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User avatar #956002 - nocturnalemission (06/01/2014) [-]
Dubs n' Subs
User avatar #956004 to #956002 - nocturnalemission (06/01/2014) [-]
Not me btw, just wondering how you guys feel about the issue.
#955999 - yusay ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Shit, Akari has some balls too.

First time Captain Earth has had a cliffhanger ending like that, and I even thought she was bluffing about the nukes too.
#956071 to #955999 - superpuma (06/01/2014) [-]
How will poor Teppei be useful?
Also, have this and Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou been mentioned or did I just miss them?
User avatar #956078 to #956071 - yusay ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I saw Soredemo had been posted so I guessed they had.

[HorribleSubs] Captain Earth - 09 [720p].mkv

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[HorribleSubs] Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - 09 [720p].mkv

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herecomesjohnny, taokami, superpuma, teoanon, hasai, raikoninja, sarcasticrunner, skittlesareepic, postie, kingsombra, bluzzerstream, luxflamma, canjay, desmondxburton, jubnik, techniik, tormain, alhiniath, chiopet
#956038 to #955999 - andyyy (06/01/2014) [-]
Best girl showing why she's best girl
#956007 to #955999 - reginleaf (06/01/2014) [-]
Don't doubt magical girls man.
User avatar #956012 to #956007 - yusay ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I expected her to do something they didn't want cause it was stupid to give her a computer, but didn't expect that.
User avatar #956464 to #956012 - sarcasticrunner (06/01/2014) [-]
Magical girls: If you piss them off; They will kill everyone on he planet just to make things difficult for you.
#955989 - anonymous (06/01/2014) [-]
i found it   
praise be internet   
its not the exact shot i was looking for but it'll do
i found it
praise be internet
its not the exact shot i was looking for but it'll do
User avatar #955951 - doomfish (06/01/2014) [-]
What was the anime with telekinetic powers and genetically engineered mole-people? it is set in the future and there are things called karma demons and fiends. can anyone tell me which one this was? I loved it and want to add it to my anime list.
User avatar #955956 to #955951 - kibitzer (06/01/2014) [-]
Shin Sekai Yori
User avatar #955982 to #955956 - doomfish (06/01/2014) [-]
yes! thank you
User avatar #955918 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Question, how may girls have to be friends with an MC for it to be considered a harem?
User avatar #955945 to #955918 - ehzio (06/01/2014) [-]
bout tree fiddy
User avatar #955924 to #955918 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
More than two.
User avatar #955926 to #955924 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
With those qualifications NGE is a harem.
User avatar #956019 to #955926 - spinthatrecord (06/01/2014) [-]
you mean it's not?
User avatar #956022 to #956019 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Not really, It's the second worst Tsundere in history, a girl with severe depression, and an older women. Only one of which actually cares about the MC.
#956026 to #956022 - spinthatrecord (06/01/2014) [-]
and That's why Misato is best girl.
User avatar #956030 to #956026 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
>Best would imply some sort or redeaming quality for the entire show.
User avatar #956036 to #956030 - spinthatrecord (06/01/2014) [-]
well she was like one of the only Optimistic characters and was usually the reason every scene wasn't just a downer.
User avatar #956039 to #956036 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
True, I guess she did keep the whole thing somewhat saine. That is, until she died.
User avatar #955932 to #955926 - killerliquid ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah but there's enough guys in the story so that it can't be called a harem
User avatar #955931 to #955926 - makotoitou (06/01/2014) [-]
Yes but no. Technically it works but it's not the focus nor intent.
User avatar #955930 to #955926 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Are you claiming that it isn't? But to be clear, I mean more than two love interests.
User avatar #955933 to #955930 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Does that specify who the MC likes or girls who like the MC?
User avatar #955952 to #955933 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Love interests means either way. Love triangles work one way, and harems work many ways, usually the guy is oblivious and a bunch of girls want him. Usually.
User avatar #955928 to #955926 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Gee, ya fucking think?!
#955897 - kingalister (06/01/2014) [-]
ITT: Shit tier anime
ITT: Shit tier anime
User avatar #956106 to #955897 - gmarrox (06/01/2014) [-]
Narutard and Blech
User avatar #956091 to #955897 - DmOnZ (06/01/2014) [-]
Date A Live, Oreimo, Kiss x Sis, To Love Ru, WataMote, H o D, K-on, Sakura Trick, Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.
User avatar #956045 to #955897 - unikornking (06/01/2014) [-]
Soul eater
#956031 to #955897 - azraelthemage (06/01/2014) [-]
Gif perfectly explains my feelings toward it.

