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User avatar #70646 - mexicandudeinsd (02/28/2013) [-]
what happened to politics board? also, do you guys watch these kinda vids, i watch it to see the stuff the goes in mex.... http://www.mundonarco.info/2012/04/decapitan-halcon-del-cartel-del-golfo.html (nsfw, not sexual but blood)
User avatar #70658 to #70646 - smashingprodigy (02/28/2013) [-]
Politics, fitness, reaction images, and animated gifs can all be accessed by the top of the page. Why they were removed from the image boards section? I have no idea.
User avatar #70648 to #70646 - hashketchum **User deleted account** (02/28/2013) [-]
I don't necessarily watch them because I enjoy them, but yeah I've seen a few of those type of vids. Blog del narco has quite a few
User avatar #70636 - withlove (02/28/2013) [-]
Do any of you guys live in tampa fl? :3
User avatar #70649 to #70636 - anonmos (02/28/2013) [-]
I totally do.
User avatar #70652 to #70649 - withlove (02/28/2013) [-]
anywhere near usf ? :3
User avatar #70653 to #70652 - anonmos (02/28/2013) [-]
yeah like 2miles away
User avatar #70655 to #70654 - anonmos (02/28/2013) [-]
What? You didn't know?
#70634 - flingwing (02/28/2013) [-]
**flingwing rolled user coldbolt **
**flingwing rolled user coldbolt **
#70611 - dingdongsingsong has deleted their comment [-]
#70602 - logickid (02/27/2013) [-]
I really FUCKING love Cumberland Farms

Picture somehow semi-related.
User avatar #70679 to #70602 - epicextreme (02/28/2013) [-]
#70591 - muslimxxtaco (02/27/2013) [-]
What are some good blogs to follow on Tumblr? Im into indie music, edm, art, and like cool stuff. idk, does anybody know?
User avatar #70610 to #70591 - wildthornberries (02/27/2013) [-]
She has really cool stuff. Malformalady
#70588 - nigalthornberry has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70643 to #70588 - DasSpiel (02/28/2013) [-]
You got my hopes up, I thought that was real steel and we would have a guns thread.
#70664 to #70643 - nigalthornberry has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70710 to #70664 - gmarrox (03/01/2013) [-]
It also happens to fire pellets that can at best maybe kill a squirrel or small bird.
#70805 to #70710 - nigalthornberry has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70583 - tehnukecomes (02/27/2013) [-]
i think i might need some psychological help.
i've been suffering from depressions,even today,
when a friend of mine told me she apparently was knocked up by her boyfriend,even though i know it's something i should'nt worry about,i still think it's pretty sad.

and also,i sometimes feel pretty worthless,and i get into crap by helping everyone and everything.
i haven't even looked at myself and said: "i should help myself"
it's like i only care about everyone around me,that i really forget myself.

sorry for the long shit,but i really needed this of my chest.
User avatar #70630 to #70583 - hashketchum **User deleted account** (02/28/2013) [-]
You don't need as much psychological help as the guy below me.
Going anon is fucking retarded and so are people who find the need to log out of their accounts to talk shit on a website. They're fucking pussies
#70592 to #70583 - Womens Study Major (02/27/2013) [-]
You don't need as much psychological help as the guy above you. Airsoft guns are fucking retarded and so are people who spend over $20 on them. They're toy guns.
User avatar #70552 - xodia (02/27/2013) [-]
Today, my girlfriend (who I'd been going out with for about 4 months) dumped me, worst of all she did it while I was at college, and did it by text. Feelsbitems.
#70626 to #70552 - smashingprodigy has deleted their comment [-]
#70589 to #70552 - nigalthornberry has deleted their comment [-]
#70576 to #70552 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (02/27/2013) [-]
WHILE you were at college AND by text?

