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User avatar #153346 - mendelevium (07/01/2015) [-]
Looking for super base heavy songs pref with no or little lyrics
Stuff to work out too
Like this
User avatar #153377 to #153346 - kaisakuenkou (07/02/2015) [-]
music with good foundation?
User avatar #153350 to #153346 - shibe (07/02/2015) [-]
But what's wrong with lyrics?
User avatar #153365 to #153350 - mendelevium (07/02/2015) [-]
Does it matter?
Can someone not have a person preference in music?
User avatar #153367 to #153365 - shibe (07/02/2015) [-]
No, I was just wondering because most bass heavy music I listen to has lyrics so.
User avatar #153339 - PopcornViking (07/01/2015) [-]
Lookin for new shit

Anything but metal and country
User avatar #153376 to #153375 - PopcornViking (07/02/2015) [-]
so relaxing
User avatar #153366 to #153339 - MatthewsGauss (07/02/2015) [-]
I recommend you broaden your tastes
User avatar #153368 to #153366 - PopcornViking (07/02/2015) [-]
metal just doesnt sount good to me
User avatar #153369 to #153368 - MatthewsGauss (07/02/2015) [-]
I said the same thing and now metal is basically all I listen to. There is just way too many different subgenres in metal to say you dont like one.
User avatar #153370 to #153369 - PopcornViking (07/02/2015) [-]
I think its the way the drums sound that i dont like metal in general
#153344 to #153339 - John Cena (07/01/2015) [-]
sounds like you need some metal

Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder (1973)

Jet Stream - Emancipator HD

Com Truise - Flightwave
User avatar #153343 to #153341 - PopcornViking (07/01/2015) [-]
already have drifwood off that album
User avatar #153347 to #153345 - PopcornViking (07/01/2015) [-]
too generic
#153331 - ultrablue (07/01/2015) [-]
2015 is half over! Let's talk about some of our favorite albums of the year so far. I'm just gonna list 5 for now, listing them in order of release rather than trying to decide which I like more than the other (for now).

1. Airospace - All Dreams End
A great mixtape that took a few listens before I really considered it amazing. Maybe Airo's finest work to date. I'm not sure what it is, maybe something about how the beats he picked for this one mesh with his vocals/lyrics, but it struck a chord in me, maybe more than anything else I've heard from him.
Favorite track: High School

2. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
I'm sure this will be on a lot of people's top albums lists at the end of the year. Sufjan and his sad folk bring out the inner depression in all of us.
Favorite track: John My Beloved

3. The Mountain Goats - Beat The Champ
A triumphant return for The Mountain Goats. I like how John Darnielle can still keep things interesting after 20 years or however long he's been putting music out, both conceptually and musically. Wrestling + folk music sounds like a strange combination and it is, but he makes it work.
Favorite track: Heel Turn 2

4. Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification
I love this album, and I think it's because Tilian Pearson's clean vocals are finally starting to grow on me. Or maybe he just wrote more interesting vocal melodies for this album than the last. Either way, post-hardcore noodlings mixed with various grooves of other genres makes this another great DGD album.
Favorite track: Variation or On The Run (can't decide)

5. Anti-Flag - American Spring
New album from one of my all time favorite bands. I usually never expect Anti-Flag to match the greatness of For Blood and Empire or The Terror State with any release these days, not because they can't but just because I love those albums so much that it's hard for me to put anything above them. I think American Spring is the closest they've come in awhile though. There's enough classic A-F mixed with fresh different ideas to make this possibly my favorite album from since For Blood and Empire. Maybe. haha
Favorite Track: The Great Divide.

So, how about you guys?
#153371 to #153331 - themagicwizard (07/02/2015) [-]
There hasn't been a ton of music that has really caught my ear so far, compared to the last few years.

Amon Tobin - Dark Jovian: Just after Record Store Day this year, Amon Tobin finally released the semi-ambient EP I didn't know I've been waiting for. It's a soundtrack for stargazing in his own distinct style.

Nicolas Jaar - Pomegranates: Dropped out of the blue as an alternate soundtrack to a late 60s Soviet art film about Armenian folklore. The only thing I can really appreciate about the film itself is the great visual style, but Nicolas Jaar's soundtrack works even without it. Artsy electronic wankery is the best.

Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell: As depressing as it is, I could not stop listening to this one for weeks after it came out. It's earned a place as one of my all time favorites and probably the only album I know almost all the lyrics to.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress: Basically Allejujah pt. 2. I'm not complaining, I love both of albums. Asunder is a droney post rock sploogefest.
User avatar #153361 to #153331 - kinginthenorthh (07/02/2015) [-]
So far
Kendrick Lamar-TPAB
EDEN-Final Call
User avatar #153348 to #153331 - ferrettamer (07/01/2015) [-]
Top 4 in no order
1. Death Grips - Jenny Death/The Powers That B
2. Zs - Xe
3. Shahmen - All in The Circle
4. Airospace - All Dreams End
User avatar #153338 to #153331 - darksideofthebeast (07/01/2015) [-]
>Coma ecliptic, Between The Buried and Me
(yet to come) Act IV The Dear Hunter
(yet to come) Book Of Souls, Iron Maiden.
User avatar #153336 to #153331 - awesomerninjathing (07/01/2015) [-]
I don't think I even listen to any new releases that aren't rap, either that or I'm forgetting them

Jamie XX - In Color was good
Miguel - Wildheart is amazing
D'angelo - Black Messiah is amazing-er
Death Grips - Powers That B is fantastic
User avatar #153335 to #153331 - haydentheviking (07/01/2015) [-]
1. Steven Wilson - Hand.Cannot.Erase | Really good prog rock with some upbeat tunes at least i think their upbeat

2. Bell Witch - Four Phantoms | Pure doomy drone-e goodness

3. Make them suffer - old souls | Pretty good "deathcore" album has some pretty cool songs and i've jammed out to it a few times

4. Weedeater - Goliathan | Its weedeater its sludgy stoner metal goodness

5. Leprous - Congregation | Pretty good progressive metal album from Norway, It was slightly less heavy than past albums but still pretty rad
User avatar #153334 to #153331 - teoyeezy (07/01/2015) [-]
all dreams end was awesome though
User avatar #153333 to #153331 - thebestpieever (07/01/2015) [-]
Shit, man, Didn't even know Anti-Flag had come out with a new record. Gotta listen to it ASAP.
User avatar #153332 to #153331 - teoyeezy (07/01/2015) [-]
Kendrick Lamar - to pimp a butterfly
Squarepusher - damogen furies

that's all i've really fallen in love with this year, everything else isnt doing it for me. i think because im mostly listening to albums that came out a bit ago that i'm just kinda finding out about
User avatar #153373 to #153332 - awesomerninjathing (07/02/2015) [-]
ahahaahahha tpab? shit tasteeeeeee
User avatar #153337 to #153332 - teoyeezy (07/01/2015) [-]
also ALLA is on dat list along with the powers that b
#153325 - John Cena (07/01/2015) [-]
VITAS - Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element
User avatar #153328 to #153325 - shibe (07/01/2015) [-]
rokka just sign in
#153319 - John Cena (07/01/2015) [-]
any recs?
User avatar #153329 to #153327 - ferrettamer (07/01/2015) [-]
fight me
User avatar #153342 to #153329 - teoyeezy (07/01/2015) [-]
#153317 - thebestpieever (07/01/2015) [-]
Okay, what the fuck was it with the mid 90s and giant golden/reddish non-descript dudes with their mouths open and their head tilted upwards? Testament's Low, Radiohead's The Bend, Those guys that did Superunkown whose name elludes me. Like, what the fuck?
#153318 to #153317 - John Cena (07/01/2015) [-]
alice in chains - dirt
#153315 - John Cena (07/01/2015) [-]
User avatar #153316 to #153313 - teoberry (07/01/2015) [-]
im gonna snap him
User avatar #153312 - sergeantnovak (07/01/2015) [-]
Don't know too much about this board's general demographic, but if a section of you are prog fans I think this will be a real treat for you. You have excellent composition, eccentric time signatures, a very wide variety of instruments used and plays on the best side of weird. The only thing disappointing is the short length of the album play.


Even though I said it'd be a more of a treat for prog fans, I would recommend most people checking this out and I would guess it would be even better if you were a musician yourself listening to it.
#153308 - darksideofthebeast (07/01/2015) [-]
This song is why racism shouldn't exist.
#153296 - tehbestever (06/30/2015) [-]
I've been a big oldies fan for as long as I can remember. 70's and 80's are probably my favorite period/genre of music aside from some stuff today. But i've been trying to find more 70's music that isn't just love songs and hippie shit (I like disco a lot, not ballads.), and i've just been coming back to 80's music since they sound so similar (Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises is a very good example of what I usually think is 70's but it's actually 80's.)