Gif perfectly explains my feelings toward it.
User avatar #956005 to #955897 - killerliquid ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru
Hidan no Aria
User avatar #955980 to #955897 - varuna (06/01/2014) [-]
Devil Survivor 2
User avatar #955962 to #955897 - kibitzer (06/01/2014) [-]
#955958 to #955897 - xaerooo (06/01/2014) [-]
your favorite anime
User avatar #955948 to #955897 - ajrin (06/01/2014) [-]
#956144 to #956032 - cosmicapprentice (06/01/2014) [-]
You came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker.
You came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker.
#956298 to #956144 - synchron (06/01/2014) [-]
Here's the one with the text on it.
Here's the one with the text on it.
User avatar #956299 to #956298 - cosmicapprentice (06/01/2014) [-]
Thank you, I've been looking for that.
User avatar #955977 to #955948 - cosmicapprentice (06/01/2014) [-]
>Calling an actually good romance anime shit.
User avatar #955955 to #955948 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Get out.
User avatar #955947 to #955897 - ehzio (06/01/2014) [-]
Baka to Test
User avatar #955942 to #955897 - kyller (06/01/2014) [-]
Chaos;Head, C³, Coppelion, The Familiar of Zero
User avatar #955941 to #955897 - teoanon (06/01/2014) [-]
to love ru
kiss x sis
the world that only god knows
User avatar #955925 to #955897 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Devil May Cry. Blade. Wolverine. Supernatural: The Anime. Marvel Disk Wars.
User avatar #955920 to #955897 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #955913 to #955897 - Rei ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Senyuu, Space Dandy, Psycho Diver, Coppelion, Galilei Donna, Cossette no Shouzou, Highschool of the Dead, Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!,
#956040 to #955913 - andyyy (06/01/2014) [-]
>Space Dandy
Someone doesn't like fun
User avatar #955902 to #955897 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
#955886 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
#955903 to #955900 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Shit.. ran out of Amane quotes....
Plan B!!!!!
User avatar #955936 to #955909 - killerliquid ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
See, this is why I don't like spoilers when it comes to VNs.
User avatar #955964 to #955936 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Meikyuu is almost all side-stories in the routes of Gris and more of Yuuji's past from what I've been hearing.
User avatar #955967 to #955964 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
And it is a sequel that takes place as if none of the routes were went on.
User avatar #955968 to #955967 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
I thought that's what Rakuen was supposed to be?
User avatar #955969 to #955968 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Rakuen is a sequel to meikyuu. I read the summaries on fuwanovel. Both have plenty of sidestories in them
User avatar #955973 to #955969 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
"I read the summaries on fuwanovel"
User avatar #955974 to #955973 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Descriptions I meant. Meikyuu takes place sometime after the summer break. Rakuen takes place sometime after Meikyuu ends.
User avatar #955965 to #955964 - killerliquid ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
It's more Grisaia, so I don't really care.
User avatar #955953 to #955936 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
This isn't a spoiler. This is a bonus non canon sex scene in meikyuu. Just an additional thing they put in for fapping.
User avatar #955957 to #955953 - killerliquid ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
addition or not, I don't want to see it until I get the game
User avatar #955960 to #955957 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Well this is the anime/manga board. If you don't want spoilers then you would want to leave here. At least I am not spoiling actual plot.
User avatar #955963 to #955960 - killerliquid ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I don't give a shit about anime/manga spoilers. They don't take 50+ hours to complete (most of the time)
User avatar #955970 to #955963 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Well, too bad. It is a non canon sex scene.
#955914 to #955912 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I wonder how long before people start spamming us with "SOURCE PLZ" comments?
#955991 to #955914 - cosmicapprentice (06/01/2014) [-]
SOURCE PLZ jk, I know the source.
#955921 to #955919 - snipys ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Annnnd last sfw one I got.
#955908 to #955907 - timetravelzero (06/01/2014) [-]
#955870 - minibeep (06/01/2014) [-]
why are jews so evil ?
User avatar #955874 to #955870 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Their noses hold dark spirits within them.
#955853 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
So, I've finally finished all there is to Gintama (now in my Top 5, btw) and I don't know what I should do next. There are 4 options:   
1. Catch up with One Piece (currently at ep 332, OP has 646 eps [647th ep comes out today] so far, FYI)   
2. Finish the 1st pokemon anime (currently at ep 235 out of 276)   
3. Start watching something else from my extensive "Plan to watch" list   
4. Do something actually productive and perhaps get a life in the process   
So what'd you guys suggest?
So, I've finally finished all there is to Gintama (now in my Top 5, btw) and I don't know what I should do next. There are 4 options:
1. Catch up with One Piece (currently at ep 332, OP has 646 eps [647th ep comes out today] so far, FYI)
2. Finish the 1st pokemon anime (currently at ep 235 out of 276)
3. Start watching something else from my extensive "Plan to watch" list
4. Do something actually productive and perhaps get a life in the process

