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#101601 - mcquiston has deleted their comment [-]
#101597 - eddymolly (02/27/2014) [-]
I'm not one for watching youtube vids on FJ, or normally any where when someone says "OMGGGGG, SOOoo Funny!!111!!!" but this is pretty good
I'm not one for watching youtube vids on FJ, or normally any where when someone says "OMGGGGG, SOOoo Funny!!111!!!" but this is pretty good

Limp Bizkit vs. Thomas The Tank Engine - Break Stuff
User avatar #101604 to #101597 - revengeforfreeze (02/27/2014) [-]
That fucking gif

It looks fucking great
User avatar #101596 - bogbean (02/27/2014) [-]
Temples - Mesmerise
Been listening to these guys non-stop recently.
User avatar #101592 - dillistone (02/27/2014) [-]
Ayo first time on this board

need 40 more plays for 1000

help me out?

User avatar #101591 - revengeforfreeze (02/27/2014) [-]
Mind is probably one of the greater System of a Down songs.

Does anyone here agree, or which one do yo uthink?
User avatar #101593 to #101591 - ultrablue ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
It's definitely underrated I think
User avatar #101594 to #101593 - revengeforfreeze (02/27/2014) [-]
i ageer to uldrabuel
User avatar #101586 - thewellhungarian (02/27/2014) [-]
Also, I have been looking for some 'pick-me-up' music lately. I have been in the worst of moods the past few weeks and cant get out of it. Any suggestions?
#101800 to #101586 - anonymous (03/01/2014) [-]
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong - The Wonder Years
Living Room Song - The Wonder Years
Let Down - Radiohead
Float On - Modest Mouse
Move Along - The All-American Rejects
User avatar #101624 to #101595 - alvinruss (02/27/2014) [-]
great idea, you want to make this guy DIE of depression?
User avatar #101627 to #101625 - alvinruss (02/27/2014) [-]
that was fast
User avatar #101628 to #101627 - bananarchy (02/27/2014) [-]
I just logged on to FJ the second you posted that
User avatar #101584 - thewellhungarian (02/27/2014) [-]
A good friend of mine, I feel like he needs work, but he's making great progress: soundcloud.com/shaenoc/prairie-fire

User avatar #101588 to #101583 - revengeforfreeze (02/27/2014) [-]
I don't know but it reminds me of godzilla by behemoth
User avatar #101576 - darksideofthebeast (02/27/2014) [-]
Baroness - Isak

Dat groove. Haydentheviking and tittyfish, do you like baroness?
They're like sludge/progressive metal, pretty good.
Like a less heavy mastodon.
User avatar #101598 to #101576 - haydentheviking ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
duudeee baroness are awesomee

i agree with tittyfish there old stuff was ok but yellow/green album my god its so good
User avatar #101577 to #101576 - TITTYFISH (02/27/2014) [-]
Their old stuff is alright but damn the Yellow/Green album is amazing!
User avatar #101578 to #101577 - darksideofthebeast (02/27/2014) [-]
I like Isak.

Did you check out my Czar cover, man?
User avatar #101579 to #101578 - TITTYFISH (02/27/2014) [-]
Nah not yet, I just got home from work, I'll look at it now
User avatar #101580 to #101579 - darksideofthebeast (02/27/2014) [-]
Mastodon - The Czar -- Cover --- Guitar
Tell me what you think.
I made up my own solo too, tell me what you think of that.
Thanks for listening man!
User avatar #101581 to #101580 - TITTYFISH (02/27/2014) [-]
Anytime man So my computer is deciding to go all slow and glitchy on me so I'll check it out on my dad's tomorrow afternoon
User avatar #101582 to #101581 - darksideofthebeast (02/27/2014) [-]
Ah, bummer.
Ok, I'm going to catch some Z's now, man.

Tell me what you think tomorrow. And again, thank you for listening!
User avatar #101764 to #101582 - TITTYFISH (03/01/2014) [-]
Finally got a chance to listen to it! Ok so in some places the added guitar over the song can feel a bit over bearing but I really enjoy the added solo and once again everything else that wasn't improvised seemed right on the money so all in all another good cover
User avatar #101783 to #101764 - darksideofthebeast (03/01/2014) [-]
Thanks man.

Did you like the solo?
I improvise on solos I don't take the time to learn, the czar took me a week to learn so I was like "it's in c, I'll just solo over it myself."
User avatar #101788 to #101783 - TITTYFISH (03/01/2014) [-]
Yeah it was pretty awesome
User avatar #101795 to #101788 - darksideofthebeast (03/01/2014) [-]
You're the best man!
User avatar #101572 - PopcornViking ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
Chris Ardoin - Drank in My Kup

crank this shit up
User avatar #101563 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
Not sure why I put off listening to Cilvia Demo by Isaiah Rashad when it released, this album is great.
#101568 to #101563 - anonymous (02/27/2014) [-]
But is it as good as Oxymoron, AKA God's gift to humanity
User avatar #101564 to #101563 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
User avatar #101566 to #101564 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
scrobble more shit on lastfm you faggot
User avatar #101567 to #101566 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
I encountered a swear word on that website and it is now on my list of 'bad websites'
User avatar #101561 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
The Spiteful Chant is by far Kendrick's best song.
User avatar #101562 to #101561 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
su ma dick
User avatar #101559 - soopergrover (02/27/2014) [-]
Anyone else here like Avenged Sevenfold?
User avatar #101573 to #101559 - TITTYFISH (02/27/2014) [-]
Not a fan of the new album but I really enjoy Waking the Fallen and City of Evil is just amazing, a bit iffy on everything else
User avatar #101574 to #101573 - soopergrover (02/27/2014) [-]
Same here.

