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#135747 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I enjoyed this album
User avatar #135778 to #135762 - themagicwizard ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #135780 to #135778 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I didn't want to be the one to forget
I thought of everything I'd never regret
A little time with you is all that I get
User avatar #135784 to #135780 - themagicwizard ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #135742 - freakyorange (11/25/2014) [-]
RiFF RAFF x SLiM THUG x PAUL WALL - "HOW TO BE THE MAN" (OFFiCiAL TEXAS REMiX ViDEO) Guilty pleasure song thread?
Guilty pleasure song thread.
User avatar #135790 to #135742 - donnybergerstory (11/25/2014) [-]
Also, don't feel guilty that you like music that isn't normally what you listen to or what FJ or people around you don't listen to. FJ is so quick to bash you if you like certain music. Personally, I probably have the worst taste in music according to Fj. I actually enjoy Yung Lean- sorry guys. I enjoy Riff Raff. The music might not be lyrically good, but it sounds good. It is the same with a movie with a bad script, but cool visuals or other good aspects. I enjoy movies like that. Grown Ups 2 had a shit script but I laughed my ass off at it cause it was still funny visual wise.
User avatar #135795 to #135790 - darksideofthebeast (11/25/2014) [-]
I thought growns up 2 was brilliant.
"my wife caught me eating a banana and divorced me"

"why would she do that"

"she caught me eating it with my butthole".
User avatar #135789 to #135742 - donnybergerstory (11/25/2014) [-]
riff raff is the fucking man. checkout this song by him and action bronson: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ohbKidZLiA
User avatar #135781 to #135742 - badmotorfinger (11/25/2014) [-]
justin timberlake rock your body
User avatar #135744 to #135742 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
I like what I like for a reason. Why would I feel guilty? Unless I liked to, like, murder prostitutes and burn their corpses in my bath tub. Which if anyone asks I do not, by the way.
#135746 to #135745 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
I'm much more than deep, big boy. You wanna whip out your measuring stick and confirm?
User avatar #135748 to #135746 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
that's fucking homoerotic
#135750 to #135748 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
Well no fucking shit, James. Maybe if you satisfied my needs I wouldn't have to woo strange men on an image board.
User avatar #135741 - PopcornViking (11/25/2014) [-]
Scarub - Go (feat. Emily Afton Moldy / Bank Diamonds / Sadie / Mimi Fresh) cool song
#135734 - Womens Study Major (11/25/2014) [-]
I figured this might be the best place to ask this.
I'm doing a paper on how record labels can cause more harm to small artists than good. Sadly, I don't have much on the topic, and I don't know exactly where to look. I know Streetlight Maifesto has had trouble with Victory Records, and they say others have, but I can't find much.
Anyone wanna help? I also need to address a counter-argument in the paper, so evidence of a label helping a small band wouldn't hurt.
User avatar #135735 to #135734 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
I've got my old label contract laying around. I don't mind sharing it. Would you be interested?
User avatar #135719 - awesomerninjathing (11/24/2014) [-]
Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me (Audio) <333333333333
User avatar #135758 to #135719 - howunexpected (11/25/2014) [-]
Ariana Grande as a musician and vocalist is at most passable. She supplements her lack of vocal depth with her range, and the cadence of her vocals could be bought at Target.
As a person, shes utterly shit, and considering her lack of true talent, thats not acceptable.
In short, she brings nothing new to the music scene but is successful because she fits the mold thats "in" right now. And before you label me a hipster neckbeard, I love Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and Gaga. I just find that Ariana has a minimal amount of talent balanced with a maximum amount of marketability and corporate sex appeal
User avatar #135759 to #135758 - awesomerninjathing (11/25/2014) [-]
and i think ur wrong ))))
User avatar #135764 to #135759 - howunexpected (11/25/2014) [-]
Good for you. It doesn't change the fact that shes a standard pop artist with no differentiating factors other than her mediocre acting career and her "new wave Latin" vibes that aren't even remotely Latin
User avatar #135724 to #135719 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
She has the most generic voice in the history of the planet. If it weren't for the Christmas drumming I'd say it's a pretty good song, though.
User avatar #135726 to #135724 - awesomerninjathing (11/24/2014) [-]
btw how long would hair have to be to be able to tie in a ponytail?