So what'd you guys suggest?
User avatar #955981 to #955853 - yeorgh (06/01/2014) [-]
Watch the movies and read the manga.
User avatar #955984 to #955981 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Do you mean the Gintama movies and manga? If so, then I've already watched the movies.
About the manga... eh, I don't really feel like getting into 500+ chapter long manga, although I DO love Gintama. How does it compare to anime?
User avatar #955987 to #955984 - yeorgh (06/01/2014) [-]
The anime is better, no doubt about it, it covered everything perfectly, you can just start from where the last episode left it off.
User avatar #955988 to #955987 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Oh, then I just might do that. Thanks.
Also, could you please tell me about where did the anime leave off?
User avatar #955990 to #955988 - yeorgh (06/01/2014) [-]
Last episode was the Sadaharu and that other dog episode right? if so then start at chapter 411.
#955992 to #955990 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
User avatar #955993 to #955992 - yeorgh (06/01/2014) [-]
Several good arcs in there, really need that S4.
User avatar #955994 to #955993 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, I've noticed on gintama.wikia that Gin and Sogou fought against each other. Not sure whether it was a seriouc arc or not, though. Are there any arcs where Gin is in angry/serious mode again? I love when that happens.
User avatar #955996 to #955994 - yeorgh (06/01/2014) [-]
The Sogou vs Gintoki was more joking than serious but they did fight. There is one that's mostly serious though, also introduces a new character, it's only one though, the rest are mostly comedy.
User avatar #955998 to #955996 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Ah, too bad. I mean, yeah, I love the comedy in Gintama, but I love the serious arcs even more.
User avatar #956000 to #955998 - yeorgh (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah me too, Oboro arc is my favorite.
User avatar #956003 to #956000 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, that one was great. I can't get enough of Gin-san's badass moments and there were plenty of those.
User avatar #955986 to #955984 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
495+ chapter long manga*
User avatar #955934 to #955853 - makotoitou (06/01/2014) [-]
It's ok, do this if your planned list is shit
anything good on there?
User avatar #955979 to #955934 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
You need to login to view this link
You bet your sweet ass there is.
User avatar #955997 to #955979 - makotoitou (06/01/2014) [-]
watch that shit right now
User avatar #956001 to #955997 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
It's 5AM. I'll just read a few chapters of Gintama and then it's off to the realm of dreams for me (no, Master of Martial Hearts is not a realm of dreams). But when I wake up, I promise to watch it.
User avatar #956006 to #956001 - makotoitou (06/01/2014) [-]
good, gooood
User avatar #955878 to #955853 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
1. Maybe
2. No, shit show
3. Maybe
4. Yes
User avatar #955887 to #955878 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, adding that 4th one was a mistake...
User avatar #955891 to #955887 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
I don't know, doing something productive doesn't sound bad at all.
User avatar #955894 to #955891 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
It doesn't, but I'm lazy.
User avatar #955868 to #955853 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Don't even bother with the Pokemon anime, total shit. Read Pokemon Adventures instead.
User avatar #955876 to #955868 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
TheMather claims new season of the anime is good. But yibidy, follow his advice. Adventures is awesome.
User avatar #955879 to #955876 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah well, as long as Ash is in it, it'll always be total shit.
User avatar #955881 to #955879 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
Ash is the kind of character that makes anything shit.
User avatar #955882 to #955881 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Sad part is that people actually like him.
User avatar #955937 to #955882 - makotoitou (06/01/2014) [-]
His only good point is that he isn't a Gary Sue nor some 1337 poke xprt that wins every battle.
User avatar #955884 to #955882 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
Fun part is those people who like him are total fucking plebians, just like Ash,
User avatar #955869 to #955868 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I know it is. I only got so far because I played something on PS3 while watching it and I barely payed attention to it. The thing is, though, that I don't drop anime. And I'm that far into it, too, so it would be a shame not to finish it, when there's just about 1/8 of it left.
#955872 to #955869 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Put it on hold permanently then.
Put it on hold permanently then.
User avatar #955875 to #955872 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
But nah, technicalities can''t save me from the fate I chose.
User avatar #955880 to #955875 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
Conveniently forget about watching it then
User avatar #955889 to #955880 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Sounds like a plan.
User avatar #955863 to #955853 - MillionsKnives (06/01/2014) [-]
Not make another rec thread.
User avatar #955867 to #955863 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Good thing this ain't a rec thread, then.
User avatar #955877 to #955867 - MillionsKnives (06/01/2014) [-]
You're right, it's a "suggest what I should do next because I'm too lazy to choose myself" thread. Go with option 4.
User avatar #955885 to #955877 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Now you get it.
User avatar #955855 to #955853 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Start lifting if you don't already.
User avatar #955859 to #955855 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I don't. I used to be quite enthusiastic about martial arts and combat sports + some occasional lifting in the past, but nowadays I'm just a lazy bum.
User avatar #955862 to #955859 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Get back into it mang. Combative sports a best and getting shredded as fuuuuark is great for your self esteem. Do it, you will get to have beginner gains again since you haven't been lifting for a long while.

