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User avatar #138364 - TheseChocodiles (12/18/2014) [-]
catfish and the bottlemen am i right
User avatar #138365 to #138364 - ferrettamer (12/18/2014) [-]
yea bruh
User avatar #138361 - MasterMario (12/18/2014) [-]
Bjork Debut Full Album (1993)

Listening to Bjork for the first time today made me realize I've been missing out on a lot of good shit.

Recommend me some good shit.
User avatar #138362 to #138361 - shibe (12/18/2014) [-]
Björk - Possibly Maybe - Post I don't really like her music all so much, but this song is amazing.
User avatar #138358 - awesomerninjathing (12/18/2014) [-]
I Am A God - Kanye West (Yeezus) Song I am a God
User avatar #138393 to #138358 - istrollid (12 hours ago) [-]
hahahahahahaha black people
User avatar #138356 - joshkroger (12/18/2014) [-]
I Don't Like You - The Sacred Mushroom Song I love this God
User avatar #138378 to #138356 - istrollid (17 hours ago) [-]
this made me wanna listen to Jimi Hendrix
#138368 to #138356 - anonymous (12/18/2014) [-]
dope taste
#138355 - gotthembarrels (12/18/2014) [-]
Any industrial/experimental fans out there?
User avatar #138363 to #138355 - shibe (12/18/2014) [-]
dude i live for experimental music
User avatar #138383 to #138363 - masterofmuffins (14 hours ago) [-]
And I live for industrial, on a big part.

omg shib, we just matched into something
User avatar #138387 to #138383 - shibe (13 hours ago) [-]
just listen to it, i don't really like industrial all too much but the ape of naples is good
#138384 to #138383 - shibe has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #138388 to #138384 - masterofmuffins (13 hours ago) [-]
I know I know, shame on me for this one.

And as I said, I'm onto industrial on a big part but not all of it can hook me up. Like Ministry and Skinny Puppy, which I really really tried to like them but it just couldn't call me, and so there must be many other industrial bands that I've been ignoring for scepticism.
User avatar #138389 to #138388 - shibe (13 hours ago) [-]
Throbbing Gristle - What a Day Know any industrial like this?
User avatar #138390 to #138389 - masterofmuffins (13 hours ago) [-]
Seefeel - Polyfusion Seefeel kind of sounds that way, but just kind of.

How To Destroy Angels - Parasite But for some odd reason it reminded me to HTDA too.
User avatar #138357 to #138355 - masterofmuffins (12/18/2014) [-]
Sir, let me thank you for tell me about this band. Sadly I don't have all the time for check it out completely tonight, but I'll make sure to dig it better when I can.
#138359 to #138357 - anonymous (12/18/2014) [-]
Coil is a legend and my all time favorite band, this and Musick to play in the Dark vol 2 are my favorite albums, but don't expect any new music from them.

It's kinda hard for dead people to make new material.
User avatar #138360 to #138359 - gotthembarrels (12/18/2014) [-]
Forgot to login.
User avatar #138354 - masterofmuffins (12/18/2014) [-]
Stateless - Hurricane Song I god this love
User avatar #138352 - ultrablue (12/18/2014) [-]
Boards of Canada - Northern Plastics God I love this song
User avatar #138351 - shibe (12/18/2014) [-]
Про мишутку - Егор и Опизденевшие God I love this song
User avatar #138348 - teoberry (12/18/2014) [-]
The Underachievers - "The Mahdi" (Official Video) God I love this song
#138326 - manofbeardliness (12/17/2014) [-]
Modest Mouse announced their new album and released the single.  I'm fuck'n giddy over it.
Modest Mouse announced their new album and released the single. I'm fuck'n giddy over it.
User avatar #138319 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
why do hipsters think electro is hipster?

must they ruin more genres?
User avatar #138350 to #138319 - awesomerninjathing (12/18/2014) [-]
do you really mean electro or do you mean edm?
User avatar #138373 to #138350 - krizz (22 hours ago) [-]
what is edm
User avatar #138374 to #138373 - awesomerninjathing (20 hours ago) [-]
electronic dance music

shibe can explain better
User avatar #138331 to #138319 - shibe (12/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #138335 to #138331 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
well i fucked up

i meant they change the mainstream of music genres
User avatar #138337 to #138335 - shibe (12/17/2014) [-]

