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#127461 - anonshenanigans (08/24/2014) [-]
Yet another new song by yours truly, please rate, tell me what you think. Criticism good or bad, please tell me what you think!

Yet another new song by yours truly, please rate, tell me what you think. Criticism good or bad, please tell me what you think!
User avatar #127460 - niimajneb ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
Don't suppose anyone could identify a song for me with a really vague description?
It goes like this: Do do do; do do do; do do, do do do; do do do. The song is somewhat slow and each segment (separated by semi colons) is a small group of words with similar sized, about a second long, pauses in between each one. It's a male voice that's in between high and low pitch, but closer to high.
User avatar #127523 to #127460 - nimba (08/24/2014) [-]
are you messing with us
User avatar #127465 to #127460 - thebestpieever ONLINE (08/24/2014) [-]
You're fucking crazy if you think that's in any way coherent.
User avatar #127463 to #127460 - misterbonzo (08/24/2014) [-]
third eye blind- semi charmed life
User avatar #127462 to #127460 - awesomerninjathing (08/24/2014) [-]
are you fucking serious
User avatar #127457 - kerbit (08/23/2014) [-]
Let's listen to some music guys.

Bigleaguechew charac istrollid misticalz ultrablue
User avatar #134633 to #127457 - istrollid (11/16/2014) [-]
i think i missed the party
#127444 - kerbit (08/23/2014) [-]
What's /music/ listening to right now?

>Picture very related.
#127459 to #127454 - niimajneb has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #127455 to #127454 - kerbit (08/23/2014) [-]
The first track is funky. Not my type of music though.
User avatar #127450 to #127444 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
thats the cover? what a shitty cover HAHA
User avatar #127451 to #127450 - kerbit (08/23/2014) [-]
Looks really nice IMO. The colours/patterns are pretty trippy without giving you the feeling of a few too many hits of acid, it also suits the music they're playing.

What's your idea of a good cover?
#127452 to #127451 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
Something that looks like they didn't make it on a shitty editor software on a tablet or phone.
This obviously is the best cover ever
jk lmfao this album cover is also fucking retarded.
User avatar #127458 to #127452 - ferrettamer (08/23/2014) [-]
you just don't get it
User avatar #127453 to #127452 - kerbit (08/23/2014) [-]
LOL. That one has been bothering me for fucking ages. It's such a good album, it deserves a better cover.
#127442 - sjakk (08/23/2014) [-]
recent buys? shirt vinyls cd's etc
User avatar #127524 to #127442 - nimba (08/24/2014) [-]
Royal Blood - Debut Album - August 25th pre-ordered the royal blood album. It's gonna arrive on tuesday.
I'm leaving on monday. FML
User avatar #127468 to #127442 - haydentheviking ONLINE (08/24/2014) [-]
i also got morningrise by opeth on vinyl the other day too t'was good
User avatar #127470 to #127468 - sjakk (08/24/2014) [-]
good buy, bought Blackwater a while back and saw still life (my fav) yesterday sitting there but couldent afford it all, regret not buying Remission/Leviathan though
User avatar #127471 to #127470 - haydentheviking ONLINE (08/24/2014) [-]
Im looking for leviathan! and remission has had a re-issue so get that

my goal is to get all the opeth albums on vinyl! sucks you could not get it blackwater park was a great album
User avatar #127466 to #127442 - haydentheviking ONLINE (08/24/2014) [-]
I got once more round the sun a few days ago on vinyl its really nice im getting crack the skye soon
#127445 to #127442 - charac (08/23/2014) [-]
Crack the Skye is a really good album. Good choice.

Got a Xanthochroid shirt from my brother as a late birthday present. He ordered it shortly before but it took about 1.5 monts for the shirt to arrive.
It's a cool shirt though. I really like it.
#127447 to #127445 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
yeah i really liked the vinyl mix

pretty cool shirt, looks like good quality, could have enlarged the icon a bit though, band is awesome
User avatar #127448 to #127447 - charac (08/23/2014) [-]
Yeah it's a nice shirt, very comfortable.