Kyokushin a best.
User avatar #955866 to #955862 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Eh, I'm really lazy. But to be honest, I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I also used to run with a friend of mine, but we kinda dropped it lately and I don't really know why. I was just getting to see some results, too.

I used to do Muay Thai, Boxing and Judo (I quit after I had to teach a green belt how to use kimura) + teaching myself some grappling techniques and submissions and some advanced kicks for fun at home.
User avatar #955873 to #955866 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Dude, you know that laziness is bullshit. Once you actually get into a routine the exercise becomes just a part of your daily life and you don't even have to motivate yourself, you just do it out of habit.

Muay thai is legit as fuck, my girlfriend does it and I actually have moments of concern that I couldn't win a bout. Boxing an judo are bad and mediocre respectively. Boxing is just punching with an assload of conditioning, judo is throw central. I am looking for a competent MMA gym in my area, but all the ones around me are recreational or have really subpar training menus. I really need to address my complete and total lack of groundwork.

But yeah, start lifting.
User avatar #955888 to #955873 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Judo is quite useful in MMA if you're looking to practice it.
User avatar #955893 to #955888 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
>single leg and double leg takedowns plus hip throws
>a bunch of throws and some minor groundwork

I would rather do more wrestling or jiu-jutsu. You know, actual fighting arts. But if I can find a good coach I will do whatever he/she says I guess.
User avatar #955899 to #955893 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
There's more to it than that, especially in groundwork, but Ju-jitsu is good too - combining different elements and borrowing alot from Judo too.
User avatar #955906 to #955899 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
I don't have a problem with Judo specifically, I just have a problem with what it represents. Judo is a big box martial art that gets sold to people in suburbs and the average teacher has a terrible lineage, just like with shotokan and goju-ryu karate. There are good schools for all of them, but more bad than good.

-do martial arts usually have less sparring in them because they are "too lethal", and I really don't like that. It is the sign of a bad school when they rarely spar. But if I found a good Judo school I'd be there in an instant.

You seem to have a preference for judo, are you a judoka?
User avatar #955944 to #955906 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I agree with you on both points, it is definitely important to find a school of Judo/Ju-jutsu which cares about competition rather than graduation and "beautiful techniques" if you want to apply it to MMA for instance.

Actually, I only did Judo for about 2 years whereas I practiced Ju-Jutsu for 4 years - Judo was more like a supplementary sport to my Ju-Jutsu though. Both of my clubs were very focused on competitive martial arts, with my Ju-Jutsu club being the best in the country Denmark is a shitty little country with not that many clubs, but still and producing quite a few world champions lately.
It might just've been my clubs' philosophy, but I came to appreciate the utility of Judo elements in my competitive Ju-Jutsu fighting.
User avatar #955883 to #955873 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, I miss the days when 5pm was Muay Thai time, next day at 6pm was the Boxing time and so on. It's just so hard to overcome the initial laziness and make it a habit again.

I should also mention that it's kinda expensive - you know, no income and all. But I know that's actually just an excuse and if I really wanted to do it, I would find a way.
User avatar #955892 to #955883 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
r u a NEET? Because please stop being one, you are appalling and a drain on society. I say this in the nicest way possible. I hear that jobs are harder to get in Yurope because minimum wage and stuff is fairly high, but damn. Get a damn job.

You're gonna make it brah.
User avatar #955895 to #955892 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Nah, I'm not. I just finished high school and I'm already accepted to a uni (doing an entrance test for another field - which I want more - on 6th June), but that starts in september, so now I have a lot of free time.
User avatar #955901 to #955895 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
That's fair. You should still get a part-time job if you can. The money is always useful. And then you can take advantage of your pure European genetics to become swole as fuuuark.
User avatar #955922 to #955901 - yibdiy ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Sometimes I do some part time jobs at my mom's work place (a big building for various social events and gatherings, including even weddings) - I generally get the night shifts (from 5PM to anyhwere between 1AM and 7AM) as a security guard/receptionist, when there are long parties, or someone sleeps there. Unfortunately there aren't many events lately. But that should change during the summer holidays. Hopefully.

Anyway, fuck this, Imma go running. It's 4AM now, but it certainly isn't the first time I went running at such hour. It's been a long time, since I ran during sunrise. Who knows, I might start enjoying it again.
User avatar #955927 to #955922 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Go get em.
#955852 - anonymous (06/01/2014) [-]
Guys, I have figured out something really dramatic. These characters are almost the exact same person. I'm not going to lie with this one. You see, MAL keeps key details on all their characters, and these two share pretty similar traits. Their height is the EXACT same, at 148cm, the hair lengh, is pretty much the same depending on what angle you look at them from, and they both share pretty similar personalities.