So not only can she not do it in person, but she did it when you most needed to concentrate?
User avatar #70590 to #70576 - xodia (02/27/2013) [-]
Yup, just came out right and said I don't have feelings for you anymore :/
#70553 to #70552 - friedpotato (02/27/2013) [-]
I wish I could comfort you.
I wish I could comfort you.
#70539 - ariscorp (02/27/2013) [-]
**ariscorp rolled a random image posted in comment #2910649 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE ** roll a picture and draw it in paint, why? because bored.
#70717 to #70539 - thisisspartah (03/01/2013) [-]
**thisisspartah rolled a random image posted in comment #2940953 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE **
#70718 to #70717 - thisisspartah (03/01/2013) [-]
**thisisspartah rolled a random image posted in comment #56 at Good old days **
rules say no items
#70681 to #70539 - epicextreme (02/28/2013) [-]
**epicextreme rolled a random image posted in comment #84 at Crocs **
User avatar #70682 to #70681 - epicextreme (02/28/2013) [-]
what the fuck give me a sec
#70662 to #70539 - anonmos (02/28/2013) [-]
**anonmos rolled a random image posted in comment #44 at Well fuck.... **
User avatar #70663 to #70662 - anonmos (02/28/2013) [-]
#70651 to #70539 - kaarvaag has deleted their comment [-]
#70633 to #70631 - mykoira (02/28/2013) [-]
this is Great success!
#70606 to #70539 - logickid (02/27/2013) [-]
**logickid rolled a random image posted in comment #2976592 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE **
Again :3
#70607 to #70606 - logickid (02/27/2013) [-]
**logickid rolled a random image posted in comment #534419 at Anime & Manga - anime shows, anime games, anime art, manga **
#70603 to #70539 - logickid (02/27/2013) [-]
**logickid rolled a random image posted in comment #2966758 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE **
#70604 to #70603 - logickid (02/27/2013) [-]
**logickid rolled a random image posted in comment #802857 at Friendly **
Ugh, not the items board

#70578 to #70539 - birdss (02/27/2013) [-]
**birdss rolled a random image posted in comment #863149 at Friendly **
#70571 to #70539 - smorguynator **User deleted account** (02/27/2013) [-]
**smorguynator rolled a random image posted in comment #2912696 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE **
#70570 to #70539 - bomonsterzz (02/27/2013) [-]
**bomonsterzz rolled a random image posted in comment #121 at OP's Toothbrush **
#70566 to #70539 - smashingprodigy has deleted their comment [-]
#70554 to #70539 - loveyameanish (02/27/2013) [-]
**loveyameanish rolled a random image posted in comment #2421 at Childhood Nostalgia Forum **
#70612 to #70609 - loveyameanish (02/28/2013) [-]
Bitches don' know about mah mad drawin' skillz.
Bitches don' know about mah mad drawin' skillz.
#70614 to #70612 - gmarrox (02/28/2013) [-]
tfw you still need to draw us in Hawaii with soda and no pants
#70597 to #70554 - nyanpoptart (02/27/2013) [-]
Thank you. This is now my background <3
Thank you. This is now my background <3
User avatar #70555 to #70554 - loveyameanish (02/27/2013) [-]
Just leaving, will draw as soon as I'm back. Also FUCK YES.
User avatar #70598 to #70555 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]
You're back. Now draw, FOR MY AMUSEMENT!
#70549 to #70539 - SunshineCabbage (02/27/2013) [-]
**SunshineCabbage rolled a random image posted in comment #75 at Harlem Shake: Best Reaction Ever **
**SunshineCabbage rolled a random image posted in comment #75 at Harlem Shake: Best Reaction Ever **
User avatar #70531 - zzonked (02/27/2013) [-]
I think it's weird how people are terrified of eye contact. Like, I'd understand if it was a busy train or bus, you don't want to start making eye contact with someone in an enclosed space you're going to be in for a long time or it could get weird. But on the street, I usually try and make eye contact with people walking past and give them a small smile, but people look away like they're dodging a cumshot to eye eyes. It's not like I want anything, just trying to say something like 'hey we're all little insignificant ants in this machine, lets have a little moment of human warmth' but nope.

