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#710381 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Can someone give me a link to where it shows all this summers listings?
User avatar #710611 to #710381 - postie (07/23/2013) [-]
It has all the listings.
User avatar #710417 to #710381 - killerliquid ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Googling "anime chart" is sufficient
#710419 to #710417 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This image has expired
I......didn't think of that.
User avatar #710397 to #710394 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Thanks,accidentally deleted my old listings off of my favorites
User avatar #710398 to #710397 - miltorky ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Not a problem, it happens
User avatar #710380 - miltorky ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
So Evangelion, a series I kind of understand and want to watch yet keep putting off. Well I've decided, I have 3 days off from work and nothing to do so I may finally watch this series. From what I understand the TV series was dropped all of a sudden so they had to condense a shit ton of information into the last 4 episodes, and then a movie was released to address the prior issue. Is that the just of it or am I wrong?
User avatar #710400 to #710380 - hirollin (07/23/2013) [-]
You're gonna marathon the fuck out of that show. Best anime I have ever seen. Movies were great too. Also one of the only anime that I have ever seen that has a great dub. New movies changed the dub actors so I would watch the Rebuilds in the original dub with english sub.
User avatar #710407 to #710400 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
uhh,FMA had amazing dubs as well as soul eater.Just naming some others...
User avatar #710406 to #710400 - miltorky ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
If I end up watching it, I will definitely marathon that shit.
#710405 to #710400 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
The dub was...pretty garbage. I mean, I don't hate dubs, but...NGE was truly a pain to listen to.
User avatar #710443 to #710405 - lawuser (07/23/2013) [-]
I like and prefer dubs and I can vouch for this.
#710411 to #710405 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This image has expired
I enjoyed it....
#710418 to #710411 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This www.youtube.com/watch?v=wESFhlOKrxo
Was a lot better than this www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDajqW561KM

Not to mention this scene was pretty fucking good thanks to the seiyuu's acting.
#710421 to #710418 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Meh,maybe im just dub master race but I still prefer the dub.

Don't hate me...
User avatar #710408 to #710405 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
And don't overhype it. That's one of the main reasons people hate the show.
User avatar #710409 to #710408 - hirollin (07/23/2013) [-]
I went in objectively without ever hearing about it prior. It deserves the hype it gets.
#710412 to #710409 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
There are many people who would disagree with that. Don't overhype it.
#710414 to #710412 - hirollin (07/23/2013) [-]
I don't feel like I am overhyping it. So refer to the picture.
User avatar #710423 to #710414 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Im siding with yusay on this You need to login to view this link kinda is overhyped IMO.

User avatar #710420 to #710414 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
You really don't feel like you're overhyping it when there are tens of thousands of people who hate it and post threads every day calling it overhyped on various image boards and forums? It's probably one of, if not the most overhyped anime out there.
#710424 to #710420 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Dbz is the most overhyped,and this is coming from a dbz fan.
#710426 to #710424 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
You really can't believe that, can you? NGE is far more hyped than DragonBall.
User avatar #710430 to #710426 - thatnigger (07/23/2013) [-]
Depends where you go. On animemanga channel it's DBZ, On /a/ it would be NGE. Overhere it's probably FZ.
User avatar #710432 to #710430 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Animemanga is just three people posting a ton of DBZ content.
User avatar #710433 to #710432 - thatnigger (07/23/2013) [-]
Comments seem to be about how DBZ is their favourite though. If it's not DBZ, it's an ecchi that is overhyped.
#710428 to #710426 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Every person that I know that ever watched dbz,including people that I know that aren't even into anime,love it.I just think that looking at it from a distance,its pretty shitty and inconsistent.But I will agree with you and say that NGE is really overhyped,I just
think less so than most others.
#710422 to #710420 - hirollin (07/23/2013) [-]
So because some people don't like an anime I am obligated to not tell people about what I personally thought about the anime.
#710425 to #710422 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I'm telling you don't overhype it to people so they can go in unbiased. You know how most people start to hate NGE? It's because they hear all about how much of a masterpiece it is and they go in, don't like it, and rant about how much they don't like it.