So, anime board, what are your views on this. I have set up a quick and easy poll for you to voice your opinions onto, this can be found over at: vote.pollcode.com/34579566

TL;DR These two characters look vaguely similar.
#955861 to #955852 - xaerooo (06/01/2014) [-]
theyre the same person, what else is there to say
#955841 - varuna (06/01/2014) [-]
[HorribleSubs] Ace of Diamond - 34 [720p].mkv   

			You need to login to view this link
alleksi, tokazakime, holsety, matoi, jakeandhistoe, snowghost, geobeo, bonkii, nippuhl, synthuz, himeko, blastwave, babylien
[HorribleSubs] Ace of Diamond - 34 [720p].mkv
You need to login to view this link

alleksi, tokazakime, holsety, matoi, jakeandhistoe, snowghost, geobeo, bonkii, nippuhl, synthuz, himeko, blastwave, babylien
User avatar #956383 to #955841 - babylien (06/01/2014) [-]
Thank you
User avatar #955871 to #955841 - krevlick ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
can i be on dis? pl0x
User avatar #955828 - warbob (06/01/2014) [-]
Recommodation request , if anime rec thread also qualifies for manga/manhwa/manhua/LN then a link would be nice if you don't want to bother recommending any of those.

Looking for something to read , has to be a fantasy or supernatural , have action , not be borderline porn , characters that aren't retarded (unless it's a plot point).

Examples of stuff I like: The Gamer , ToG , DICE , The Legend of the Sun Knight , Noragami , Assassination Classroom , Immortal Regis / Cavalier of the Abyss , Ability , City of the Dead Sorcerer , The Seven Deadly Sins , Black Haze , TAL , Oukoku Game(Kingdom Game) , Danmachi , NGNL , Mahouka ,SAO , Legend of Legendary Heroes , Highschool DxD (dropped LN cuz too much ecchi and stupidity) , Log Horizon , Mondaiji , Toaru Majutsu (shit is so long I'm afraid i'll get old by the time I read it so I haven't started it yet)
User avatar #955864 to #955828 - nomora (06/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #955851 to #955828 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Ignore all that action bullshit, read Chihayafuru. I started it recently, it's way better than I expected.
User avatar #955850 to #955828 - Rei ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel

The Garden of Sinners Light Novel.
User avatar #955832 to #955828 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Also, posting your MAL would probably ease the process.
#955831 to #955828 - anonymous (06/01/2014) [-]
You post here often enough, you should know better than to do this.
User avatar #955834 to #955831 - warbob (06/01/2014) [-]
I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something I want to read something

i'm desperate. help.
#955790 - yusay ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
You need to login to view this link

Oh, new Haruhi sea- damn.

That's a lot of elaborate advertising for just a pachinko game though.
#955827 to #955790 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Even with the very first news of this, people knew the pachinko game company was involved in this advertising campaign.   
From the beginning it was pointless to hope for another season.
Even with the very first news of this, people knew the pachinko game company was involved in this advertising campaign.
From the beginning it was pointless to hope for another season.
User avatar #955854 to #955827 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Is the Nagato manga getting an anime? I heard rumors.
User avatar #956009 to #955854 - yeorgh (06/01/2014) [-]
Yes it is and if it's not by KyoAni it'll be glorious, maybe.
User avatar #955856 to #955854 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Seems like it. But there hasn't been any news in a while.

User avatar #955857 to #955856 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
At least this is something.
User avatar #955860 to #955857 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I've never been much for spin-offs, but hopefully this'll be an exception.
#955817 to #955790 - cptsweatpants (06/01/2014) [-]
Aww man... Meanwhile Free gets 452874567 movies and a game.
Aww man... Meanwhile Free gets 452874567 movies and a game.
User avatar #955818 to #955817 - cptsweatpants (06/01/2014) [-]
Also funnyjunk speeds up this gif for some reason and it look hillarious.
User avatar #955830 to #955818 - warbob (06/01/2014) [-]
so you're NOT winking at us?
User avatar #955814 to #955790 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Am I missing something here?
User avatar #955819 to #955814 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
There was some big Haruhi advertising campaign and a lot of people thought it could be for a new season.

Those people were wrong.
User avatar #955833 to #955819 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Is it interesting, the show?
User avatar #955836 to #955833 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
What, Haruhi?

I'm not a good person to talk to about Haruhi.
User avatar #955837 to #955836 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Well, who's a non-biased opinion to talk to about it then?
#956116 to #955837 - tanabata (06/01/2014) [-]
The story follows the melancholic adventures of a strange girl obsessed with the supernatural (which also happens to be one of the cutest girls in anime) and a self-proclaimed "average" teenage high-schooler, who happens to think and talk almost like a philosopher. This funny SoL quickly evolves into one of the most interesting fantasy stories, involving time loops, time travel, universe shifting and even involves romantic overtones. Did I mention there's a mystery arc?