I blame Obama.
User avatar #70600 to #70531 - gmarrox (02/27/2013) [-]
I had this thing in highschool where I was just 2edgy and would make eye contact with people while peeing in the urinal and would give peppermints to anyone who held the contact until I finished. I became known as the candy man.
#70624 to #70600 - loveyameanish (02/28/2013) [-]
The fuck did I just read?
#70625 to #70624 - gmarrox (02/28/2013) [-]
I guess you could say i was WILLY Wonka
I guess you could say i was WILLY Wonka
User avatar #70560 to #70531 - medewu (02/27/2013) [-]
I always make eye contact when I am talking with someone or anything like that. My Grandpa always told me to never break eye contact make them break it first the get along with it. and so I've always done it.
User avatar #70556 to #70531 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (02/27/2013) [-]
It's a subconscious fear of instigating anything. Our brians and attitudes might be evolved but we still do animalistic shit. The eye contact thing refers to a dominance/submissive attitude prevelant in every social clique in the wild. Some people smile or aknowledge you, some will look away and continue on their path in fear of being approached or causing trouble.

Don't believe me? Do you have a dog or a cat? Look them in the eyes without blinking and they will soon look down or away, keepign you in their field of vision, but not looking you in the eye.

User avatar #70573 to #70556 - zzonked (02/27/2013) [-]
Interesting stuff. I don't mind doing the occasional animalistic thing, but I feel some thing we need to move on from.

Yeah, I used to stare my dog down sometimes, I've noticed that haha.
User avatar #70557 to #70556 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]
If you look a dog in the eyes without blinking for too long it might just try to attack you.
User avatar #70561 to #70557 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (02/27/2013) [-]
Not always. If you are seen to be the dominant male/female in that environment then they will submit. If it's a stray dog or it doesn't know you, then it will attack to fight for dominance. Locking eyes in the animal world for long periods is a test of dominance.
User avatar #70562 to #70561 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]
Well the next time we meet on the chat ima lock eye contact to prove my dominance.
#70563 to #70562 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (02/27/2013) [-]
Bring it, nigger.
User avatar #70564 to #70563 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]
Get online then.
User avatar #70565 to #70564 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (02/27/2013) [-]
I gotta go to gamestop then subway. We shall do battle, but not today young squire.
User avatar #70567 to #70565 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]
User avatar #70537 to #70531 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]
I don't know why but I hate making eye contact. I hate talking to people or even people being arround me in general. I enjoy being a little insignificant ant on my own and don't feel the need for human warmth.
User avatar #70530 - Aethlius (02/27/2013) [-]
some weird shit happened while i was working yesterday. i work at a theatre and we have lots of tourists because our theatre is located where all the hotels are. so, what happened was, this random asian girl comes up to me and says "excuse me, what're your prices." this is one question we get daily so i was preparing myself to start giving the long speech. i say "in dollars? or-" she cuts me off and says "okay" and walks away.. and i just sat there.. took me like 10 seconds to realize what just happened. and then i started laughing like crazy. i love working at the movies, so much weird shit happens.
User avatar #70533 to #70530 - zzonked (02/27/2013) [-]
Legit cool story bro.

