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#1151795 - xxmalachaixx (01/15/2015) [-]
So I have an Xbox 360... and.. I'm looking for new friends. I recently lost my best friend that I used to game with everyday. He didn't die or anything...
But yea, I mostly have family on my list, and the other half, people I don't play with who play other games.
I usually play Gears of War - I have all the Borderlands games, some CoD games (I don't play those much) and.. what else.. Well. I have a lot of games.
Oh yea, I'm 22, I'm from Canada - I like to record and stream my gaming on Twitch, if you would like to add me, or have me add you, send me message of your gamertag or something.
I also do PC gaming every now and then.

...Yes I'm looking for friends on FJ (loserly?) - I've been using this site for a few years and I've probably made 2 friends on here, one died of cancer and the other I barely talk to anymore. He's a bit of a jerk : P
User avatar #1151803 to #1151795 - godshandshake (01/15/2015) [-]
"He didn't die or anything...."
what the fuck happened to them then
User avatar #1152309 to #1151803 - xxmalachaixx (01/16/2015) [-]
Personal arguments.
We both tired of each other after 3 years, that's all.
User avatar #1151794 - pokemonstheshiz (01/15/2015) [-]
Just started playing Call of Cthulhu
that chase scene is difficult as hell.
User avatar #1151790 - swagloon (01/15/2015) [-]
Hey guys can you give me your opinions?
Is The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks worth getting? Just about every review says they're good games but who cares what they think, what do you guys think?
User avatar #1151989 to #1151790 - ferrettamer ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Phantom Hourglass is good ))))
idk about spirit tracks tho
User avatar #1151935 to #1151790 - BmanX (01/15/2015) [-]
I think Spirit Tracks is the worst in the series, but since it's Zelda, it's still a decent game.
User avatar #1151796 to #1151790 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
Spirit Tracks has nice music :3 Full Steam Ahead (Spirit Tracks) - Super Smash Bros. 3DS
#1151793 to #1151790 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
Well, I mean they're Zelda games, you can't go wrong with any but the CDI ones

They aren't spectacularly amazing like the rest, but solid is solid
User avatar #1151797 to #1151793 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
i dunno man
2 is pretty bad
User avatar #1152014 to #1151797 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
I thought Zelda 2 was great, the music is great, it's hard, and really that's its only flaw, it's still a great game with exploration and shit. Hell even AVGN thinks it's good
User avatar #1151801 to #1151797 - desacabose (01/15/2015) [-]
I like Zelda II
#1151798 to #1151797 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
we don't mention 2.
#1151800 to #1151798 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
mention cdi but can't mention 2
#1151779 - Nazistick ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I want to share a story from Shadow of Mordor.

My main reason for getting the game was the Nemesis system, and I could not wait to find an enemy worthy of me. A foe that truly deserved to be my nemesis. I had watched videos online, and have seen many great orc captains. Such as Gundza the Tracker. Prak Jaws, and more. I desired my enemy. However, It was harder than I thought.

I dont mean to toot my own horn, But I quickly became a God of Death, Slaughtering captains left and right. Leaving NO mercy for the weak, I cut down everyone I met. Some came close to killing me, But I always ended them. Until One day, I finally found a Worthy enemy. Rug the Ripper.

I had first defeated Rug and thought nothing of it. However he returned with scars on his face, looking as if he had been carved up by a Slasher Killer. In his High pitched annoying voice, He kept saying that I was "Bother." and vowed to kill me. It being a Rare chance that someone actually survived an encounter with me, I got excited. Where All other Uruks failed, Rug actually killed me, and then survived my Revenge attempt.