I'm not telling you don't say your own opinion. I'm telling you that you should explicitly state that that it is only your opinion, because NGE has gotten too far out of hand at this point with being overhyped.
#710388 to #710380 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Not dropped. The budget dropped around episode 18 or so, eventually meaning they last two episodes had no action but just an event you had to guess had transpired and then what is happening inside Shinji's mind. What actually happens there isn't that difficult to understand, contrary to what many people say (I mean, for fucks sake they practically spoon feed what they're trying to get across to you). There were two movies. Death and Rebirth, which is a recap of the TV series with a few new clips of footage (This footage is included in the directors cut versions of episodes 21-24). The second is End of Evangelion, which is the last two episodes redone (much better).

Then there are the Rebuilds, which are a reimagining/sequel of the TV series. Rebuild 1.11 is mostly the first 6 episodes with episode 4 cut out, and a few minor changes that indicated that it's a sequel. 2.22 diverges even more with a completely different story that ends in a reimagining of a fight in the original series around episode 18. 3.33 continued with this, except there was not a single "reimagining" of an event from the TV series.

That should be enough information. I'm only typing this out because I'm bored.
#710402 to #710388 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
You're welcome, then.
User avatar #710427 to #710402 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Lawuser, they never, ever respond.
#710439 to #710427 - lawuser (07/23/2013) [-]
This is what we have to deal with every day.
User avatar #710382 to #710380 - checkemtrain ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Ill let Rei handle this.
#710367 - marriage (07/23/2013) [-]
I don't know where to ask, but who is this and where did she come from?
User avatar #710512 to #710367 - heartsickcrona (07/23/2013) [-]
I'll give you a hint
#710413 to #710367 - techniik (07/23/2013) [-]
It's not a dude
It's Urabe from Nazo No Kanojo
I would have let you figure it out, but I'm listening to an amazing song and I felt nice at the moment
#710385 to #710367 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
#710404 to #710385 - marriage (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710410 to #710404 - yeorgh ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Yes he is.
User avatar #710375 to #710367 - thekame (07/23/2013) [-]
It's shit.
#710340 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Do i have to watch the Ghost in the Shell movie to understand and enjoy the anime series? Is there anything else i should watch before starting the series?
User avatar #710444 to #710340 - lawuser (07/23/2013) [-]
No, but there are scenes in SAC and 2ng GIG where they rerefence scenes in the movie(s). I found that pretty neat.
User avatar #710461 to #710444 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
What scenes?
User avatar #710462 to #710461 - lawuser (07/23/2013) [-]
Um, shit, now I have to find them, give me a second
User avatar #710463 to #710462 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
The clock is ticking.
#710468 to #710463 - lawuser (07/23/2013) [-]
And if you want an even better example.
And if you want an even better example.
#710465 to #710463 - lawuser (07/23/2013) [-]
Here's one. My .gif making software is pretty slow it seems.
Here's one. My .gif making software is pretty slow it seems.
User avatar #710371 to #710340 - miltorky ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Great movie all around, the second movie was fairly good as well, nothing special but still worth a look.
User avatar #710344 to #710340 - thatnigger (07/23/2013) [-]
Watch the movie even if you don't need it for the anime, it's a really good movie.
User avatar #710342 to #710340 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Nope. And the second GITS movie isn't very good, so you shouldn't really bother with it.

You should watch the first though, because hey, it's only 80 minutes of your life and it's a pretty good movie.
#710305 - rghrbogbaroy ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Dose anyone know if there is an english dub for Attack on Titan yet?
#710311 to #710305 - lurkerlarry ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#710310 to #710305 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
You know it's still airing right? As in Japan haven't even finished dubbing it in their own language so how could America have dubbed it yet?
User avatar #710330 to #710310 - facetiousrunner (07/23/2013) [-]
one piece is airing
#710351 to #710330 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
One Piece has seasons though even if it's all still put under one name on MAL. One Piece won't finish anytime soon anyway.
User avatar #711344 to #710351 - facetiousrunner (07/23/2013) [-]
.......... sarcasm
#710312 to #710310 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
OP, I bet you've one of the people that gave it a 10 before it even finished airing.
#710315 to #710312 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
What, you think that's wrong or something? It's only the greatest, goriest, actioniest anime of this decade, nay, this CENTURY. Why shouldn't it deserve a 10/10 from every person watching it?