What about Nightmare? I think that's my favorite album.
User avatar #101575 to #101574 - TITTYFISH (02/27/2014) [-]
I thought Nightmare was pretty good, I know that they were part of the way through it with the Rev before he died and that they wanted to do something like City of Evil. I guess since The Rev died the dynamic was thrown off a bit and it could have been something wayy better, just my 2 cents.
User avatar #101600 to #101575 - soopergrover (02/27/2014) [-]
I find it way too hard to complain about the Nightmare album, but I understand. I notice it.

Bat Country and Beast and the Harlot was brilliant, and then Welcome to the Family, Nightmare, and So Far Away from the Nightmare album. Then there's Afterlife from the Avenged Sevenfold album. These have to be my favorite songs by them.
User avatar #101687 to #101600 - TITTYFISH (02/28/2014) [-]
My favorite song by em would have to be Sidewinder hands down
User avatar #101698 to #101687 - soopergrover (02/28/2014) [-]
Yeah, Sidewinder is pretty badass.

Do you like either of the songs featured on Call of Duty? Not Ready to Die and Carry On? For songs made for such a shit-tier game, those songs are actually great.
User avatar #101716 to #101698 - TITTYFISH (02/28/2014) [-]
I haven't heard either of em to be honest ahaha
User avatar #102020 to #101716 - soopergrover (03/02/2014) [-]
Oh shit, I recommend you listen to them. They're great.
User avatar #102072 to #102020 - TITTYFISH (03/03/2014) [-]
Will do man, thanks for the heads up
User avatar #101542 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
My stellar reviews of rap releases in the past 2 days

Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron
Slaps in the whip but I find it pretty boring and hard to listen to.

Kid Cudi - Satellite Flight
Gets lots of hate on /r/HHH but this is dope for what it is, cool space-ish theme and instrumentals are nice.

Pharrell - G I R L
Pharrell can do no wrong

Rick Ross - Mastermind
Really nice soulful beats on this, and Kanye's verse on Sanctified is dope shit
User avatar #101543 to #101542 - derpityhurr (02/27/2014) [-]
is Mastermind full of bangers and about coke
I downloaded it but havent had the time for it today
User avatar #101622 to #101543 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
did you listen to it bb
User avatar #101626 to #101622 - derpityhurr (02/27/2014) [-]
not yet, gotta write this essay
prolly tomorrow or saturday, Im planning to listen through all the Cudi albums too
User avatar #101629 to #101626 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
fuck man it's sooo good

as for Cudi his new album isn't that bad just don't expect rap
User avatar #101630 to #101629 - derpityhurr (02/27/2014) [-]
I listened to that song with Kanye and Sean tho, the entire thing is 10/10, thats the type of lyrics i wanna hear from rick ross

Ive already heard it, just wanna hear them all again
User avatar #101565 to #101543 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
I listened to it earlier. I'd say it's like 1/4 or half bangers but that depends on your definition of a banger. It's a great album though and I've usually disliked Rick Ross. Much better than Oxymoron.
User avatar #101545 to #101543 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
haven't actually listened to all of it but I skimmed through most of the tracks and the beats are nice, just listen to this www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOyXpi6HUAI
User avatar #101546 to #101545 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
That isn't the weeknd's yotube account
User avatar #101547 to #101546 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
>that kanye verse tho
User avatar #101548 to #101547 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
eh it's okay
User avatar #101550 to #101548 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
stop d riding kanye )))

the hook is dope tho
User avatar #101554 to #101549 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
teddy plz i wuz onlly joking
User avatar #101553 to #101549 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
awesomr plz dont thumb me down
#101534 - badmotorfinger has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #101535 to #101534 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
Oh go and fuck yourself.
User avatar #101544 to #101535 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
hey badmotorfinger, just letting you know that you mother enjoyed my motor finger. because i fingered her that fast
User avatar #101539 to #101535 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
wot was it matteo
User avatar #101541 to #101539 - teoberry (02/27/2014) [-]
It was a link to 'lyrical gangbang' and the comment was along the lines of 'fuck this shit on the radio, let's get some good music'

badmotorfinger you're 12 fuck off i fingered your mom
User avatar #101532 - darksideofthebeast (02/27/2014) [-]
Mastodon - The Czar -- Cover --- Guitar
tittyfish, haydentheviking and deandrummer
I got The Czar finished. It's not perfect, but I'm human and this is Mastodon sooooo.....
Tell me what you think.
User avatar #101599 to #101532 - haydentheviking ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
yet again i really like your guitars sound and the guitar in general my god Pretty good dude!
User avatar #101607 to #101599 - darksideofthebeast (02/27/2014) [-]
Thanks a lot man!
User avatar #101529 - cosmicapprentice (02/26/2014) [-]
Tragedy - You Are an Experiment And shit, yesterday night I saw Tragedy, been listening to them for seven years now and I finally got to see them live, shit was brutal.
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