Once more I he killed me and Despite my attempts to Kill him, He stabbed me with his pointy spear. All was going well, Until he made the fatal error of calling my mom a Whore. So Then I raged and continued to attack him. I could not jump over him, I could not shoot him, He was a combat master, He was just a monster. But Finally, I managed to Slay him...OR DID I?! At the end of the game, he reappeared, This time with a bag over his head. He came to me and in true Rug Style, said "Lot. Of. Bother!" Another Epic battle, And it looked like I was going to lose. I was on my Knees, Ready to die by the hand of an Uruk Peon. Until while that Peon was ready to cave my head in, One of my Warchiefs killed Rug, And sent his minions Fleeing. I am shamed, Knowing that I was not the one to kill my greatest nemesis...That Honor belongs to be Head Warchief, Borgu the Destroyer...
#1151780 to #1151779 - Nazistick ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
All Hail Borgu the Destroyer. First of his name, Warchief of Warchiefs. Slayer of Beasts, Fucker of Mothers.
User avatar #1151766 - xedeid (01/15/2015) [-]
Whats a game very similar to destiny but with swords and bows and shit instead of guns
User avatar #1151812 to #1151766 - guardianatreyu (01/15/2015) [-]
Every fantasy MMO ever made.
#1151789 to #1151766 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
im gonna go out on a limb here and say battletoads
User avatar #1151783 to #1151766 - EdwardNigma (01/15/2015) [-]
Can I say Dragons Dogma just because I want to, despite not knowing any similarity between the two?
#1151774 to #1151766 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151772 to #1151766 - desacabose (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151771 to #1151769 - xedeid (01/15/2015) [-]
See reply below
User avatar #1151770 to #1151767 - xedeid (01/15/2015) [-]
wow, both are rpg, must be so similar!
User avatar #1151775 to #1151770 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
It's literally Destiny with bows and swords
But that obvious 10/10 fact aside, how the fuck is any game without guns going to have more similarities than "rpg with some magic"? Don't be a twat
#1151737 - avatarsarefornoobs ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
sitting here playing Spacebase DF9
someone had gifted it to me, and i figured i should try it

and my immediate reaction was that this game was awesome. a really great space sim, with lots of building and random events and shit. but after a few hours, i noticed that its missing a lot of stuff. then i look on steam, and realize its a totally unfinished game that was entirely abandoned by the devs. how depressing. still, i had a good couple of hours out of it atleast.
#1151759 to #1151737 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
tim schafer le best god dev
User avatar #1151731 - studbeefpile (01/15/2015) [-]
Gears of War series
Borderlands 1&2
CoD of Duty: Black Cops

My favorite games (in that order) for the tree sixtee.

What about you guys? Doesn't have to be 360, I just did that because I don't know.
User avatar #1151875 to #1151731 - ajrin (01/15/2015) [-]
Fable TLC
Fable 2
Fable 3
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Bravely Default
Pokemon Crystal
Dante's Inferno
Dragon Age Origins
Time Splitter: Future Perfect
User avatar #1151835 to #1151731 - fizzor ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Not in order:

Crash Team Racing
Ninja Gaiden (2004)
Fallout New Vegas
Dead Space 2
Mass Effect 2
Halo Combat Evolved and Reach
Doom and Doom II
SW Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2
SW Battlefront 2
Dragon Age Origins
Resident Evil 4
User avatar #1151836 to #1151835 - fizzor ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Oh and the first two Bioshocks
#1151781 to #1151731 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
Shovel Knight
Metroid Fusion
Dark Souls
Metal Gear Rising
Risk of Rain
Final Fantasy 6
Fire Emblem(all GBA)
Team Fortress 2

What, you thought I would leave some out?
User avatar #1151782 to #1151781 - desacabose (01/15/2015) [-]
Seems like you let out Majora's Mask

#1151787 to #1151782 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
it was never in there to begin with
#1151791 to #1151788 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
who the hell is majora anyway sounds like an old black lady
User avatar #1151784 to #1151782 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
why would he let it out
User avatar #1151785 to #1151784 - desacabose (01/15/2015) [-]
Because he was swinging so hard he forgot to lock the door
User avatar #1151778 to #1151731 - DeathclawRulez (01/15/2015) [-]
A link to the Past
Pokemon Gold
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Banjo Kazooie
Smackdown 2 know your role
User avatar #1151905 to #1151778 - studbeefpile (01/15/2015) [-]
Errybody thought it was Diddy Kong's Quest, but they put that apostrophe in some weird place.
User avatar #1151776 to #1151731 - BmanX (01/15/2015) [-]
Wind Waker
Twilight Princess
Smash Bros. Brawl

I know up to about my top 15 favourite.
User avatar #1151904 to #1151776 - studbeefpile (01/15/2015) [-]
Dat stronk Nin10dough list.

Wind Wanker is a quality game.