I bet Shakespeare is turning in his grave for not coming up with this anime in the first place.
#710320 to #710315 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Thank you for the enlightenment, I see the world in all so many different colours now.
#710309 to #710305 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I mean, hell, it's not even done airing. That sure is plenty of time for a dub to come out.

Came out two months ago.
User avatar #710308 to #710305 - facetiousrunner (07/23/2013) [-]
only if you wish for it.
User avatar #710284 - purmiis (07/23/2013) [-]
[FTW]WatashigaMotenainowaDouKangaetemoOmaeragaWarui-03_[720p][894F1C 96].mkv
You need to login to view this link

User avatar #710289 to #710284 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
they should just say wattometer
#710332 to #710289 - egotistical (07/23/2013) [-]
Hey man, it turns out torrenting is x250 better.
User avatar #710345 to #710332 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
No shit

the best tho is to download re encoded anime
those are teh files i used for Hentai ouji
You need to login to view this link
download one episode and check the quality
#710347 to #710345 - egotistical (07/23/2013) [-]
what's Re encoded all about?
User avatar #710348 to #710347 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
take the file
make it smaller with a minimal quality loss
enjoy your empty hdd
#710355 to #710348 - egotistical (07/23/2013) [-]
and faster torrenting
User avatar #710359 to #710355 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
though its not perfect. the download site are not always good and sometimes you get some faggotry with the subs but i prefer this method and they mostly have airing/new shows.

in case you like what you see.

You need to login to view this link
make an accoumnt its that simple.
#710363 to #710359 - egotistical (07/23/2013) [-]
whats an average episode size at its best quality for re encoded?
User avatar #710364 to #710363 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
between 90 and 115mb
ive seen some SAO episode be like 60mb tho
biggest ive seen is like 120mb

i have FMA;B re encoded, its 7 gig for all
#710365 to #710364 - egotistical (07/23/2013) [-]
Dayum, half the size if they're considered 720p
User avatar #710296 to #710289 - purmiis (07/23/2013) [-]
They should, because why would you name a anime/manga with such a ridiculously long name.
User avatar #710286 to #710284 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Jettom, Ninee, bonkii, lordketchup, ImmaAnteater, khaox, makotoitou, wertan, thekame, spojalec, hasai, thatguycrow, mystsnow, boxdweller, anonassassin, boyddamilkman, datspidey, killerliquid, maxmekker, mikli, nigeltheoutlaw, lurkerlarry, tokazakime, burnako, communistlover, holsety, kingsombra, bababadsheep, superpuma, sniffyy, desmondxburton, peremees, sargentcucumber, dlwnsgur, snowghost, ikingdabsy, phibrizzo, nightt, levidahastati, evilicious, geobeo, luxflamma, burndt, Rei, HelloPandy, dbdeano, hykk, cromillo, facetiousrunner, indigobob, juvia, prondy, lolwtfme, brettyht, Achmedisfunneh, purmiis, emukae, luppiski
User avatar #710998 to #710286 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Remove me.
User avatar #711044 to #710998 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710812 to #710286 - lolwtfme (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710623 to #710286 - indigobob (07/23/2013) [-]
thank you
User avatar #710599 to #710286 - juvia (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710500 to #710286 - prondy (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710335 to #710286 - thekame (07/23/2013) [-]
Take me of this list.
User avatar #710336 to #710335 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
#710298 to #710286 - egotistical (07/23/2013) [-]
Add me to this list please.. I gotta start torrenting instead of waiting for stupid ass streams.
User avatar #710376 to #710298 - killerliquid ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
There's always animeftw.
#710301 to #710298 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
That's the spirit.
User avatar #710290 to #710286 - facetiousrunner (07/23/2013) [-]
take me off this one please, never again.
User avatar #710293 to #710290 - killerliquid ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710295 to #710293 - facetiousrunner (07/23/2013) [-]
oh god so much. two was enough for me
User avatar #710297 to #710295 - killerliquid ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I know that feel, but it's not like an "I gonna stop watching this right now" cringe for me.
User avatar #710299 to #710297 - facetiousrunner (07/23/2013) [-]
It was for me. i had to pause so many times.
User avatar #710292 to #710290 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710287 to #710286 - emukae (07/23/2013) [-]
love you
User avatar #710281 - dlman (07/23/2013) [-]
>tfw no Kanon Nakagawa idol gf
User avatar #710191 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
ITT what you think is the most retarded anime ever

something somethign chocolate
#710546 to #710191 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
School Days
Sora no Woto
Inferno Cop
#710279 to #710191 - snowghost (07/23/2013) [-]
Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! this anime is a piece of shit
#710262 to #710191 - soranowoto (07/23/2013) [-]
look what i have
User avatar #710264 to #710262 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
I didnt want this account but i check the avaibality.

