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Open and shut case, counselor.
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YOU are a pterodactyl... But a gay one, so it doesn't sound like I'm soiling the name
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**strychnine rolls 076**
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Dogs Problems
Dogs Problems
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**anonymous rolls 573,364,841**
Yeah, that just happened
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**madkip rolled a random image posted in comment #14 at That Moment **
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**anonymous rolls 568,593,592**
Shows up in random thread, rolls IQ
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**bobbybeats rolls 916** Shows up in random thread, rolls sat score.
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It was god.
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Is my client guilty of fraud? Perhaps, but remember that plaintiff had just torn the defendant's couch and by doing so he broke the contract between the plaintiff and defendant thus making any suits null and void. I rest my case.
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twas not a couch that my client destroyed. It was a leather imbound stool. Thus the contract between the defendent and my client still stands, only weakend. Further more the contract had only ended if the defended had handed over my client to either a new "owner" or an animal shelter.
#427 to #219 - LocoJoe (04/17/2012) [-]
Under Penal code 22.98 couches and any other sitting apparatuses are under the same definition. "In the use of tenant or lease contracts couches, love seats, sofas, rocking chairs, stools, etc. are interchangeable." This means the contract was broken and your client has no case for fraud.
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I beg it differ. The 11 of September was a date not only changed our country, But changed us all. If we were truly to convict a man who once stood amongst ourselfs, proud and hounorfull, are we not to recognise the consequenses of such actions? I would like to point out, to our hornered judge and jury.. And ofcurse the beloved audience, that the definition of so called "Sitting apparatus" is stolen directly from the 1876's oxford english dictonary an obsolete work of degenerate men. It is said that great things spawn from great men, and are we truly great, in the true meaning of the word if we allow us selves to fail alike the english? I ask you, Judge and jury to be just, not only to my defendant and the people of the united states of Amarica. God bless America.
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Oh you want to sue my for fraud?
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fuk your 			****		. u thumbed thread starter down and added this bs? i laughed at TS. not u son
fuk your **** . u thumbed thread starter down and added this bs? i laughed at TS. not u son
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I am a disturbing and I find this dog
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Could you wrap that call up? We have to start the show in 3 minutes.
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