Got any more?
User avatar #70543 to #70533 - Aethlius (02/27/2013) [-]
A lot of hilarious things happen when you work at the movies. But this one was just one I had to share.
User avatar #70569 to #70543 - Timmietim ONLINE (02/27/2013) [-]
User avatar #70584 to #70569 - Aethlius (02/27/2013) [-]
well, whenever something funny happens again i will post it on social i guess :P
#70515 - stizz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70650 to #70515 - reretzu (02/28/2013) [-]
-Gaming, writing (fiction), reading (fiction and astronomy)
-Linkin Park, Owl City, Fall Out Boy
-I rarely watch movies anymore, mostly TV-series, though Inception, The Avengers and The Expendables 2 come to mind.
-My creativity and the things it has created.
-My social skills, or lack thereof.
-I am very perceptive and quick at understanding things, which makes me come of as intelligent, which I might be too.
-I would say my social skills again, they are really my biggest problem for the moment by far, and basically everyone hates me right now, I'm unsure of exactly why.
-Tokyo, Japan, though the states are my favorite place for vacations, one day is too little visiting them.
-Bill Gates, I'd start donating money to NASA mainly.
User avatar #70645 to #70515 - skullmastersakai (02/28/2013) [-]
-Gaming, art, music, fitness
-2 dogs
-Daft Punk, Justice, Deadmau5, Glitch Mob, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, SOAD, FFDP
-The Hobbit and anything having to do with Lord of the Rings
-Don't play sports, if biking doesn't count
-My "amazing" inherited endurance and writing ability
-My social skills
-I'm semi-quiet, nice, and knowledgeable according to other people
-I am the creator of many awkward moments, and most of the time I don't know what is and isn't socially acceptable to other people
-Kyoto Japan
-Bill Gates
#70644 to #70515 - coolfool has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70642 to #70515 - kobegriffeysanders (02/28/2013) [-]
-jazz choir, regular choir, theater (acting, etc.), trapshooting, being a sports fan
-Avenged Sevenfold, New York Voices, The Eagles
-Bruce Almighty, Hancock, Dodgeball
-baseball, football, basketball, trapshooting (if that even counts as a sport)
-my musical talent (vocally; I suck at playing instruments)
-the fact that I haven't been able to keep a stable relationship in over two years
-I try really hard to be as realistic about everything as possible. I understand my limitations, yet I know what I'm capable of.
-I have no idea what I'm gonna do with my life beyond high school.
-go see a Cincinnati Reds baseball game
-Joey Votto maybe
User avatar #70641 to #70515 - lindiihop (02/28/2013) [-]
-USA (Michigan, to be specific)
-Browsing the web, video games, animals, and random crafty activities
-A Boston Terrier named Zigzag, a Greyhound named Ruby, and 2 cats named Hobo and Baby. Had a Border Collie mix name Bella, but we unfortunately had to put her sleep last year. Although she's gone, she's still my pride and joy, just like the rest of my pets.
-Pretty much anything.
-Any of the Jackass movies, I guess. Not much of a movie person in general, though.
-I'm not much of a sports person, but I do enjoy hockey and pretty much anything you would see on the X-Games.
-I used to weigh around 230 pounds, but have managed to make down to 150-160.
-I'm very easy to get along with. I haven't really formed any negative relationships with those I see on a regular basis.
-One good thing about yourself
-I'm a homebody; I don't go out & about and hang out with people, though I would like to.
-An African safari.
-That's a tough one. There's many celebrities I look up to, but none that I'd really switch lives with.
User avatar #70637 to #70515 - ferrettamer (02/28/2013) [-]
Reading, music, gaming
Yeah, a lot, live in the country, so yeah...
Eyedea, Atmosphere, Immortal Technique
To play? American Football
I don't know, getting good grades in school despite my lack of effort and caring I guess
Not caring about school
No idea
Awkward, shy, ugs, no self confidence or social skills
If I could teleport and not wait on the plane, France
I don't know any celebrities I would like to switch places with
User avatar #70627 to #70515 - misticalz ONLINE (02/28/2013) [-]
LIGHTS, Deadmau5, Cherokee, Skrillex
I don't watch movies
My Music
My Metis culture
I do not give a shit about other peoples problems unless they're really close to me. I am not sympathetic at all.
I dunno
I would switch lives with Thomas Bangalter
User avatar #70595 to #70515 - Schwarzenegger (02/27/2013) [-]
-United States of America
-Fishing, drums, knife collecting
-AC/DC, Judas Priest, Dropkick Murphys, Motorhead, Airbourne, etc.
-Jackass, Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Jarhead, Jurassic Park
-Fishing, football, basketball
-I'm Cajun (you know, like the boys on Swamp People, but not that Cajun)
-This country's work ethic
-I'm respectful to those who deserve it
-I tend to be a arrogant
-I kinda like the life I have now
User avatar #70585 to #70515 - gmarrox (02/27/2013) [-]
-Krizpy Bizkit, but my friends call me Kyle
-I can legally commit long term suicide via toxic gas inhalation.
-Sometimes I do things
-Why yes
-Green Day, Cake, Blink-182, Vampire Weekend (Dammit Ashley), Reel Big Fish
-Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange
-Boxing, martial arts, basketball
-I'm not a proud man
-In the event of a crash, I may be used as a floatation device
-Kidnap Loveyameanish from the shire
-Christian Bale (Huehuehuehuehue)
User avatar #70586 to #70585 - loveyameanish (02/27/2013) [-]
This is my favorite comment ever.
#70580 to #70515 - praytothegodofswag **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70577 to #70515 - samxdaxman (02/27/2013) [-]
-Ultimate frisbee
-One dog, 2 cats
-¡MAYDAY!, Aesop Rock and Hopsin
-Donnie Darko
-Ultimate frisbee
-How I can take almost any joke and still can stand up for myself and others. It has really improved my social life.
-I'm slightly paranoid and it pisses me off
-I'm great at making friends
-I'm only good at 1 sport that 90% of people don't know about
-Great Barrier Reef or some other underwater place like that.
-I'm pretty content with my own life, thank you very much.
User avatar #70572 to #70515 - smorguynator **User deleted account** (02/27/2013) [-]
Ali G in da house
A* Geography student
not proud of how boring I am
Get lots of lols from friends
not too sociable