I need it before the shitposting gets out of hand :V
#710266 to #710264 - soranowoto (07/23/2013) [-]
you want it?
wat will u do for this account
User avatar #710267 to #710266 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
I think i earned it.
#710268 to #710267 - soranowoto (07/23/2013) [-]
you think i'm gonna gib it to you that easily?
User avatar #710274 to #710268 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
Yea i think i earned it.
#710276 to #710274 - soranowoto (07/23/2013) [-]
k u can hav it
User avatar #710277 to #710276 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
pm passwerd pls
User avatar #710285 to #710283 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
Thank you
#710260 to #710191 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Sora no Woto
#710259 to #710191 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Soro no Woto
#710256 to #710191 - evilicious (07/23/2013) [-]
Bobobo-Bo Bobobo takes the cake.
User avatar #710257 to #710256 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
I meant retarded pejoratively
User avatar #710258 to #710257 - evilicious (07/23/2013) [-]
Well, you should have specified.
User avatar #710263 to #710258 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
I thought it wouldve been clear enough. pretty much everyone understood it that way. youre the only one who didnt get it :V
User avatar #710244 to #710191 - makotoitou ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
League of Legends
#710247 to #710244 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
but like srs. i didnt know /vidya/ would be so bad

but like srs. i didnt know /vidya/ would be so bad
User avatar #710252 to #710247 - makotoitou ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
You've been rambungled.
User avatar #710231 to #710191 - neglectedobento (07/23/2013) [-]
sora no woto maybe baby
User avatar #710233 to #710231 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
are you all them new accounts that said snw?
User avatar #710239 to #710238 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
plot twist
User avatar #710242 to #710239 - neglectedobento (07/23/2013) [-]
i lied, they are me i am them
User avatar #710249 to #710245 - weebfag (07/23/2013) [-]
no hes lying, i don't even know that obento guy
User avatar #710250 to #710249 - weeabooo (07/23/2013) [-]
yea i dont know him either
#710253 to #710250 - omgiluvjapan (07/23/2013) [-]
wat is obento
User avatar #710225 to #710191 - thatnigger (07/23/2013) [-]
Something: something meets something.
User avatar #710229 to #710225 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
i dont remember the full name but its the only anime ive seen with chocolate in the name.
User avatar #710234 to #710229 - thatnigger (07/23/2013) [-]
Was joking, joking.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl is the name. It's a guy that turns into a girl and than confesses again to the girl he likes and they have lesbian fun time but I don't count it as lesbians and all the characters were bad.
#710220 to #710191 - tokazakime (07/23/2013) [-]
Dragon Ball GT
#710513 to #710220 - heartsickcrona (07/23/2013) [-]
This is one of those things you shouldn't bring back up.
User avatar #710215 to #710191 - afriendlyanon (07/23/2013) [-]
Kokoro Connect.
#710212 to #710191 - taisukesawanga (07/23/2013) [-]
Mars of Destruction...

I swear I actually got a brain aneurysm after watching it...
User avatar #710226 to #710212 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
its so funny tho
User avatar #710235 to #710226 - taisukesawanga (07/23/2013) [-]
...One needs a functioning brain to find something funny.

It killed my brain, ergo it was not funny...
User avatar #710237 to #710235 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
I see. I still think its one of the funniest anime ive seen so far.
User avatar #710210 to #710191 - redclover (07/23/2013) [-]
High School of the Dead

way to waste perfectly good visuals on tits instead of zombies
User avatar #710209 to #710191 - weeabooo (07/23/2013) [-]
its hard to decide, but if i had to choose one right now
i'd say sora no woto
User avatar #710207 to #710191 - weebfag (07/23/2013) [-]
SnW for sure
#710201 to #710191 - xaerooo (07/23/2013) [-]
infinite stratos
#710203 to #710201 - rabidlaz (07/23/2013) [-]
I kinda liked it
I kinda liked it
#710246 to #710203 - xaerooo (07/23/2013) [-]
dont worry, there are much stupider anime out there
like high school of the dead for example
and if you like that too then im sorry
#710199 to #710191 - omgiluvjapan (07/23/2013) [-]
sora no woto
User avatar #710223 to #710199 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
So apparently thats a thing now.