mine goes down to about eye/nose level
User avatar #135728 to #135726 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
For a pony tail you would want to grow out the back of your hair to at least shoulder length.
#135730 to #135728 - awesomerninjathing (11/24/2014) [-]
well it's not an actual ponytail, it's this
User avatar #135766 to #135730 - howunexpected (11/25/2014) [-]
Top -knots are in for the trendy new wave faggots who think they're getting in touch with their inner hippie or what ever. I don't use faggot lightly either. Unless you intend to run around in ceremonial Samurai garb, with a katana, and an ultimate goal of seppuku at the end of the dat, do not do a top knot.
User avatar #135767 to #135766 - awesomerninjathing (11/25/2014) [-]
nah I just like how it looks and I'd like to accessorize it

also, I like having long hair, but my hair gets uncontrollable when it's too long and, since I already have an undercut at the moment, it just seems normal to head in this direction
User avatar #135749 to #135730 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
wow i didnt realize you're Asian
User avatar #135757 to #135756 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
shut the fuck up
User avatar #135736 to #135730 - teoberry (11/25/2014) [-]
you fucking douche bag
User avatar #135733 to #135730 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Ew. I don't know.
User avatar #135732 to #135730 - haydentheviking (11/24/2014) [-]
below ears i would say nigga with long ass hair over here

yeah about below ear length or shorter even
#135721 to #135719 - Womens Study Major (11/24/2014) [-]
>girl pop
>no video
What's the point?
User avatar #135722 to #135721 - awesomerninjathing (11/24/2014) [-]
ariana is bae
#135727 to #135722 - Womens Study Major (11/24/2014) [-]
her voice isn't
User avatar #135685 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Who's the artist you have the most songs by and how many songs do you have by them? I've got 285 songs by the Stones.
User avatar #135801 to #135685 - anonywolftroll (11/25/2014) [-]
As I Lay Dying, 72 songs + live DVD/documentary
User avatar #135796 to #135685 - darksideofthebeast (11/25/2014) [-]
Iron maiden with every album.
15 albums and I'm not gonna sit here and count all the songs.
User avatar #135783 to #135685 - badmotorfinger (11/25/2014) [-]
Alice in Chains 38 songs
User avatar #135768 to #135685 - crimsongungnir (11/25/2014) [-]
Modest Mouse, with 46 songs.
User avatar #135752 to #135685 - thedudeistheman (11/25/2014) [-]
Nine Inch Nails at 141 songs.
User avatar #135751 to #135685 - akl (11/25/2014) [-]
63 Squarepusher songs
I don't download discographies
User avatar #135743 to #135685 - wonna (11/25/2014) [-]
Flying Lotus / Captain Murphy.

I ALMOST have all his stuff.
User avatar #135738 to #135685 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
144 songs my Atmosphere I think
User avatar #135772 to #135771 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #135773 to #135772 - awesomerninjathing (11/25/2014) [-]
fuck'n' cool bro!!!!
User avatar #135774 to #135773 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I fucking hate your guts, I hope you get run over by a bull
User avatar #135776 to #135774 - awesomerninjathing (11/25/2014) [-]
going to bed good night!!!
User avatar #135777 to #135776 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
night boo
User avatar #135775 to #135774 - awesomerninjathing (11/25/2014) [-]
oh yeah, champ?

well I don't just hate your guts, I hate your entire body!!!!!
#135716 to #135685 - themagicwizard ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
295 by UNKLE, and I've actually listened to most of them multiple times! Wow!
User avatar #135703 to #135685 - fuckyouthatswhy (11/24/2014) [-]
737 songs by megadeth, different releases of each album, covers, live concerts and stuff. the biggest discography ever
User avatar #135705 to #135703 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Oh wow. I love Megadeth and I've only got 132 by them, and I've got all their studio albums.
User avatar #135710 to #135705 - fuckyouthatswhy (11/24/2014) [-]
you could probably divide the 737 by 4 because I have multiple releases of every album (capitol, japan, anniversaries, etc.). Didn't even listen to every single one of them (yet). But I think it's overcomplicated, I mean, 4 releases of the same album in different locations around the world and all of them the same, well except for the remastered albums or anniversaries. Still it's nice to have it all.
User avatar #135711 to #135710 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Do you prefer the remasters or the original mixes?
User avatar #135713 to #135711 - fuckyouthatswhy (11/24/2014) [-]
depends on the songs, some sound better remastered some sound better classic
User avatar #135688 to #135685 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
Pearl Jam - 229
It beated Nine Inch Nails, this is quite a surprise.
User avatar #135689 to #135688 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I have half of that
you must have their entire discog
User avatar #135690 to #135689 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
Ten with the Redux, Vs and Vitalogy remastered with bonus, Lost Dogs, and even Backspacer for some ocation.
User avatar #135693 to #135690 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
You have two versions of several albums?
User avatar #135695 to #135693 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
Just a couple, I've been downloading discographies like crazy and some of them have two remixes from the bonus discs. I need to make a cleanup and delete some but I like the original and the new mixes on ten so I'll keep those.
#135696 to #135695 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Piracy is bad. You're bad.   
 Also are you one of those that never deletes songs?
Piracy is bad. You're bad.
Also are you one of those that never deletes songs?
User avatar #135699 to #135696 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
I might be a terrible person but at least I keep money on my wallet.