I'm so boring
User avatar #70568 to #70515 - iwanttousenumbers (02/27/2013) [-]
I play hockey and like reading
A rock
A lot
Not sure
That I'm in university and that I tried snowboarding for the first time the other day and didn't die
Pretty much anything I do while drunk, like smoking
I'm just average and I like that
I'm not very good and talking
Probably go to see the Leafs game
I like my life
User avatar #70559 to #70515 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (02/27/2013) [-]
-United States of America
-training, music writing, video games, talking to women
-I like all music if it is written well
-I like a wide variety of films
-Im proud of my determination and ability to be way too adult/providing for my age
-I scrutinize everyhting I do and, to me, nothing I do is ever good enough for my own approval.
-I have been told to be kind, caring, mature, I have the ability to lighten the moods of rooms.
-I think alot, always thinking about tons of outcomes and where places/people are going based off of events. It causes me to be cynical at times.
-I would go to Ireland, old enough to drink and ill get to explore some part of my heritage.
-I wouldnt trade my life for anyone's. My life and it's struggles are what make me who I am and im proud of the man ive become in spite of everythign that has happened. Celebrities are often too pampered or never had enough hardship to be anything other than rich and famous. At least I have stuff to fall back on.
User avatar #70548 to #70515 - SunshineCabbage (02/27/2013) [-]
- Gemma
- England
- 19
- Music and walking
- Not anymore :(
- Metal, Rock
- Death Sentence, Gran Torino, Transformers, LOTR
- Nothing really
- Getting good grades in my first year at college
- The amount I used to drink
- I'm loyal
- I get paranoid
- Iceland
- None
User avatar #70545 to #70515 - kelseymiss (02/27/2013) [-]
-anime, violin, geography
-a cat
-rock, metal
-fight club
-my 2 year old son xx
-cheated on my boyfriend :/
-training to become a geography teacher in a college
-i have aspergers syndrome :(
-dunno lol
User avatar #70544 to #70515 - mykoira (02/27/2013) [-]
The Who
good in many great in nothing
social life
User avatar #70538 to #70515 - loveyameanish (02/27/2013) [-]
-Drawing, sleeping, eating, cooking, shopping, more eating.
-Foster the People.
-Anything with superheroes.
-I used to run and play volleyball if that counts? I'm a chunky lazy shit now.
-Saving two lives? I'unno.
-The way I treat certain people.
-I'm trustworthy or easy to talk to I guess? People tend to talk to me about their problems a lot.
-I don't think before I speak.
-Go see gmarrox.
-Whoever is bangin' Christian Bale.
User avatar #70536 to #70515 - ariscorp (02/27/2013) [-]
- Video games
- Nope
- Tupac / eazy-e
- Fight club / Forrest Gump / Django unchained / Pulp fiction
- boxing / E-sports / football
- My grades i got last year
- Not being able to help one of my best friends when he got jumped and got his ribs broken
- I make people laugh.. i think
- I do a lot of speaking without thinking first
- Cyprus
- Jake Gyllenhaal
User avatar #70534 to #70515 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]

