last year exactly a year and 2 months ago she said that the doctors said she has 10 years to live. Me being the hormonal teenager I am started to difference myself and her. Now I cant stand hanging out with my family longer than an hour max and as im away I hate myself for it.
Reason 3:
My step dad got back from Iraq a few years back and has never been the same since. He yells all the time. refuses therapy and is an over all jackass. the only time he talks to me is when he needs something or when i beg him for advice.
reason 4: the girl I love doesnt love me back. well she Might I cant figure it out. Apparently she has a history of fucking with peoples emotions. It doesnt even matter if I can date her because her parents are insane pshycopaths along with everyone else in her family.
reason 5: the only girl I ever came close to feeling close to I grew up with from second grade and we dated from third to 7th well I dumped her because her mother was psychotic and I couldnt tell her that. I still feel for her but it doesnt matter because she swore me off and wont talk to me ever again.
Reason 6: I love my friends and they love me but I do this thing ever since i was little since my parents got divorced that I push myself away untill eventually I leave the school. I like these friends but subconciouslly im doing it again and im freaking out.
Reason 7 The girl I love is fucked over because of me and I have to see her every day suffering and I know its because of me.
Reason 8: I hold everything in untill I eventually break down. Thus happening now. But due to recent events I dont have anyone to talk to to stop me from doing anything stupid such as getting high and doing stupid things as most edgy teenagers do.
Reason 9: Im a dissapointment everything I do crashes and fails and I cant keep anything right.
reason ten: the girl I love Ive been a jerk to in an effort to try and desert my feelings for her but every day I see her She works by the water fountain so i get a drink every now and then I try and treat her like shit but it doesnt work. whenever I think about my feelings I think about my ex and how I felt about her but I can never be with her shoving me into the pit of going back after the girl I love
Reason 11: I cant get any of my pills beause the pharmacy that dispenses them has pretty much banned my mother because of the "substance abuse" I have imbalanced chemicals in my brain and I freak out with out them. its been about a month since I last had them and I dont know what to do ):

so theres my dillema Have fun with it you dont have to try and solve it but I had to get it out. Thanks (:
User avatar #198729 to #198702 - schurftinator ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
so of course I cannot say exactly in every situation 'what you should do' but I can try to give you some general advice that hopefully might make you feel a little better.

I'm very very sorry to hear about your mother, I cannot imagine how horrible that must be to see her in pain and knowing that her years are limited (though she still has quite some years left, and they get better at treatments all the time, so I would definitely try to make the best out of it and not think about it all the time!)
However, you are your own person outside of your parents and you have your own life. I know this is difficult to realize when you still live in their house, but if you have a bad relationship with your father or mother you can still focus on yourself and making yourself a better person. You cannot force your mother to stop taking alternative medication, you cannot force your stepfather to go to therapy, it makes you feel helpless but it's their lives and how they choose to life. It is out of your control, so sometimes it's better to let it be.

Now it's confusing to know which girl is which in your story, but the only thing I can say in most of their situations is that it helps to just tell them how you honestly feel. Rather than feeling bad afterwards, or treating them like shit, just tell them what is going on and how you feel. Not even for the purpose to make them feel better about it (that depends on whether they will want to listen to you and understand you), but you might be at peace once you've done so.

And if you cannot get to your medication at the moment, just be sure to take good care of yourself. Find out what makes you feel bad, what sets you off, and avoid that at times (I know that avoiding your problems isn't always the best thing or possible, but at least be careful in those situations), and find out what makes you feel better and focus on that.

Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!
#198701 - anon (6 hours ago) [-]
is it weird that I don't actually want a girlfriend?

nothing to do with me thinking "pssh girls are all bitches anyway" because one turned me down but it's more of just realizing its not going to happen and I'm good enough of a person for someone. saves me and saves the other person time, effort, money and feelings.
User avatar #198730 to #198701 - schurftinator ONLINE (59 minutes ago) [-]
no, I don't think it is and sometimes when you stop looking for it in all places, it might come to you when you least expect it. just be open for happiness and new things, but it's not bad to be happy with yourself!
User avatar #198707 to #198701 - notred ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]

It's weird. I understand your thoughts, but yet it's still weird.
User avatar #198698 - donnybergerstory (7 hours ago) [-]
Any advice on how to get a kickstarter funded faster? just made one and got $509 in total, need 16k.
#198700 to #198698 - anon (6 hours ago) [-]
what's your idea?
#198694 - anon (7 hours ago) [-]
how do i fight his great deal of depression? therapist never truly help me over the years. I know i should live for myself, but i dont have the drive. I do keep going, but im always thinking to what end. And i never feel satisfied when i accomplish anything.