Gedankenexperiment - Experiment Defined [HQ] this is electro

now show me how hipsters are changing it in any way
User avatar #138338 to #138337 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
bon iver is making it slow and boring

also saw a hipster party club beat mix

its fucking sleeping music
User avatar #138339 to #138338 - shibe (12/17/2014) [-]
your first mistake is saying bon iver is electro

www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqScKIZaurE it's like calling james blake electro
User avatar #138340 to #138339 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
thats the thing
hipster lable him as electro

also that nigga right make some dank kush
User avatar #138341 to #138340 - shibe (12/18/2014) [-]
nobody labels him as electro

he's makes a little bit of electronic music though

but not electro

and nobody says he makes electro
User avatar #138342 to #138341 - krizz (12/18/2014) [-]
people i've seen have said that
User avatar #138343 to #138342 - shibe (12/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #138344 to #138343 - krizz (12/18/2014) [-]
no pls
#138346 to #138344 - themagicwizard (12/18/2014) [-]
Shut yer ass ya hipster
User avatar #138323 to #138319 - ljxjlos (12/17/2014) [-]
I dunno why, but everytime I see someone complaining about hipsters, I can´t stop myself from laughing.

Seriously, everyone just calls whatever he dislikes "hipster". Like, Seriously. The Metalheads, Punks and Hardcore-kids call everyone who listens to rap, pop or indie hipster, underground-rap-fans call Macklemore-listeners hipsters, indie-listeners think that pop-listeners are hipsters, etc, etc, etc. What the fuck even IS hipster?


Also, what bestpie said, how do hipsters "ruin genres" or change them to worse? that´s kinda bullshit.
User avatar #138325 to #138323 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
indie is hipster but alright

someone calloing hiphop hipster should probably see a doctor

electro is starting to et more hipster by having slow beats (no beat) and vocals you cant understand and just not partymusicat all unless u have taken lsd or some shit.
User avatar #138330 to #138325 - shibe (12/17/2014) [-]
hip hop is pretty hipster now tbh
User avatar #138333 to #138330 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
i dont listen to much

but I hear mixtapes by 13 yearolds and hating mainstream hiphop is the new thing
User avatar #138327 to #138325 - ljxjlos (12/17/2014) [-]
I don´t know much about electronic music or what exactly is considered electronic, but hell, the non-party electronic stuff is neat as fuck. See Burial, Chvrches, Crystal Castles, Figure...Don´t know much outside the mainstream, what that is conciderd, but that stuff is pretty great.
User avatar #138328 to #138327 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
lol hipster
User avatar #138329 to #138328 - ljxjlos (12/17/2014) [-]
If that´s what you call hipster?:

hipster > shittaste
User avatar #138332 to #138329 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
being hipster isnt even about loving underground unknown music
User avatar #138334 to #138332 - ljxjlos (12/17/2014) [-]
As I said: Being hipster isn´t even really a thing, because everybody calls something else hipster - usually what they dislike.

I just took the joke because you called some neat stuff hipster and said that in that case, being considered hipster would be better then not liking that stuff and thus having shittaste.
User avatar #138336 to #138334 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]

ye sugercoat that weasel
User avatar #138324 to #138323 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
not really

you dont even know what I hate
User avatar #138320 to #138319 - thebestpieever ONLINE (12/17/2014) [-]
How do hipsters "ruin genres".
User avatar #138321 to #138320 - krizz (12/17/2014) [-]
by changing them to the worse
#138345 to #138322 - themagicwizard (12/18/2014) [-]
#138297 - agoody (12/17/2014) [-]
What do you guys use for downloading music now that pirate bay is gone?
User avatar #138369 to #138297 - BmanX (12/18/2014) [-]
Same as usual. Ripping the mp3s from YouTube videos.
User avatar #138371 to #138370 - BmanX (12/18/2014) [-]
Hey, takes out the guessing game about if the quality will be shit or not, and zero chance of any viruses or anything like that, not that piratebay was ever really bad for that.
User avatar #138372 to #138371 - kaisakuenkou (12/18/2014) [-]
But the quality of youtube rips are shit
User avatar #138382 to #138372 - BmanX (14 hours ago) [-]
Haven't been for me.
User avatar #138392 to #138382 - shibe (12 hours ago) [-]
that's because you're used to shit quality
User avatar #138394 to #138392 - BmanX (11 hours ago) [-]
Even before I started doing this, quality was the same.
User avatar #138395 to #138394 - shibe (11 hours ago) [-]
like i said

you're just used to shit quality
#138367 to #138297 - anonymous (12/18/2014) [-]
>now that pirate bays gone
User avatar #138349 to #138297 - masterofmuffins (12/18/2014) [-]
kickass torrent or direct downloads
#138311 to #138307 - agoody (12/17/2014) [-]
this one didn't have a way to download for me. Maybe I'm not using it right though.
User avatar #138314 to #138311 - ferrettamer (12/17/2014) [-]
Just click "get torrent file" and then open it with your bittorrent client it should work
User avatar #138301 to #138297 - istrollid (12/17/2014) [-]
the pirate bay
#138312 to #138300 - agoody (12/17/2014) [-]
beautiful, thank you.
#138295 - anonymous (12/17/2014) [-]
Does anyone happen to know which song im playing a part of? I think it's a rap/hip hop song, and i only remember that part of the song. I am playing it on a guitar instead of a trumpet which i think is used in the original song