I think ill stop acting like im offended each time. this is getting out of hand.
User avatar #710195 to #710194 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
I heard it wasnt that bad. just dumb because of hamsters and shit.
have you seen it?
#710169 - thatonekneegrow (07/23/2013) [-]
is this gif from one anime or is it a bunch of dif ones?   
and if it is from just one mind telling me which one?
is this gif from one anime or is it a bunch of dif ones?

and if it is from just one mind telling me which one?
User avatar #710322 to #710169 - iHAXnoobs (07/23/2013) [-]
darker than black
great anime
User avatar #710179 to #710169 - redclover (07/23/2013) [-]
it's from Chinese Electric Batman
User avatar #710178 to #710169 - wildikdog (07/23/2013) [-]
Says it's from "Darker than Black"
#710174 to #710169 - monsieurfagit (07/23/2013) [-]
looks like milk pot to me
User avatar #710193 to #710174 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
lol obento
#710213 to #710193 - monsieurfagit (07/23/2013) [-]
what is obento?
User avatar #710172 to #710169 - wildikdog (07/23/2013) [-]
They look like the same person. Though I have no idea for the show.
#710146 - nukeoffriendship (07/23/2013) [-]
Thy need not feel anymore

Thy shalt no longer be lost in the dark

God has returned
User avatar #710159 to #710146 - redclover (07/23/2013) [-]
The manga is better.
Pandora Hearts anime adaptation was horrible.
#710166 to #710159 - nukeoffriendship (07/23/2013) [-]

The only reason I am watching the anime is to get reaction pics
#710154 to #710146 - taisukesawanga (07/23/2013) [-]
You aren't Haruhi... I call bullshit.
#710163 to #710156 - derein (07/23/2013) [-]
You're a god?

That's cute.
#710168 to #710163 - nukeoffriendship (07/23/2013) [-]
please, I was god of this board before you even joined brony
User avatar #710148 to #710146 - makotoitou ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
ITT: Dark and edgy shit?
User avatar #710149 to #710148 - nukeoffriendship (07/23/2013) [-]
no, can't you read? I'm taking you out of the dark
#710151 to #710149 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Piss off

I'm always watching.
User avatar #710153 to #710151 - nukeoffriendship (07/23/2013) [-]
oh please anon, jet doesnt need to go anon, also considering he hasnt been on for an hour
#710158 to #710153 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
I am jettom; typing from movile so I can't log in. Now sod off. Go bother friendly or ponyville
User avatar #710164 to #710158 - nukeoffriendship (07/23/2013) [-]
I promise three I shant make another thread
User avatar #710150 to #710149 - makotoitou ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
No I actually can't read.
#710152 to #710150 - nukeoffriendship (07/23/2013) [-]
Bless you poor soul
#710127 - xinzley (07/23/2013) [-]
I feel bad for the parents of you disgusting weeaboos. It must hurt them to know what their children have become. I can't imagine the grief they go through, blaming themselves for they way their kids turned out. Not only will they never bring a girl home, or give them grand children, they don't even fap to real girls. You know there's something majorly wrong psychologically with you when you aren't even attracted to people of your own race. You sit at home, being a mega fat ass with no job, friends, girl, or life, and watch anime all day. How the fuck do you assholes live with yourselves knowing what you put your parents through? Also, I'd just like to remind you, if I can make it through the intense delusion field your mind has set up, your "waifus" are NOT real. They do NOT exist and they NEVER will. It truly saddens me to know you all exist.
User avatar #710167 to #710127 - weeabooo (07/23/2013) [-]
fuk off cunt
#710157 to #710127 - neglectedobento (07/23/2013) [-]
itz ok my parents masturbate to little girls as well
User avatar #710147 to #710127 - killerliquid ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
>implying everything you said is true
#710144 to #710127 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
I wonder what your parents say about you going on a site collecting worthless items all day.
User avatar #710141 to #710127 - makotoitou ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
If waifus existed then they wouldn't be waifus. You silly.
#710140 to #710127 - redclover (07/23/2013) [-]
I don't even fit a single one of the stereotypes you listed
I feel like I'm not a true anime fan anymore
User avatar #710134 to #710132 - xinzley (07/23/2013) [-]
Shut up you disgusting parasite. You filth among filth. You are the eternal ever-growing shit stain of the universe. Every choice you have made in life has created entire nebular systems composed solely of shit. You have created new elements by combining a variety of shit particles. With these elements you have spawned massive cataclysms upon thousand of solar systems. You are both the creator and destroyer of galaxies of shit and deserve nothing less to be cast to Oblivion, you almighty scum.
User avatar #710137 to #710135 - luxflamma (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710139 to #710137 - xinzley (07/23/2013) [-]
I can't argue with ignorance, you win. Best of luck to you and your life. You win. Consider it a withdrawal. I, unlike you, have meaningful things to spend my life on. If you kill yourself you are only doing humanity a justice. Fuck you and your worthless life. I could fucking buy you and you don't realize it you poor piece of garbage. May god bless you, because humanity won't give 2 fucks about your worthless life and existence. Fuck you, you garbage piece of charity shit. You'll be a piece of trash til' the day you cease to exist. Go fuck yourself, and keep remembering I could buy you and your families life. You are a worthless piece of life-- stop kidding yourself, you are nothing.
#710145 to #710139 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
>Meaning things to spend my life on
>Collects items