And I delete songs, I'm just a bit lazy when it's about do a cleanup. I acumulate files from downloads for like 3 months and then I check what am I not using.
User avatar #135700 to #135699 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
but y u no keep muneez on ur favreet mooseecians wall it?
User avatar #135704 to #135700 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
I spend money on music too, only that not in digital
My CD stock is small tho because is not a very popular market, and one of the record stores is a fucking robbery so I'm stuck on what a couple of supermarkets can give me.
User avatar #135691 to #135690 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
User avatar #135692 to #135691 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
fuck I'm just terrible, someone pay me an english school please
User avatar #135694 to #135692 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I spelled the word correctly right above you

>fuck i'm just terrible
yes, also beat is already past tense, no need for the added "ed"
don't pay me in pesos
#135697 to #135694 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
User avatar #135698 to #135697 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
last time i ever try to help
User avatar #135702 to #135698 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
No bby don't be that way, I'm just a bit temper is all you know I lov u
User avatar #135701 to #135698 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Ay gringo
User avatar #135706 to #135701 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I'm at home, racist
#135707 to #135706 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
What do you mean you're at home?
User avatar #135708 to #135707 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I'm not being a foreigner
User avatar #135709 to #135708 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Gringo doesn't mean foreigner, though. Despite what the internet may say. It really is only used to refer to Americans.
User avatar #135712 to #135709 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I'm not american
#135714 to #135712 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Stop being picky and let me insult you!
User avatar #135715 to #135714 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I pride myself on being pedantic
#135717 to #135715 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
You're a big meany, you know that? I don't even know why I fell in love with you.
User avatar #135718 to #135717 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I don't even know why you haven't signed the papers yet
User avatar #135723 to #135718 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
I'm not giving up on you. I gave you the best years of my life and by god am I going to make this work.
#135731 to #135723 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
Just give up already so kai and I can finally declare it official.
User avatar #135687 to #135685 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
Melvins - 141
User avatar #135686 to #135685 - ultrablue (11/24/2014) [-]
I have 170 Boards of Canada songs. Surprising, thought it was gonna be Anti-Flag, but I only have 143 from them (they are second place though).
User avatar #135680 - fuzzypickles (11/24/2014) [-]
D Double E “Lovely Jubbly” (Official Video)

Listen to this song
Listen to this song that I posted and listen to it now
If you don't listen to it you are a nigger
User avatar #135740 to #135680 - wertgf (11/25/2014) [-]
I genuinely feel poorer from listening to that.

#135683 to #135680 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
But I'm already a browny.
It was shit, by the way.
#135682 to #135680 - Womens Study Major (11/24/2014) [-]
you can't make me.
you can't make me.
#135673 - grimgrey (11/24/2014) [-]
Iggy winning over Eminem, what do you guys think?
Iggy winning over Eminem, what do you guys think?
User avatar #135720 to #135673 - awesomerninjathing (11/24/2014) [-]
won favorite* rap album
not best

and even then, eminem's album wasn't that good
User avatar #135739 to #135720 - grimgrey (11/25/2014) [-]
It was man, not his best work, but better than Recovery.
User avatar #135679 to #135673 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I'm glad the new era of musicians are knocking those geezers off their pedestals
User avatar #135684 to #135679 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Hasn't Eminem only been making music for like 15 years? Well. Ok, I guess he's on the verge of being passée at this point.
User avatar #135674 to #135673 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
That I have no idea what you're talking about.
User avatar #135675 to #135674 - grimgrey (11/24/2014) [-]
Iggy Azalae won best rapper at the AMAs yesterday, and beat Eminem for it.
User avatar #135677 to #135675 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Then I think it's a music award show and it's dumb.
#135659 - shibe (11/24/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
Circle Takes The Square - Non-Objective Portrait of Karma
User avatar #135658 - abject (11/24/2014) [-]
Nine Inch Nails - Reptile