- Clemens
- Germany
- 16
- Nope
- A Day To Remember, Blink182
- Super: Shut up crime
- None really
- My general knowledge
- My lack of social skill
- I'm pretty creative
- I have conduct disorder
- Nowhere ( You can't do anything in one day )
- None

User avatar #70532 to #70515 - wox (02/27/2013) [-]
- many
- 18
- Sitting
- Five big dogs
- Septic Flesh maybe?
- Let's go to prison
- Bad-m-inton
- My dog
- Stuff
- I am good at cuddling, I have heard.
- Psychotic depression
- Tanzania
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
User avatar #70647 to #70596 - wox (02/28/2013) [-]
I will
User avatar #70528 to #70515 - anonmos (02/27/2013) [-]
- Gizu
- Finland
- 16
- games
- a doggie
- Nirvana, RHCP, Frank Ocean, Adventure club, Green day
- lotr, pulp fiction, all disney movies, star wars and so many more...
- basketball, volleyball
- my awesomeness
- sometimes I forget to turn my swag off and it's prettty embarrasing to wake up covered in bitches...
- I can be a good person if I want to.
- I never want to be a good person. I'm a cunt.
- Madagascar
- Emilia Clarke 'cause she has a pretty face.
User avatar #70526 to #70515 - amissingmouse (02/27/2013) [-]
- Kathleen
-Video games, drawing, horse riding.
- Horse called Sparky.
-Swedish house mafia, Red jumpsuit apparatus.
- One missed call, Wrong Turn (all of them..I love the idea)
- Horse riding, bitemston. :)
- Some of my past sketches.
- My self harming/depression/bipolar disorder
- Nothing.
- I never accept compliments
- Germany, or another European country in which I can see their culture/history.
-...None of them really appeal. Always having to be on my best behavior and what not.
User avatar #70541 to #70526 - anonmos (02/27/2013) [-]
This is the most shameless attention-whoring I've seen happen with clothes on.
#70587 to #70541 - loveyameanish (02/27/2013) [-]
My gurl.
My gurl.
#70540 to #70526 - ariscorp (02/27/2013) [-]
Not bi-polar
User avatar #70527 to #70526 - amissingmouse (02/27/2013) [-]
B a d m i n ton.* :)
User avatar #70524 to #70515 - psychonixx (02/27/2013) [-]
- Connor
- Australia
- 16
- Vidyagaems
- A Cat
- Daft Punk, Anamanguchi
- Tron: Legacy, Chronicle, Kung Pow
- Golf (playing not watching)
- I get through school doing almost nothing
- I get through school doing almost nothing...
- I am good at gaems
- I'm a dick
- Japan, China, somewhere in Asia (Really like the old culture)
- Thomas Bangalter or Guy-manuel de Homem-Christo (lol French people)
#70575 to #70524 - stizz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#70574 to #70524 - stizz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70523 to #70515 - jari (02/27/2013) [-]
-First Name: Jari
-Country: Belgium
-Age: 17
-Hobbies: Bass guitar, Guitar, Drums
-Have any pets?: nope
-Favorite Music Artist(s): Wintersun, Amorphis, insomnium, ...
-Favorite Movie(s): Shawshank Redemption, Lotr trilogy, Looper, ...
-Favorite Sport(s): Sleeping
-Something you're proud of: mi sexiness
-Something you're not proud of: school carreer
-One good thing about yourself: I can do stuff
-One bad thing about yourself: I really don't care about your problems
-Fully paid vacation tomorrow for 1 day only, where would you go?: Space
-One celebrity you would trade lives with, if any: Jason Momoa
User avatar #70522 to #70515 - smashingprodigy (02/27/2013) [-]
-First Name - Michael
-Country - United States
-Age - 21 in 2 months
-Hobbies - Listening to music, PS3 gaming, Learning Guitar, Reading, Surfing the net
-Have any pets? 1 dog, a beagle-something else mix
-Favorite Music Artist(s) - AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, Megadeth, Slayer, Bad Religion, Rise Against, Streetlight Manifesto
-Favorite Movie(s) - Toy Story 3, Jurassic Park, 007 series, Cast Away
-Favorite Sport(s) - Don't play sports a lot, but I played a lot of tennis when I was younger. Don't do much of that now.
-Something you're proud of - Being the person most people go to for help.
-Something you're not proud of - Not knowing how to explain simple steps all that well.
-One good thing about yourself - The ability to entertain myself with my thoughts.
-One bad thing about yourself - Getting too distracted by those thoughts and giving myself false hope on certain things.
-Fully paid vacation tomorrow for 1 day only, where would you go? France most likely.
-One celebrity you would trade lives with, if any? Brian Johnson from AC/DC, so I can yell "THUNDERSTRUCK" whenever I felt like it and sound awesome.
#70613 to #70522 - alexanderburns ONLINE (02/28/2013) [-]
You can't say that your age is 21 in two months. I don't say that I'm 19 in five months. No one says what age they will be in months.   
Age? I'm 30 in 12 years.   
No. Stop it.   
You're 20.   
Accept it.
You can't say that your age is 21 in two months. I don't say that I'm 19 in five months. No one says what age they will be in months.