#710131 to #710127 - andyyy (07/23/2013) [-]
This is the funniest one so far
This is the funniest one so far
#710130 to #710127 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
You do a little, yes.
You do a little, yes.
#710124 - ryomanagare (07/23/2013) [-]
So how may of you guys have read the Glorius Black Jack manga, if you haven't it's one of the most funnest things i've read, I haven't even finished reading all of it and i can easily give it a 9/10, and i would highly recommend reading it
User avatar #710136 to #710124 - thekame (07/23/2013) [-]
I have, it's good.
#710099 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
whats an anime?
User avatar #710100 to #710099 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Cute moeshit designed to brainwash the west into worshipping Japan.
User avatar #710079 - roliga ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
So I have a dilemma here.
I fucking hate anime. I've hated it for a while until a few weeks ago my roommate got to watch Toradora! and I stayed up the entire night watching the entire thing. She then suggested to me Clannad. Watched all of that in three days. Then she got me to watch Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, didn't like that one as much but it was still pretty great. So I guess anime is okay now. So suggest me some more animes like those if you guys know of any. Thanks.
#710446 to #710079 - lawuser (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710125 to #710079 - communistlover (07/23/2013) [-]
Yuru Yuri, Anohana, K-On!, GJ-Bu for thatnigger, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, and Acchi Kocchi.
User avatar #710128 to #710125 - thatnigger (07/23/2013) [-]
I think he wants romance. If he didn't like Chuu more than the others than GJ-bu might not be for him but who knows, he might enjoy it.
#710122 to #710079 - luxflamma (07/23/2013) [-]
My shitty tastes are kinda similar to that. Use google or myanimelist next time though.
User avatar #710113 to #710079 - lolwtfme (07/23/2013) [-]
sakurasou no pet na kanojo
and personal recommendation: madoka magica (it will blow you brain)
#710105 to #710079 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Please use google or myanimelist. Don't ask us.
User avatar #710110 to #710105 - roliga ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I'm sure you'll live
#710112 to #710110 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I'm sure you'll live too if you actually looked on your own. This board isn't for recommendations or suggestions.
User avatar #710104 to #710079 - redclover (07/23/2013) [-]
Toradora is pretty much everyone's introduction to romance anime, and it's not half-bad
Clannad a shit
Chuunibyou is good if you enjoy cute girls with autism