You guys have any music from the 70's or 80's (preferably 70's) that sounds a lot like these? (Maybe even some neo-disco if you've listened to some):
www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBupia9oidU (Since I mentioned it, might as well link it.)
open.spotify.com/track/4yrM5BVyJzy5Ed4GPO6e8j (Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover. Prince is pretty anti-internet.)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHe_15fJeCA (Take it with a grain of salt. it's aight though.)

If you guys have some suggestions, any really, hit me with it. My spotify and youtube playlists are pretty repetitive now.
User avatar #153322 to #153296 - oishiine (07/01/2015) [-]

GRiZ has some cool neo-funk/electro soul type stuff

some of his songs get a little dubsteppy at times though
User avatar #153300 to #153296 - kaisakuenkou (07/01/2015) [-]
Black Devil - Disco Club
User avatar #153305 to #153300 - tehbestever (07/01/2015) [-]
not what i was looking for, but it was aight

first track was def the best imo though

the others were more of stoner entertainment
User avatar #153299 to #153296 - thebestpieever (07/01/2015) [-]
Tuxedo - Do It Tuxedo just dropped a pretty good funk record a couple of months ago.
User avatar #153314 to #153299 - shibe (07/01/2015) [-]
man this song is so fucking good
User avatar #153292 - haydentheviking (06/30/2015) [-]
A Forest Of Stars - Drawing Down The Rain this is pretty great
#153297 to #153292 - John Cena (07/01/2015) [-]
my complaint are the vocals are really recessed into the backround, the song writing is more complex and also brings in really neat new elements not as hard hitting as their previous album though, a bit simpler and some messy blast beats

A Forest Of Stars - Prey Tell Of The Church Fate
#153291 - haydentheviking has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #153283 - oishiine (06/30/2015) [-]

I need more sad albums

Preferably concept/storylike ones like this
User avatar #153324 to #153310 - oishiine (07/01/2015) [-]
>Can you feel the emotion?
User avatar #153293 to #153283 - teoyeezy (06/30/2015) [-]
La Dispute - Wildlife [MTM Full Album Series] ma favorite album
User avatar #153294 to #153293 - oishiine (06/30/2015) [-]
Ah yea he, I've heard of this band

I'll check out the album, thanks
User avatar #153295 to #153294 - teoyeezy (06/30/2015) [-]
hope you enjoy it fam. my first girlfriend was a very bad person but liked that band and when i broke up with her i started listening to them for some reason, but then i ended up loving the shit out of them.
User avatar #153287 to #153285 - oishiine (06/30/2015) [-]
User avatar #153288 to #153287 - jibao (06/30/2015) [-]
np friend, you can find more music like this if you look up the genres "Post-Rock" and "Ambiance"
User avatar #153289 to #153288 - oishiine (06/30/2015) [-]
I'll listen to it later, but I love post rock and ambient music
User avatar #153286 to #153284 - oishiine (06/30/2015) [-]
User avatar #153276 - haydentheviking (06/30/2015) [-]
Just found this chick

its pretty great Chelsea Wolfe - Iron Moon (Official Audio) anyone know anything like this?
User avatar #153262 - xxkosukexx (06/30/2015) [-]
Father & Key! - Tell You No [prod. Father] (Official Music Video)

Father & Key! - Tell You No [prod. Father] (Official Music Video)

Father & Key! - Tell You No [prod. Father] (Official Music Video)
#153259 - logickid (06/30/2015) [-]
>most modern country, modern rock, anything hillbilly, generic blues
User avatar #153301 to #153259 - teoberry (07/01/2015) [-]
hey shut up
User avatar #153280 to #153259 - shibe (06/30/2015) [-]
UNCLE TUPELO - Screen Door >Not living in the deep south and listening to alt-country music
User avatar #153267 to #153259 - oishiine (06/30/2015) [-]
what is rock
User avatar #153260 to #153259 - jmastermafia (06/30/2015) [-]
the fuck is modern rock
User avatar #153254 - awesomerninjathing (06/30/2015) [-]
Travis Scott + 2 Chainz LIVE at BET Awards Pre-Show Travi$ Scott is hyphy af
User avatar #153268 to #153254 - oishiine (06/30/2015) [-]
Looks like good cardio

High knees and whatnot
User avatar #153255 to #153254 - shibe (06/30/2015) [-]
god damn the energy
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