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this happens to me all the time. after awhile i tell them to just 			****		 off and don't help them till they beg for my help.
this happens to me all the time. after awhile i tell them to just **** off and don't help them till they beg for my help.
#155 - liberator (05/04/2012) [-]
My grandfather is 89 years old and is actually pretty good with computers, kinda funny because it's people like him that you expect not to know how to work a computer. This post reminded me of that.
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My dad actually builds and sells desktop super computers. I love that I don't have to deal with this kind of thing with my parents.
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**xgeneration rolled a random image posted in comment #271 at The Like Button **
Mfw it probably relates to most of us.
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thankfully my mom is pretty good with the computer except when i spent 3 hours teaching her how to torrent
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Today, someone in physics class turned off the computers monitor, so the teacher didn't know what's going on with the computer, and started hitting the power button repedetly turning it on and off again. She then called one of the students to have a look.
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The comments in this thread are as golden as this content.
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too true. i have to tell, then show my mom the same things every damn time. uploading pics from memory cards, burning cds etc Old people should be required to have microchips in their heads so we dont have to tell them things a thousand times
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**ffforeveralone rolled a random image posted in comment #27 at Remember them? ** Mfw this has never happened to me.
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The description is crescent fresh!
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Mfw my dad is IT so I only have to deal with my mom
Mfw my dad is IT so I only have to deal with my mom
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Hahahaha reminds me of my two most annoying cousins in the world, on last xmas they thought they were the first in the world to discover Google Earth. They were telling me how great it was and I could explore earth and **** x)
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I'm not very good with computers and i know there could be many problems but.....
i'm trying to download an online rpg game but it comes as a zipped file, and whenever i try to open it, it says it's corrupted.....could anyone tell me what possible problems could be.
#23 to #15 - anon (05/03/2012) [-]
The problem with windows is it easily corrupts zip files. Basically, you could just google "windows corrupted zip file" if you don't want to trust random anon here.
Some solutions:
A) Reinstall it, and see if that fixes it.

B) Windows tech support suggested option:
1. Find a zip file.
2. Right click the file and choose "Open With". If a sub-menu appears, please click "Choose Default Program…"
3. Click "Browse…" button. Browse to "C:\Windows" folder.
4. Find the file "explorer.exe" (it sometimes will show as "explorer") and click "Open".
5. Make "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" selected and click "OK".

C) One of the many tools online that cure a corrupted zip file. (Zip repair, etc)
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New meme? or just really old meme? Either way I don't see it getting famous.
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it's had it's hay-day. Mostly, this meme is retired.
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Grandparents ask me to fix there computer

They change there mind at the last minute cause they think ill burn the house down or make it explode and they would rather pay a 200 dollar bill instead of me doing it for free...

and that is WHY its there own damn problem when they **** it up. true story
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is THAT so? Seems LIKE a bad place to use CAPS
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eh. idc. be a grammar nazi all you want
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