Going to college right now and all, doing fine in life, but never really had friends, and i just wish i had some reason to live.
User avatar #198697 to #198694 - donnybergerstory (7 hours ago) [-]

nothing will change unless you change. change your attitude about your job, your life, whatever it is. Stop thinking of things as a priority and think of them as an opportunity. I have learned a lot about people, and a lot about life this past year. I was depressed and shit, but that all went away after I watched that video everyday. I listened to it on my iPod everyday at least once for 7 months straight. Motivational speeches are a great resource for, well, motivation and changing your mindset.

This is also a great one too, one of my favorites. www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlUMrzwmbyo

Try working out. Also, friends are quite easy to achieve.
Just talk to people man, be open, be social, it's hard for some people but in reality it isn't as hard as you'd think man. I'm a very social person, so it's easy for me. Just ask someone in your class about the homework, or ask "bro do u understand this shit", that's always a great starter, honestly.

It will get better also. If you really are doing so good in college, then believe me, you have a great life ahead, so don't feel bad. Maybe this is life telling you to focus on you and your life, set some goals and achieve them.
#198692 - shadowkingdr (8 hours ago) [-]
rick and morty finale fucked me up bigtime, i need help with these feels
rick and morty finale fucked me up bigtime, i need help with these feels
#198693 to #198692 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
Birdperson may not be dead. Remember in space gunshot wounds are like splinters.
User avatar #198696 to #198693 - dovahnon (7 hours ago) [-]
he looked pretty pepsi to me
User avatar #198695 to #198693 - shadowkingdr (7 hours ago) [-]
only when you are inside a hospital when you get shot
#198689 - anon (10 hours ago) [-]
how get gf
#198690 to #198689 - anon (10 hours ago) [-]
gg no re
User avatar #198683 - babylien (11 hours ago) [-]
Hello. I need some advice about shoulder pain.

Recently when I do shoulder press, exercises when I have to use my shoulder in general, it hurts really bad. My brother told me to get an x-ray of my shoulder cap, and so I did. My brother is a doctor and he said I need surgery or it will be permanent damage.

I'm really scared to do the surgery and I don't know if I can do it. Here is a photo of my x-ray of the shoulder cap: You need to login to view this link (it is a really long link).

Is there any one here who has done this type of surgery? I really need some advice.
#198699 to #198683 - donnybergerstory (7 hours ago) [-]
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Yea man, same thing happened to me when I was benching. Try the RICE method.
#198688 to #198683 - braveblue (11 hours ago) [-]
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I know what's good for shoulder pain.

If you lick my butthole
#198684 to #198683 - sidathe (11 hours ago) [-]
Damn dude. Get the surgery, and fast. You're not supposed to have a crack there. Im a med student and this is classified as a 2.

I can't help you with your emotional problems, but if you don't take the surgery, you might lose your arm.
User avatar #198686 to #198684 - sidathe (11 hours ago) [-]
This is a picture of a cracked cap which is classified as a 2.
User avatar #198687 to #198686 - babylien (11 hours ago) [-]
My brother said that as well. I should just stop being a wuss and just do it, even though i'm scared to do the surgery.
User avatar #198731 to #198687 - schurftinator ONLINE (57 minutes ago) [-]
if you're worried about the surgery, talk to the specialist about it and tell them about your fears. I am sure they can make you feel a lot more comfortable with it

but yeah you should definitely get it fixed.
#198678 - anon (12 hours ago) [-]
Looking to whiten my teeth without making them patchy or sensitive, anyone have any suggestions?
User avatar #198685 to #198678 - nonbenderinlife (11 hours ago) [-]
Use charcoal (the one they sell at pharmacies for poisoning prevention). It comes in capsules and all you have to do is pop the capsule open then brush your teeth with it. Charcoal has been used over the centuries for whitening clothes and stuff so it definitely works. if you dont want to put that stuff in your mouth just go to a dentist.
#198691 to #198685 - anon (10 hours ago) [-]
Charcoal? Really?
#198681 to #198678 - anon (11 hours ago) [-]
Can of white spray paint
User avatar #198682 to #198681 - dreygur (11 hours ago) [-]
Use chrome instead while you're at it
#198665 - onipure (14 hours ago) [-]
any tips of not taking a bath with the toaster while you try to quit smoking......im right now in my second day without a cigarette and i am going fucking crazy an d cold sweating
User avatar #198674 to #198665 - dehumanizer (13 hours ago) [-]
>stop smoking
>dont smoke

quiting it was pritty easy for me, just gotta do it fam
User avatar #198672 to #198665 - schurftinator ONLINE (13 hours ago) [-]
I've read somewhere that going to the sauna helps, if you have that possibility. it helps sweat out a lot of stuff.