Age? I'm 30 in 12 years.
No. Stop it.
You're 20.
Accept it.
User avatar #70617 to #70613 - smashingprodigy (02/28/2013) [-]
Does it really bother you that much?
User avatar #70618 to #70617 - alexanderburns ONLINE (02/28/2013) [-]
Not that much.
User avatar #70619 to #70618 - smashingprodigy (02/28/2013) [-]
How about this much?
User avatar #70620 to #70619 - alexanderburns ONLINE (02/28/2013) [-]
I guess.
#70622 to #70620 - smashingprodigy (02/28/2013) [-]
I don't want to do anything that bothers you. Come here!
I don't want to do anything that bothers you. Come here!
#70628 to #70622 - alexanderburns ONLINE (02/28/2013) [-]
mfw this thread
mfw this thread
User avatar #70629 to #70628 - smashingprodigy (02/28/2013) [-]
What is this from?
User avatar #70632 to #70629 - alexanderburns ONLINE (02/28/2013) [-]
The Walking Dead (TV series).
User avatar #70519 to #70515 - popperz (02/27/2013) [-]
Homework break

-Theatre, choir, and film making.
-2Dogs, 1cat and a Bonsai Tree
-We Are The Ocean
-Too many. At the moment I think TiMers
-Getting a lead in every play I've auditioned for the last three years.
-My psychological reasoning in situations.
-I volunteer at elementary schools and help the kids there get into acting.
-My laugh is demonic.
-The East Coast
-Emma Roberts
#70521 to #70519 - stizz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70639 to #70521 - popperz (02/28/2013) [-]
I really want to pursue it but being a female director is rare.
What do you do in film?
#71020 to #70639 - stizz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70640 to #70639 - ferrettamer (02/28/2013) [-]
He's into adult film making
Trust me, I would know
User avatar #70516 to #70515 - medewu (02/27/2013) [-]
-First Name Hezakiah
-Country USA
-Age 20
-Hobbies Games, working out, music
-Have any pets? Yes
-Favorite Music Artist(s) A7X, Megadeath, ADTR, Queen, FFDP
-Favorite Movie(s) Taken, we were soldiers, enemy at the gate
-Favorite Sport(s) Baseball, Golf,
-Something you're proud of Enlisting into the military
-Something you're not proud of not going after the girl I love.
-One good thing about yourself I give good advice.
-One bad thing about yourself I'm stubborn as a rock taking advice
-Fully paid vacation tomorrow for 1 day only, where would you go? Italy
-One celebrity you would trade lives with, if any None.
User avatar #70507 - reddeadtroll (02/27/2013) [-]
So how does social handle a jealous girlfriend? I have a lot of friends that are girls (seriously, just friends.) and she gets hella jealous whenever I hang out with them. We haven't had problems with cheating in the past and I just don't really know what to do. I don't want to tell her to get over it because that's just shitty to do. How do I make her feel better about this? (and yes, I realize this is probably better suited for Advice board.)
#70514 to #70507 - Womens Study Major (02/27/2013) [-]
If my girlfriend was hanging out with other guys without me I'd be upset too.
Wanna know why?
Because I don't trust guys, if they had the chance to fuck her without no consequences they would do it. You would probably too, and your girlfriend knows that. Hang out with her instead before you get yourself in trouble.
User avatar #70512 to #70507 - haydn (02/27/2013) [-]
Give her the D
User avatar #70513 to #70512 - reddeadtroll (02/27/2013) [-]
Easy enough. Thanks again funnyjunk.
#70475 - davvi (02/26/2013) [-]
#70483 to #70475 - hashketchum **User deleted account** (02/26/2013) [-]
User avatar #70464 - ariscorp (02/26/2013) [-]
CTRL+V right now, what are copying social??