Even though I'm more of a CD guy I really like that on vinyl the artworks gets a much bigger space. It's alomst like a little poster.
#127436 - cinnamonswirls has deleted their comment [-]
#127431 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
What genre is Pretty Lights? I mainly listen to them during late night commutes(some of my classes end at 9pm). Doesn't sound like electro..
User avatar #127434 to #127431 - nimba (08/23/2014) [-]
It's kinda hard electro funk/jazz
#127429 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
Pink Floyd is a highly overrated band. Sure they made a few decent albums, but that's pretty much it. Why the fuck do people praise them?
#127441 to #127429 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
Radiohead is a highly overrated band. Sure the made a few decent albums, but that's pretty much it. Why the fuck do people praise them?
User avatar #127443 to #127441 - imonaboatman (08/23/2014) [-]
Every Radiohead album except Pablo Honey has at least a few fantastic songs.
#127438 to #127429 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
bad troll is bad

they are god

its pop with colors but you cant listen to dark side of the moon and call it shit, the wall is a mixed bag but all in all its a great album, wish you were here is pure godlike
User avatar #127430 to #127429 - haydentheviking ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
cause their good
#127432 to #127430 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
please write a 400 word essay on why they are 'good'. I'm sure you have the time.
User avatar #127433 to #127432 - haydentheviking ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
Sure can i go over the 400 word limit or?
User avatar #127428 - owllynator (08/23/2014) [-]
soundcloud.com/jevanwright - go check him out
#127427 - dkbarrett (08/23/2014) [-]
Any odd future fans here?
User avatar #127456 to #127427 - ultrablue (08/23/2014) [-]
Earl is great

Everyone else ranges from mediocre to shitty imo
User avatar #127440 to #127427 - gandaalf (08/23/2014) [-]
Domo is a fucking lyrical killer
Earl is also a fucking beast but he didn't go hard enough on Doris
his verse on oldie was an example of him killing shit
Tyler is to crazy for me to like most of his shit but i know he should seriously be a director though , cause from the videos like Tamale and IFHY and Chum , he' doing pretty great
Frank Ocean is awesome. enough said but i hear he is on a hiatus
don't really care much for any of the others.
hodgy isn't that great
left brain is weird
mike g is meh
jasper doesn't do shit
User avatar #127439 to #127427 - darksideofthebeast (08/23/2014) [-]
No, but the show is fucking hilarious.
#127425 - rebenely (08/23/2014) [-]
Hello I am planning to buy a used piano. It is a casio ct 636. Is it enouqh for a beginner?
User avatar #127435 to #127425 - nimba (08/23/2014) [-]
does it have variable touch input cause you'll want that if you're playing piano rather than keyboard.
#127426 to #127425 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
you need atleast an church organ

sorry to hear

git god
User avatar #127398 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
This is a small rap (only 1:30ish) that my best friend made to 0 to 100. Shit sounds professional.
Can you all listen to it, like it and all that jazz?
I wanna be an overpaid bodyguard some day


It's a freestyle that he made and then tweaked to make it into a song.
User avatar #127400 to #127398 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
User avatar #127402 to #127400 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
You liek it doe?
User avatar #127403 to #127402 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
yeah pretty good rapper
User avatar #127404 to #127403 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
Thanks man. Trying to help him get heard. We'll make him the next popular white boy rapper.
User avatar #127406 to #127405 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
What are you using it for? Because I like it. Pretty funky, tad bit of some soul in there. Love funky shit.
I can imagine someone going in on a rap right before that ending. Is that what you're gonna use it for?
User avatar #127407 to #127406 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
rap yeah
User avatar #127408 to #127407 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
Yeah man, I like it.
I love it when there's females singing in raps. ARre you going to keep that female coming in throughout the whole song?
And I love the taper off at the end. I assume that's how you'll actually end it?
User avatar #127409 to #127408 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
Noo probably not
Yeah that's how I usually end my stuff.