you want an intense fucking song for an acid trip, here it is
User avatar #135671 to #135658 - gabikak (11/24/2014) [-]
Industrial with acid? Not the best pair
User avatar #135672 to #135671 - abject (11/24/2014) [-]
to each their own
#135670 to #135658 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
Industrial for trip on acid? Even I'll pass.
User avatar #135660 to #135658 - teoberry (11/24/2014) [-]
>industrial rock
nah. beastcoast or nothiing
User avatar #135676 to #135661 - istrollid ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
dats racist
User avatar #135662 to #135661 - teoberry (11/24/2014) [-]
i remember this
User avatar #135663 to #135662 - abject (11/24/2014) [-]
that's good news
User avatar #135664 to #135663 - teoberry (11/24/2014) [-]
User avatar #135655 - PopcornViking (11/24/2014) [-]
what the fuck

did the updated version of itunes remove the ability to repeat a song?
User avatar #135657 to #135655 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Did they bring back cover flow?
User avatar #135656 to #135655 - PopcornViking (11/24/2014) [-]
nevermind i found it

its not convenient tho
User avatar #135653 - awesomerninjathing (11/24/2014) [-]
>Taylor Swift winning the Dick Clark award of excellence

#135651 - themagicwizard ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
People really need to stop leaving their crap here...
#135669 to #135651 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
But if we do that, the thread will be empty.
#135652 to #135651 - shibe (11/24/2014) [-]
You really need to stop leaving your crap here...
You really need to stop leaving your crap here...
User avatar #135646 - theracistpanda (11/24/2014) [-]
Youngbloods - Darkness, darkness gonna leave this here.
User avatar #135678 to #135646 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
this is dope
#135640 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
I some of you have jumped on the "Best Album of the Year All Years" train that is this album. So can we just have a gush thread about it?
User avatar #135668 to #135640 - TITTYFISH (11/24/2014) [-]
I really enjoyed this because it appealed to both the high school me and the current me in that I used to listen to a lot of rockabilly type stuff and have moved on to progressive rock. It's a great album to relax to and also gives off a nostalgic feel.
User avatar #135667 to #135640 - haydentheviking (11/24/2014) [-]
i just think its neat and groovy as fuck

the atmosphere gives it a creepy edge but che's vocals just pick it up throughout

its pretty rad
User avatar #135643 to #135640 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
The deluxe bonus disk did not satisfied me. I have nothing to say about the original disk tho, it surely is great.
#135644 to #135643 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
It reminds me a bit to the atmospheric scene of Lektion III. Now I know that these albums don't have anything similar, one is a country rock project and the other is a mixtape, but they both sound like passive and reflective late-night music.
#135612 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
Will dump scores, tell me what you want.

Mostly jazz
Also got complete scores for the beatles.
Every Aebersold book
each folder is full of other folders.
Lots of fakebooks/realbooks.
Lots of jazz guitar
Lots of jazz piano books

Post what you want or which folder you want to look in and I'll post a screenshot.
User avatar #135620 to #135612 - akl (11/23/2014) [-]
Excersizes For The Jazz Musician sounds interesting
#135639 to #135626 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Thought about asking for something about swing. I can read music now but I'm too retarded to do it with any sort of proficiency so I'd be losing more time deciphering that shit.
Thought about asking for something about swing. I can read music now but I'm too retarded to do it with any sort of proficiency so I'd be losing more time deciphering that shit.
#135647 to #135639 - wertgf (11/24/2014) [-]
Easiest way to learn?

Get up a score, and simply follow the notes with the music. Start with ones that look easy and work your way up.

For classical scores, use imslp
Alternatively, try a scrolling score: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcCgZ51kmAY
Try to count along to it. The last was done in sibelius.

You don't have to be able to read it, just follow it while you listen

Try following this. While reading these, still try to learn the hard way. But it'll help a lot.
User avatar #135648 to #135647 - thebestpieever (11/24/2014) [-]
Well yeah. I already can play by ear well. And I think I can play swing decently, I just always find it really useful to have things into words rather than just having to "feel it".
User avatar #135649 to #135648 - wertgf (11/24/2014) [-]
Feeling it is useful, but so is counting. A score not so much with standard jazz scores should tell you everything you need to know to play it accurately. I would recommend trying to play EASY scores (you'll work your way up reasonably quickly once you get into it) and reading while listening.
User avatar #135631 to #135626 - akl (11/23/2014) [-]
This is really useful, thanks
But holy fuck, that range
#135632 to #135631 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
What instrument you play?

Anything else you want..... I have a lot of stuff and am in a sharing mood.
User avatar #135633 to #135632 - akl (11/23/2014) [-]
Well I'm a few months into my first year with my high school's jazz band as our alto saxophone. I'm not really looking for any music right now though, since I'm still adjusting to jazz as a style, and don't want to deviate too much from the music that we're learning, especially since I think I'm going to start having actual solos in a few weeks or so; I need to spend all of my practice time working on shit for class.
User avatar #135634 to #135633 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
Let me know if you need anything, I play alto and tenor as my first instruments.
#135624 to #135620 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
66 pages of this.