So to answer your question, my dear zomaru. Haruhi is an amazing anime.
User avatar #956117 to #956116 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Is it one of those stories that is going to leave me feeling like they never ended it? Because every time I watch a Highschool anime they never actually end it, and this is getting really annoying.
User avatar #956121 to #956117 - tanabata (06/01/2014) [-]
Well, it doesn't have a romantic ending, but the movie ending is very satisfying.
User avatar #956122 to #956121 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
That's what Someone said about NGE.....
#956123 to #956122 - tanabata (06/01/2014) [-]
I haven't seen NGE so I wouldn't know. But you can trust me. I haven't met a person to watch the movie and not love it.
User avatar #956125 to #956123 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
I'll add it to the list, but this list is becoming quite long.
#956243 to #956125 - fargfive ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
The ending of the movie ends the arc it covers quite nicely, but still kind of leaves the viewer hanging because anyone in their right mind would want to know what happens next.
Season 3 never.
#955845 to #955837 - cptsweatpants (06/01/2014) [-]
His holyness tanabata, the local preacher of the church. I guarantee his unbiasedness myself, the almighty Haruhi above me as my witness, may she smite me if I'm lying.
User avatar #955843 to #955837 - yusay ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
It's enjoyable.
User avatar #955844 to #955843 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Are you the non-biased opinion I requested?
User avatar #955847 to #955844 - yusay ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
I guess.
User avatar #955849 to #955847 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
Then I'll add it to my list, although I'll have to take School days off.
User avatar #955865 to #955849 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
good choice.
User avatar #955858 to #955849 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Pussy out.
User avatar #955813 to #955790 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
Can you see that flying object in the distance? It's the hopes and dreams of Haruhi-fans crashing down.
User avatar #955798 to #955790 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
And this, Haruhi-fags is why you should never hope for anything.
#955763 - bobebob ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
I have quite a large list of stuff to watch already but i have 3 months of holiday off work coming up, any more suggestions?
User avatar #955811 to #955763 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Hunter x Hunter 2011
User avatar #955804 to #955763 - ajrin (06/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #955785 to #955763 - ehzio (06/01/2014) [-]
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a must
Hitsugi no Chaika is also good
No Game No Life is good as well
Add Clannad After Story if you're gonna watch Clannad
#955783 to #955763 - Rei ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
Watch stuff on your backlog
User avatar #955779 to #955763 - zomaru (05/31/2014) [-]
Girls und Panzer has 6 OVS's worth watching.
Also, Kore wa Zombie desu ka and Seitokai Yakuindomo are two you should check out.
User avatar #955772 to #955770 - bobebob ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
#955766 to #955763 - bobebob ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
Also im gunna try some of these if you have any extras let me know
User avatar #955784 to #955766 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
I actually have to thank you for posting this. Kemonozume. Yeah, this is getting picked up right now.
User avatar #955791 to #955784 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
It's Yuasa's worst work, though still decent enough.

Been over a year and I still haven't finished it though.
User avatar #955820 to #955791 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
The description just really hooked me.
User avatar #955821 to #955820 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
Do what you want I won't stop you.
User avatar #955823 to #955821 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Which is fairly irregular for any anime internet "community".
User avatar #955824 to #955823 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
I mean who am I to stop you from having bad taste.
User avatar #955826 to #955824 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
Thanks for reminding me, I need to watch Yosuga no Sora first.
User avatar #955765 to #955763 - MillionsKnives (05/31/2014) [-]
Watch your large quantity.
#955759 - darkskin (05/31/2014) [-]
Looking for anime/manga/hentai with a girl in a wheelchair

I've already seen guilty crown, black rock shooter

I think code geass has one, is that worth watching?
#956500 to #955759 - anonymous (06/01/2014) [-]
Ga-Rei Zero has one
User avatar #956504 to #956500 - darkskin (06/01/2014) [-]
thanks, i'll look into it
User avatar #955985 to #955759 - avatarsarefornoobs (06/01/2014) [-]
code geass is great
User avatar #955775 to #955759 - spinthatrecord (05/31/2014) [-]
to heart 2 another days,
User avatar #955762 to #955759 - tanabata (05/31/2014) [-]
I actually can't name a hentai with a wheelchair girl. But you should totally watch Code Geass.
User avatar #955795 to #955762 - dyalibya (06/01/2014) [-]
Everyone and their grandma have seen Code geass
User avatar #955825 to #955795 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
I didn't bother watching it because I used to hate Clamp designs.
User avatar #956133 to #955825 - dyalibya (06/01/2014) [-]
You really should, its almost mandatory, hell Its worth checking it out just for the OPs
User avatar #956273 to #956133 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
I already know JIBUN WO it's okay. And I know basically the entire plot, so there is almost no point.
User avatar #956393 to #956273 - dyalibya (06/01/2014) [-]
"And I know basically the entire plot"

Cant be done without actually watching it
User avatar #956398 to #956393 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
There's a guy called Lelouch, he is really good at planning and stuff, so girls want his dick. Japan is bullied by Britain, so Lelouch does terrorism wears a mask, plays some chess, mechs are involved, so is mind control through a thing called a Geass, in the end he becomes king of world, but then someone else wearing his mask kills him so there can be world peace.