You'd probably like Working!! and anything that has Rie Kugimiya in the voice cast (she voices Taiga from Toradora and pretty much every character she voices is just like Taiga, e.g. small, bitchy, tsundere)
User avatar #710119 to #710104 - hatsune (07/23/2013) [-]
Toradora also sets a very high standard that is only met by a few other romance anime.
User avatar #710103 to #710079 - PedoNazi ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Fullmetal Alchemist
Death Note
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
Soul Eater
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

some of my favorites, inb4 wtf soul eater fag
User avatar #710204 to #710103 - youngneil ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I don't know why Soul Eater gets so much hate. It's pretty good up until the last few episodes. Ending blew weenie though.
Seriously, why didn't they continue with the anime after Maka turns into a weapon? Just because it was too far off of the manga?
User avatar #710208 to #710204 - PedoNazi ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
agreed, I liked the art style and concept a lot, but like a lot of anime, most people hate it because they, for some reason, think it's over rated
User avatar #710224 to #710208 - youngneil ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Yeah, I never understood anime boards and the such. They can like some anime about some girls making a band in high school or whatever but if it has action it's shit. Or if it's really popular it gets hated on. I have had someone literally tell me on /a/ that Naruto is shit-tier simply because it is popular. I dislike Naruto for my own reasons, but that reason is a stupid one. And I know that's not typical behavior, but it's the behavior that stands out.
User avatar #710101 to #710079 - bamesjond (07/23/2013) [-]
For a good Slice-of-Life-type show, try Anohana. I hear that's good.
If you just want a good show in general, watch Baccano.
And don't worry. I've watched anime half my life and I still hate it.
User avatar #710118 to #710101 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
anohana isnt slice of life in the slighest its a romance/drama
User avatar #710121 to #710118 - bamesjond (07/23/2013) [-]
I don't know categories
User avatar #710097 to #710079 - thekame (07/23/2013) [-]
You can just stop watching after having seen those three, they are the pinnacle of anime.
User avatar #710094 to #710079 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Sorry don't know of any good anime, I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist.
User avatar #710096 to #710094 - roliga ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
so fahnny
User avatar #710098 to #710096 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I know right, I'm pretty much a fleshy ball of pure wit.
User avatar #710090 to #710079 - hatsune (07/23/2013) [-]
I started out in a very similar way, with Toradora for my first as well.
#710083 to #710079 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
nah, we don't know any.
User avatar #710084 to #710083 - roliga ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710080 to #710079 - MillionsKnives ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
So you're saying you hated what you never really tried? That's bad, man.
User avatar #710082 to #710080 - roliga ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
No, I'm saying I tried watching anime in middle school and hated it.
User avatar #710085 to #710082 - MillionsKnives ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
So you're dilemma is you want recommendations?
User avatar #710087 to #710085 - MillionsKnives ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
User avatar #710086 to #710085 - roliga ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
#710092 to #710086 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
NO! You were baited into asking for recs!
User avatar #710091 to #710089 - roliga ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I already said I watched Clannad
#710093 to #710091 - MillionsKnives ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Try clicking the link.
#710102 to #710093 - MillionsKnives ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I swear, the reason you aren't thanking me better be because you're busy looking through that site.
User avatar #710106 to #710102 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
It's not.
User avatar #710107 to #710106 - MillionsKnives ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
This is the reason I don't help random people here. It's all I ask for, and I never get it.
User avatar #710117 to #710107 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I bet he didn't even click on the link either.
#710114 to #710107 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
That's all these people come here for. Get some shows to watch, then they come back for more. Nothing else. And people will keep spoonfeeding them so they do come back. I swear, some of the people posting in every rec thread I never see post in any others.
User avatar #710138 to #710114 - MillionsKnives ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I know, and I really shouldn't have helped him, apparently, as he doesn't give a fuck about anyone actually giving him recommendations.
User avatar #710060 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
Did anyone watched yahari? It aired last season and i dont remember anyone saying anything about it?
Was it good?
User avatar #710109 to #710060 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Not really.
#710088 to #710060 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Starts strong then falters a bit, my opinion of it will significantly improve if it gets a second season. Until then, 6/10
User avatar #710076 to #710060 - communistlover (07/23/2013) [-]

I liked it.
User avatar #710077 to #710076 - communistlover (07/23/2013) [-]
Mainly liked the main character not because he was a loner but because he didn't care about what people thought of him and he wasn't afraid to be a blunt asshole.