ask your friend if he likes the beat yo
User avatar #127411 to #127409 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
And do you make a lot of beats? I can see where this is going
User avatar #127414 to #127411 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
I could easily make more beats though.
User avatar #127413 to #127411 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
Not a lot
I'll link some of the stuff tho
Here's a weird trap thing:
Wonky soul thing: soundcloud.com/mrhalcyonmusic/halcyon-xxx
Here's a mashup a fan did of my music: soundcloud.com/mrhalcyonmusic/amus-nat-party-drive-halcyon
User avatar #127415 to #127413 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
Can you do any hip hop type stuff? I personally like those beats but I dunno if he'll do those for raps. He doesn't rap chill. More fast paced with a heavy beat.
User avatar #127416 to #127415 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
Yo I'll start working on one and get back to you tomorrow!
What kinda rappers does he like?
Logic? Biggie? Modern rap? like Mackelmore/and all those other black guys like Chris Brown?
User avatar #127417 to #127416 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
Hell yeah dude! Please do. I'm excited to hear it! I feel like his agent
He loves Biggie, Logic, Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar, etc.
And as you heard, he can spit pretty fast, but also make it into a coherent story.
He wanted to do his next rap with an actual hook in it so that he can extend the length w/o having to work too much harder.
He said something about 16 bars.
User avatar #127418 to #127417 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
okay dude I'll start tomorrow!
User avatar #127419 to #127418 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
Gotcha man.Just letting you know, he isn't in any way well known yet. That was his first rap and it hasn't been seen by very many people.
User avatar #127420 to #127419 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
That's ok. I'm all for getting someone popular.
Musicians helping musicians. No need to be selfish and only go for people who are known more or same as you.
User avatar #127421 to #127420 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
I like the way you think, my dude. I just shot him a text asking if he had any requests
User avatar #127422 to #127421 - misticalz (08/23/2014) [-]
User avatar #127410 to #127409 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
Will do man. Are you curious about if he would use it?
User avatar #127423 to #127412 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
Alright, his only request is that it's upbeat
User avatar #127401 to #127400 - straitedge (08/23/2014) [-]
User avatar #127391 - bggeddevtwo (08/23/2014) [-]
Feint & Boyinaband - Time Bomb (feat. Veela)

Post your favorite DnB music!!!
User avatar #127399 to #127391 - thebestpieever ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
le dun pahtrell faes
User avatar #127394 to #127391 - kaisakuenkou (08/23/2014) [-]
Om and Bell Witch
User avatar #127392 to #127391 - akl ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
Squarepusher- Squarepusher Theme Commix - Be True [HQ] Venetian Snares - Szamar madar
User avatar #127396 to #127392 - themagicwizard (08/23/2014) [-]
Those are some really solid choices
User avatar #127390 - finblob ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
#127393 to #127390 - anonymous (08/23/2014) [-]
This song made me contemplate suicide
User avatar #127386 - anonymoose (08/22/2014) [-]
ÆTHER REALM - Oak Kälter - Spiritual Angel BRYMIR - Ragnarök Can we have a thread of artists like Wintersun?
User avatar #127397 to #127386 - haydentheviking ONLINE (08/23/2014) [-]
Well i do love me wintersun

I would say something like that would be Eternal tears of sorrow its a lot more moody

Jari has said that Time 1 was basically a demo of what he can do in time 2 and 3 etc so stoked
User avatar #127387 to #127386 - akl ONLINE (08/22/2014) [-]
Necrophagist- Stabwound Mohammad has been talking about a new album for ~6 years
User avatar #127388 to #127387 - anonymoose (08/22/2014) [-]
6 years? Try 10.
User avatar #127389 to #127388 - akl ONLINE (08/22/2014) [-]
They haven't posted shit about it except that they're not dead and it's going to happen, I'd be surprised if it didn't take at least another 4 for necrophagist to get shit done
User avatar #127384 - gandaalf (08/22/2014) [-]
Chance the Rapper is literally the best
every song he's ever made ever
its all good
all of it
User avatar #127382 - trollzoll (08/22/2014) [-]
Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall What is the name of the girl with dark hair in this music video? I need the name to stop global warming.
User avatar #127381 - britishaccent (08/22/2014) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vSKprwa1ZM Nadimač. a great thrash crossover band from serbia. they have some grind elements. an excellent band with very catchy songs and totally worth listening
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