Basically the entire thing and I've never watched an episode, all of that is based off things I have seen others post.
User avatar #956400 to #956398 - dyalibya (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeaaahhh, You're missing a couple of details here and there, And that is not the ending
User avatar #956457 to #956400 - bababadsheep (06/01/2014) [-]
It's all the same to me. Too busy trying to find a seeded Slayers torrent. Well, one with more than two seeds anyways.
User avatar #956740 to #956457 - dyalibya (06/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, obtaining your Chinese cartoons can be a bitch sometimes
User avatar #955801 to #955795 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
I haven't watched it because reasons.
User avatar #955829 to #955801 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Get the [OZC] version instead.
User avatar #955835 to #955829 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #955840 to #955835 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
it's an encoding group.
User avatar #955842 to #955840 - zomaru (06/01/2014) [-]
When I get the bandwidth enough that I can actually download things without effort I'll start to pay attention to that, but right now I can only stream anime in low quality.
User avatar #955846 to #955842 - hasai ONLINE (06/01/2014) [-]
Too bad, it's a good looking show.
User avatar #955822 to #955801 - dyalibya (06/01/2014) [-]
Its mandatory, go and watch it, get the coalgirls uncensored version
User avatar #955769 to #955762 - fizzor (05/31/2014) [-]
Son of a bitch, I actually know one hentai manga with a chick on wheelchair but I can't remember its goddamn name.
#955793 to #955769 - dyalibya has deleted their comment [-]
#955777 to #955769 - darkskin (05/31/2014) [-]
if you can recall it tell me
User avatar #955796 to #955777 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
Rejoice, my good man, for I come delivering sauce You need to login to view this link
User avatar #955799 to #955796 - darkskin (06/01/2014) [-]
i just found and read that

is there anymore like it?
#955800 to #955799 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
Are you telling me I just spent like 25 minutes looking for this manga
AND THEN YOU GO AND FIND IT ON YOUR OWN!? I don't know if there's others like that. But that one is one of my favorites
User avatar #955803 to #955800 - darkskin (06/01/2014) [-]
if you google wheelchair hentai its the first thing to come up
#955805 to #955803 - fizzor (06/01/2014) [-]
... That didn't occur to me.
User avatar #955761 to #955759 - nomora (05/31/2014) [-]
#955750 - akigon (05/31/2014) [-]
Last Exile. Opinions?
#955786 to #955780 - akigon (06/01/2014) [-]
Anything similar I should watch?
User avatar #955787 to #955786 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
Fap to Murata's loli art.
#955788 to #955787 - akigon (06/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #955789 to #955788 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
Range Murata, the guy who did the character designs.

Look up some of his artwork.
#955792 to #955789 - akigon (06/01/2014) [-]
Whoa most of what I found is Ecchi but damn it's good
User avatar #955794 to #955792 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
Yea there's no actual porn just very lewd lolis.

Also, You need to login to view this link
#955797 to #955794 - akigon (06/01/2014) [-]
Uh, have you seen "Sky crawlers"?
User avatar #955802 to #955797 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
Yea. Pretty good movie. Very flawed but overall pretty unique and there was a good twist at the end. Not much like Last Exile other than planes though.

You might like Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta though from what I saw of that it was much more romance heavy. Honestly haven't seen much from that list so I can't really help you. I know Murata also did the designs for Ao no 6-Gou but I don't know much else about it.
#955806 to #955802 - akigon (06/01/2014) [-]
No I have seen Sky Crawlers, but I had a hard time understanding it. Care to explain maby? :3
User avatar #955816 to #955806 - boyddamilkman (06/01/2014) [-]
Been over a year since I watched it so here goes.

Basically two opposing corporations are facilitating a fake war for profit. In order to save on the cost of training pilots they instead clone successful ones for future use as well as removing their desire to live and stopping their aging process to increase efficiency. The chief chick was a pilot who survived long enough to escape the system however the man she fell in love with (protagonists predecessor) ended up dying. The protagonist, as a clone ends up falling in love with the girl as well as learns he is a clone (through means I don't actually remember). As a result he seeks to escape the system/break the system by killing the Teacher who's main role as I assume is to make sure neither side wins to elongate the war. He ends up dying horribly but since he was capable of changing events slightly by attacking the Teacher he assumes that one of his descendants could be capable of breaking the cycle. Basically the story ends on an infinite loop that's bound to break at some point.