User avatar #138302 to #138295 - istrollid (12/17/2014) [-]
sounds like trumpet to me
#138293 - masterofmuffins (12/17/2014) [-]
MARILYN MANSON - DEEP SIX (OFFICIAL AUDIO) Okay yes, this is hooking me up into the new Manson album. It seems like he's getting his style back together, back to focus on do industrial rock music instead of be a goth diva.
I'm starting to belive in you again Marilyn Monroe, please please don't fuck this one up.
User avatar #138290 - dende (12/17/2014) [-]
Anyone mind trying to help me remember a music video?
Going to spare the details unless someone is willing to help.

It's been driving me insane trying to find though.
User avatar #138298 to #138290 - istrollid (12/17/2014) [-]
tell me, I want explicit details for you to get a satisfying conclusion.
User avatar #138304 to #138298 - dende (12/17/2014) [-]
Aight I'll try my best
I don't really remember the song itself too much, just the video
Going to put it in a spoiler
It starts off with two best friends (or brothers) as teenagers, running from a cop through alleyways. They duck away into some girl's house. One of the guys starts making out with her. Shows that the other guy is jealous. They fight or something. Fastforwards a few years when the two guys have split apart, one trying to become a guitar player while the other is stumbling around a city. The first fails and becomes homeless, while the other starts doing drugs and becomes a prostitute or something, it's weird. It continues outlining both of their lives. At the end, it shows the failed guitarist sitting on a pier playing guitar.
It's been since like June since I last saw this, so specific details are hard to recall.
Just been driving me insane that I can't remember it.
User avatar #138306 to #138305 - dende (12/17/2014) [-]
Joke was already done the first time I posted this like 2 months ago.
Should have been original m8.
User avatar #138308 to #138306 - istrollid (12/17/2014) [-]
take your shit and get out of here, or tell me your favorite pink floyd song or something
User avatar #138313 to #138308 - dende (12/17/2014) [-]
Why so salty m8.
User avatar #138316 to #138313 - istrollid (12/17/2014) [-]
i'll have you know i am well hydrated
User avatar #138317 to #138316 - dende (12/17/2014) [-]
Hydration is key.
User avatar #138289 - nalkir (12/17/2014) [-]
some of you fags here can read notes ?
some help would be appreciated
User avatar #138303 to #138289 - istrollid (12/17/2014) [-]
thebestpieever will teach you for free if you suck his dick
#138286 - crimzonhazard (12/17/2014) [-]
I was at my ma's house so I could stuff my face visiting and one of my baby cousins was there. Pandora was playing some pop tripe and the baby was mildly amused. Disgusted, I switched to classic rock and "Hitch a Ride" by Boston came on and the baby visibly enjoyed it better   
TLDR: even a baby knows good music when he hears it
I was at my ma's house so I could stuff my face visiting and one of my baby cousins was there. Pandora was playing some pop tripe and the baby was mildly amused. Disgusted, I switched to classic rock and "Hitch a Ride" by Boston came on and the baby visibly enjoyed it better

TLDR: even a baby knows good music when he hears it
User avatar #138284 - bitchletsgo (12/17/2014) [-]
You need to login to view this link
I need more shit like this, send help pls
User avatar #138283 - nigalthornberry (12/17/2014) [-]
Anybody have any music like this?
Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel
#138277 - tanabata (12/17/2014) [-]
Hey /music/. I've been trying to remember a song I used to really like and would appreciate if you helped me figuring out its name.

It was a sort-of generic sugar pop song mainly aimed at teens. The singer was a white guy with short hair, probably in his 20's, dressed in white clothes, dancing in front of a while background while he sings. The actual music video was of a young guy and girl kissing, then later she left him so he was showering topless, hitting a wall angrily.

The song was popular around the same time as Jason Derulo's 'Stupid Love'. Pretty sure it hit the charts.
User avatar #138280 to #138277 - istrollid (12/17/2014) [-]
Sandstorm i think this the song you are looking for.
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