Which I like.
User avatar #710072 to #710060 - bamesjond (07/23/2013) [-]
I didn't like it at all, but I'm not exactly versed enough in this kind of show to make an educated judgement. It had the usual problems of its kind. The jokes were bad, the romance was dumb, etc. The art direction was surprisingly nice, though. I guess that's Ai's doing.
User avatar #710069 to #710060 - herecomesjohnny (07/23/2013) [-]
i liked it, looking towards a maybe s2 once the ln's are done
User avatar #710073 to #710069 - yeorgh ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
>Brain's Base
>S2 of anything but Natsume

Pick one.
User avatar #710075 to #710073 - bamesjond (07/23/2013) [-]
At least I can count on them to leave Baccano! alone.
User avatar #710108 to #710075 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
What part in the LNs does it peter off? Around the 70s or the 2000s?
User avatar #710115 to #710108 - bamesjond (07/23/2013) [-]
2000s. The 70s were okay, but they weren't nearly as interesting as the earlier LNs
#710116 to #710115 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I was thinking about reading em, but I just can't put myself through it petering out. How much good content is there after the OVAs?
User avatar #710120 to #710116 - bamesjond (07/23/2013) [-]
Well, the LNs are in a slightly different order than the anime, but I'd say there's maybe three or four good volumes of new content.
#710123 to #710120 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Well that just might be worth it.
User avatar #710126 to #710123 - bamesjond (07/23/2013) [-]
Keep in mind that I read these in like 2010, so not only may I be misremembering order of events, but they might even turn out to be good, and I just had shit taste.

You know what, I think I'm gonna give 'em another read myself.
User avatar #710129 to #710126 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Well I actually have heard from a lot of people that they petered off later on, but I dunno. Only just started getting into LNs.
User avatar #710062 to #710060 - yeorgh ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
I thought it was quite bad, especially the mc.
User avatar #710064 to #710062 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
So a subpar school life romance?
User avatar #710065 to #710064 - yeorgh ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Well, apparently it's a anti harem cus the MC is a loner that doesn't like to get close to people, or some shit, so i'd say it's different from the usual school romance.
User avatar #710071 to #710065 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
hmmmm i think ill check it out anyways.
User avatar #710057 - falconxmard (07/23/2013) [-]
Lately can't find anything that matches what I'm looking for, watched like 4 or 5 first episodes of different series and didn't get into any of them. The last things I've finished have been exaggerated action and thriller drama, so I'm looking for something like this:
+Slow to medium pace
+Slice of Life
+Little to medium drama
-Heavily based on romance
-Over two seasons long
Right now I've watched the first two episodes of kokoro connect and it's a bit meh, I can't really get into it so far. If I don't find anything else I might just stick with it.
#710111 to #710057 - yusay ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Please use google or myanimelist. Don't ask us.
User avatar #710063 to #710057 - hatsune (07/23/2013) [-]
>no drama
>romance heavy
I don't think such a thing exists.
User avatar #710067 to #710063 - falconxmard (07/23/2013) [-]
I guess something I can think of that fits those criteria that I've already watched is Daily Lives of HS
User avatar #710066 to #710063 - falconxmard (07/23/2013) [-]
I put minuses because I prefer those not to be included (so exclude romance)
and drama is fine, I guess it kind of overlaps with the pacing (I just don't feel like something intense right now)
User avatar #710068 to #710066 - hatsune (07/23/2013) [-]
I just thought you screwed up with it at the end.
User avatar #710056 - evilicious (07/23/2013) [-]
Attack on Hundred-Acre Wood 【Shingeki no Kyojin × Home Run Derby Winnie the Pooh!】

I lost it.

ITT: funny Attack on Titan OP parodies
Since we have a new OP, let's wave the old one off right for the shits and giggles.
User avatar #710061 to #710056 - Riukanojutsu (07/23/2013) [-]
I thought we were through with this.
its getting real old.

but the best one is by far alleski's one
#710046 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Just wandering what peoples thoughts are on the Akame ga Kill manga and the news it's getting a prequel.
User avatar #710050 to #710046 - yeorgh ONLINE (07/23/2013) [-]
Everyone's gon die.
#710054 to #710050 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
It's a prequel so at least he has to go create a few new characters to go pull a George R.R. Martin and kill off all of them.
#710048 to #710046 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
shit, I'm not happy
#710049 to #710048 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
Why not?
#710036 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
I used to come here, now I don't, I remember why.
#710040 to #710036 - kingsombra (07/23/2013) [-]
Although I agree this place is a shithole, we prefer it if you don't point it out
#710043 to #710040 - anonymous (07/23/2013) [-]
I'm gonna point it out a lot
and hard
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