Something like that.
#955838 to #955816 - akigon (06/01/2014) [-]
wow, I did not get that...
User avatar #955740 - tvfreakuk (05/31/2014) [-]
ITT: Annoying changes between the original Japanese to the English dubs
Not that I seriously hate dubs or anything, sometimes they're fine; but they can limit the way the story goes and way characters are etc.
Sailor Moon:
I hate the way that in the English dub, they take away any possibly mystery of who the Princess is that they are looking for by basically telling us what the story is, why things are happening, and that the main characters all have past lives together in the "Moon Kingdom", and with the fact that Serena doesn't look any different from the opening scene to the rest of the series, we know from the first second of the series that she is the Moon Princess.
In the Japanese version, we don't even know about any of that shit for ages; I'm on episode 22 and we're only just finding out glimpses of this at this point.
It completely dumbs down the story - and while I still find Usagi/Serena to be a detestable and annoying as fuck character, the story is interesting in many respects, but American producers didn't trust that their audience would understand it without this stupid "Long ago in the Moon Kingdom [exposition exposition exposition]..." spiel at the start of the first episode.
And although I understand it, I found it stupid that they ordered a dub for a series that has lesbian main characters, that would pretty much mean they'd have to cut half of the scenes and dialogue in later episodes because of this, and it almost renders even making an English dub useless...

Also in Pokemon when they call ricecakes "Sandwiches"; like, we can fucking see that they aren't Sandwiches, why the fuck bother?

It's also annoying when they stop making a dub half way through a series - so you'll have grown used to liking characters with certain voices only to have it feel weird when you have to continue the series in it's dubbed form

Other stuff I either haven't seen the dub, or I haven't seen the sub, so I can't compare.
#955749 to #955740 - tanabata (05/31/2014) [-]
When the granny-like "Onee-sama" was turned into a kid's "Sissy".

Boy, I dropped the dub harder than graphene.
#955755 to #955749 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
I haven't exactly gone looking for bad dubs, but the Railgun dub is the worst I've heard so far.
User avatar #955753 to #955749 - fizzor (05/31/2014) [-]
Dear god that sounds disgusting.
Kuroko's "Oneeee-samaaaa" is like angelic music to my ears, so to change it to something like that is just blasphemous.
#955743 to #955740 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
Kyubey sounds ridiculous in the dub. And they pronounce his name wrong.
User avatar #955746 to #955743 - tvfreakuk (05/31/2014) [-]
I couldn't find any HD of the sub for ages (could only find like 320p) online, so I decided to watch the dub; only 20 seconds in and the moment I heard that voice I turned it off and just tried harder to find a good quality sub, and the voice is so much better.

I haven't actually seen the sub of Black Butler yet, but I couldn't watch the dub because the main character's voice was just fucking annoying as shit.

That's another thing about Sailor Moon; Naru (I can't remember her dub name) has that annoying as shit New Jersey accent, and I just can't fucking stand it.
#955736 - EmulateSnes (05/31/2014) [-]
You know, I thought I was lost when I was trying to figure out the plot of Neon
genesis Evangelion, Then I started watching Mekaku City Actors.

User avatar #955757 to #955736 - thatguycrow (05/31/2014) [-]
Watch The Big O. That's a mindfuck and a half right there with the ending.
#955735 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
So it appears that Rouge Groove Nuclear Moose only has three more episodes.
That's a real shame. It's been far and away my favorite thing to watch this season.
User avatar #955741 to #955735 - hasai ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
At first I thought those packages were condoms.
User avatar #955742 to #955741 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
Sadly no.
The Daruku porn will arrive at a later date.
but seriously, Tensai doujins when
User avatar #955748 to #955742 - hasai ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
The blond one, right?
Yea, she looks real cute.
#955752 to #955748 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
Daruku is a dude though, which will make the porn even better.
#955751 to #955748 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
And she's sassy as all hell.
User avatar #955756 to #955751 - hasai ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
I do like sassy. I'll give this one a shot along with Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou and possibly Chaika one of the comming days.
#955758 to #955756 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
I think this may actually be her mom, in which case
Tensai's mom has got it goin' on.

It's been a fantastic rollercoaster so far, even the slow episodes have been exciting. I'll be sad to see it end.
#955720 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
The Neo-Gaz Empire is not amused by your shenanigans.
I'm getting really strong Avatar vibes from Chaika. Has anyone else noticed that?
User avatar #955723 to #955720 - killerliquid ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
Now that you mention it, I can see some similarities
User avatar #955722 to #955720 - thatnigger (05/31/2014) [-]
I've not really watched the last few episodes, but from what I watched, it didn't really give me Avatar vibes. Now that you brought it up though, I do see where you're coming from.
User avatar #955724 to #955722 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
I think it's probably the brother, sister, naive main character+party member dynamic.
User avatar #955727 to #955724 - thatnigger (05/31/2014) [-]
Yea, I do see the connection.
Except Avatar didn't go, she's not actually my sister.
#955728 to #955727 - fargfive ONLINE (05/31/2014) [-]
And Aang wasn't as cute as Chaika.
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