jungle jungle jungle << mine
User avatar #70518 to #70464 - pyrothermal (02/27/2013) [-]

Far Cry 3 Deluxe access code, already in use.
User avatar #70517 to #70464 - dkbarrett (02/27/2013) [-]
User avatar #70510 to #70464 - medewu (02/27/2013) [-]
You need to login to view this link

O_O I Forgot what the fuck I was doing before work...
User avatar #70502 to #70464 - allion (02/27/2013) [-]
apparently I haven't copied anything :/
User avatar #70501 to #70464 - iwanttousenumbers (02/27/2013) [-]

It was a passcode for something
User avatar #70500 to #70464 - bakeeater (02/27/2013) [-]
User avatar #70488 to #70464 - misticalz ONLINE (02/27/2013) [-]

I pressed CTRL+V.

Nothing. :(
User avatar #70482 to #70464 - jari (02/26/2013) [-]
( ͡° ʖ ͡°)
User avatar #70484 to #70482 - loveyameanish (02/26/2013) [-]
Should have known.
User avatar #70476 to #70464 - samxdaxman (02/26/2013) [-]
was showing my friend one of my favorite bands.
User avatar #70511 to #70476 - revorce (02/27/2013) [-]
Thanks, that music is decent.
User avatar #70474 to #70464 - emojumper (02/26/2013) [-]
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I was showing a friend some cool brush packs.
#70472 to #70464 - loveyameanish (02/26/2013) [-]
I haven't copied anything today.
User avatar #70470 to #70464 - popperz (02/26/2013) [-]

User avatar #70480 to #70467 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (02/26/2013) [-]
11/10 take my thumbs.
User avatar #70465 to #70464 - dusters (02/26/2013) [-]
bird being ran over .gif

Don't ask.
User avatar #70418 - cantfindausername ONLINE (02/26/2013) [-]
I feel like bitching. May I? Like... Am I able to do that here?
#70486 to #70418 - feelythefeel (02/27/2013) [-]
You should probably go to hating board for that.
You should probably go to hating board for that.
User avatar #70468 to #70421 - smashingprodigy (02/26/2013) [-]
I can't tell if the way you're using it serves as a command or an insult.
#70417 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (02/26/2013) [-]
Cant sleep. What's up?
#70414 - myfunnyfile (02/26/2013) [-]
>be in 6th Grade
>Having a shitty time in outdoor lab
>go "planet Hunting" (where we find and learn about planets)
>cold as fuck
>I realize i really have to piss right after we leave
>looking for the outdoor planets on sticks randomly place around the forest
>Hot chick i have a crush on is talking with me the whole time 8/10
>Have to hold the raging volcano in my pants another hour
>Get back to camp
>Some ass nugget locked doors to the cabin dorm.
>Leader tells us we will have to wait another two hours.
>meanwhile im nearly pissing myself
>She sits next to me
>starts flirting
>sits on my lap
>It all comes out
>gets on her too
>She stands up and starts crying
>Everyone (even camp leader) tells me to go away for ruining this girls life
>That night FML
>fall asleep
>5 kids piss on me in my sleep
>MFW i had to go home for having bladder problems.
User avatar #70489 to #70414 - misticalz ONLINE (02/27/2013) [-]
>Not excusing yourself to take a piss in the woods.
User avatar #70415 to #70414 - myfunnyfile (02/26/2013) [-]
Tell your own stories maybe?
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