you can do it though!
User avatar #198679 to #198672 - onipure (12 hours ago) [-]
aah but i dont have one, and the only place that have it is closed for the day
User avatar #198680 to #198679 - schurftinator ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
ahh sucks. you're going to be so happy once you're over it, it's really worth it!
User avatar #198666 to #198665 - drastronomy (14 hours ago) [-]
jack off
Start knitting (yes seriously)

Not neccesarily in that order
User avatar #198662 - tostito (16 hours ago) [-]
im still in love with my crush who stopped talking to me like a month ago
what to do to forget her? It doesn't help we are in the same uni
User avatar #198669 to #198662 - dehumanizer (14 hours ago) [-]
you dont, get used to seeing her daily
User avatar #198671 to #198669 - braveblue (13 hours ago) [-]
yah got to trust this Green frog on this shit.
#198673 to #198671 - dehumanizer (13 hours ago) [-]
been there, done that
#198675 to #198673 - braveblue (13 hours ago) [-]
I decided that I don't want anything to do with my oneitis anymore. After we talked about tit and what not. I think i've finally gotten over this "oneitis" curse/disease.
User avatar #198676 to #198675 - dehumanizer (13 hours ago) [-]
hold up hold up hold up



User avatar #198677 to #198676 - braveblue (13 hours ago) [-]
Well I have a feeling she didn't really mean it and I was just a back up. No. I knew I was a back up.
User avatar #198724 to #198677 - dehumanizer (1 hour ago) [-]
how is this a problem?
#198656 - anon (10/06/2015) [-]
There has been this change in the way my downstairs area smells. Over the last few weeks, I've noticed that it's started to smell like fresh baked bread and I have no idea why? Everything seems to be as healthy as ever, but instead of getting stinkier as time goes on, it smells like a damn bakery. I recently quit my birth control, could that have affected the chemistry of my genitalia enough to change how it smells? I mean I don't hate it, but it's just strange.
User avatar #198667 to #198656 - drastronomy (14 hours ago) [-]
Gives new meaning to the word "buns"
User avatar #198663 to #198656 - schurftinator ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
fresh baked bread like... yeast? I'd go to the doctor if I were you
#198664 to #198663 - anon (15 hours ago) [-]
I was initially worried it could be an infection but there are absolutely no symptoms of an infection. No itchiness, no redness, no strange discharge. Everything is perfectly normal except for the smell, which is why I asked about the possibility that it could just be a change in my chemistry from getting off of birth control.
#198651 - seriousvaluables (10/06/2015) [-]
Fucking kike microsoft asking me to pay 70 bucks a year to Use Word and making me install other bullshit with it like the abysmal OneNote. My paper resume looks like shit on Notepad...anyway to legally get old versions of word cheaply or free?
#198670 to #198651 - dehumanizer (14 hours ago) [-]
>legaly getting an old version cheaply
User avatar #198668 to #198651 - drastronomy (14 hours ago) [-]
Google docs

Dont even need to install shit
User avatar #198661 to #198651 - sineztro (17 hours ago) [-]
Also you can make office online for free a thing just lookup Microsoft office online
User avatar #198660 to #198651 - sannukas (18 hours ago) [-]
Well notepad is probably one of the most basic text editing programs, no shit that a file that isn't meant to be used by it looks like shit.
Like others have said already, there are tons of free alternatives like Open office and Google docs.
But the reason MS office costs so much is because you get what you pay for, it's an industry standard and has more features that you can possibly ever use.
User avatar #198657 to #198651 - topoftherock (10/06/2015) [-]
yeah i hate how expensive microsoft office bullshit is. and i really don't want to have to use google docs as my main program.
User avatar #198652 to #198651 - skoldpaddacommala (10/06/2015) [-]
There's always Wordpad.
Or Libre Office.
Or TPB. Arrrghh!
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