You want the pdf? I can upload.
#135613 to #135612 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
Half of the piano books
#135615 to #135613 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
116 pages of hendrix scores + tab.
#135611 - jollypiratedonut (11/23/2014) [-]
are any of you good with music theory
like, intervals and stuff

i have questions
help pls
User avatar #135614 to #135611 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
What do you need
User avatar #135616 to #135614 - jollypiratedonut (11/23/2014) [-]
like when the interval between 2 notes should be called a diminished 5th as opposed to an augmented 4th

cant seem to find anything that explains it too good
User avatar #135618 to #135616 - akl (11/23/2014) [-]
Google says it depends on context. music.stackexchange.com/questions/14640/how-to-differentiate-between-a-diminished-fifth-and-an-augmented-fourth-interval answers it well with the lydian/locrian example. Basically, you need to think about what the relationship between the note and the perfect 4th/5th is. In the case of B to F (in the key of C), F# is the perfect fifth and E is the perfect fourth, so an augmented fourth would be called an E# but the diminished fifth would be called an F.
#135617 to #135616 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
Laptop died. Sorry.

It's all about context. If you were to raise the 4th, it would be augmented. If you were to flatten the 5th, diminished. If you can see a note clearly chromatically decreasing, it would be diminished, if it was increasing, augmented.

tl:dr : C - F# , Aug. 4. C - Gb , Dim.5
#135622 to #135617 - jollypiratedonut (11/23/2014) [-]
oh boy this helps a lot. thank you stranger.
User avatar #135623 to #135622 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]
Mention my name for any other help with music. I'm not perfect but know enough.

Music student + part time teacher.
User avatar #135627 to #135623 - jollypiratedonut (11/23/2014) [-]
mkay, will do
User avatar #135619 to #135617 - akl (11/23/2014) [-]
Beat my by a minute
User avatar #135621 to #135619 - wertgf (11/23/2014) [-]

It's not always about written music as well. If you were to play the first three chords of my example without the score, it would still be classed as an Aug. 4th.
#135600 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]
panda bears new album is a little bit of a disappointment ;_______________;

its all i had left to look forward to in life
User avatar #135609 to #135600 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]
alright it's not AS bad as I thought it was

it's good

it's about tomboy good

but it's no where near the magic of person pitch
User avatar #135608 to #135600 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]
kaisakuenkou, you need to listen to it though, you'd love it
User avatar #135636 to #135608 - kaisakuenkou (11/23/2014) [-]
I'm gonna wait for a quality leak, but Mr. Noah was p gud
User avatar #135637 to #135636 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]

tropic of cancer is most beautiful song
#135601 to #135600 - Womens Study Major (11/23/2014) [-]

and good tv series

keeps a man alive
User avatar #135602 to #135601 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]
#135607 to #135602 - Womens Study Major (11/23/2014) [-]
no. ur destiny is big in japan

kill er self scrub
User avatar #135596 - thewizsam ONLINE (11/23/2014) [-]
anyone got a good, public, playlist on spotify i can listen to?>
#135592 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/23/2014) [-]
It's that day of the week that you hate so much my dearest music board, and since I love so much see you guys talk on how shitty this threads are but still reply to them I'll be the one who starts it this week.

tapmusic.net/ This is the link for the last.fm , right?
#135665 to #135592 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
2tired to talk right now
User avatar #135603 to #135599 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]
yo someone gimme a link for instrumental mixtape 3

need that asap
User avatar #135606 to #135605 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]
fuck i didnt know it was free

everytime i get music i always check the /mu/ archives because i suspect nothing is free
User avatar #135604 to #135603 - shibe (11/23/2014) [-]

i KNOW you have it

give it to meeeeeeee
User avatar #135638 to #135598 - kaisakuenkou (11/24/2014) [-]
I've been meaning to listen to Relax
#135595 to #135592 - deandrummer (11/23/2014) [-]
new circa dominated, but i managed to get the rest of this in
User avatar #135642 to #135595 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (11/24/2014) [-]
+Nirvana, Antemasque, Porcupine Tree, Bill Hicks
nice taste m8
#135594 to #135592 - haydentheviking (11/23/2014) [-]
its been a chill week for me, same old shit really
#135650 to #135594 - Womens Study Major (11/24/2014) [-]
what's the one on the middle left side?
#135593 to #135592 - ultrablue (11/23/2014) [-]
It was a good week for music listening in ultrablue land.
User avatar #135625 to #135593 - teoyeezy ONLINE (11/23/2014) [-]
i was born there
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