My favorite Nintendo games are:

Ocarina of Time
Super Mario Sunshine
Majora's Mask
Wind Waker
Super Mario 64
User avatar #1151768 to #1151731 - desacabose (01/15/2015) [-]
Majora's Mask
Silent Hill 2
Killer 7
#1151752 to #1151731 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
here's 1 3x3, I have another
User avatar #1151746 to #1151731 - godshandshake (01/15/2015) [-]
Judgement sucks tho

Probably Pokemon (idk which one)
maybe MW2 idk
User avatar #1151747 to #1151746 - studbeefpile (01/15/2015) [-]
Judgement? I don't know what you're talking about. There are only 3 Gears of War games.
User avatar #1151745 to #1151731 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Majora's Mask
User avatar #1151741 to #1151731 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
Final fantasy 8
Kingdom hearts 1
it's hard to pick a 3rd because there are so many games i would consider a third favorite
User avatar #1151764 to #1151741 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
kh2 > kh1
User avatar #1151765 to #1151764 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
yeah i agree
User avatar #1151742 to #1151741 - studbeefpile (01/15/2015) [-]
Like most people and their children!
User avatar #1151734 to #1151731 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151680 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
What's the biggest game you've got in terms of file size?

I thought WoW was the biggest but Titanfall is 62.8 gb for fucks sake
User avatar #1151813 to #1151680 - reaperoxide ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Probably Dragon Age: Inquisition.
User avatar #1151805 to #1151680 - awesomedewd (01/15/2015) [-]
probably Titanfall
User avatar #1151786 to #1151680 - derpyhoovesretard (01/15/2015) [-]
BF4, which is around fiddy GiBs. Dunno if that includes DLc I downloaded.
#1151757 to #1151680 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
Probably MGR, that shit's like 25 GB, mostly cutscenes.
User avatar #1151708 to #1151680 - EdwardNigma (01/15/2015) [-]
I think Rome Total War 2.
That shit is 25 god damn gigabytes.
User avatar #1151709 to #1151702 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
The only thing big in that game is your ego.
User avatar #1151704 to #1151702 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
You're not fooling anyone
User avatar #1151692 to #1151680 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151696 to #1151692 - cycloneclone (01/15/2015) [-]
that's not a game, faggot
User avatar #1151699 to #1151696 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Planetside 2, dumb ass.
User avatar #1151711 to #1151699 - cycloneclone (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151714 to #1151711 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151719 to #1151714 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151694 to #1151692 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
How big is that?
User avatar #1151697 to #1151694 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
17 gig. Although I remember the update for it being about 7 gigs.
User avatar #1151703 to #1151697 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Ah yeah I recall now
Musta downloaded that shit at least four times, fuck
User avatar #1151671 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
is League any good?
#1151758 to #1151671 - leadstriker (01/15/2015) [-]
only if you win.
that's my ranked score I went from complete shit into pretty decent in like 2 or 3 weeks of playing.
48% win rate to 59% winrate
User avatar #1151760 to #1151758 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
Sounds neet
I was doing god in DOTA but i didn't like ranked
#1151750 to #1151671 - epicscorpion (01/15/2015) [-]
It's pretty much just opinion, play the one that feels the best for you, or has the characters you want. I'd recommend trying them all at least once before you make a decision.
#1151716 to #1151671 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
the community isn't that bad, imo it's actually funny,      
idiocy aside, it can be fun if you know what you're doing.  Imo current moba's are all similar in style with a few tweeks here and there so it doesn't matter if you go with LoL, Smite, or Dota 2.   
Imo, it gets VERY satisfying if you get a good game though, the kills are very very very satisfying...
the community isn't that bad, imo it's actually funny, FUNNY TRIBUNAL CASES 5

idiocy aside, it can be fun if you know what you're doing. Imo current moba's are all similar in style with a few tweeks here and there so it doesn't matter if you go with LoL, Smite, or Dota 2.

Imo, it gets VERY satisfying if you get a good game though, the kills are very very very satisfying...
User avatar #1151723 to #1151716 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
From what i read LOL has the best ranked system with it's Bronze silver and gold etc matchmaking
Where Smite resets every 2 months and DOTAs ranked has no value to it seance you could start between 1000mmr to 4500 mmr witch makes that large gap valueless and handicaps the people starting at 1000 mmr
Smite seems like it has the best combat for twitchy players
While DOTA wins by it's looks and Strategic requirements
So neither is the best but they all have huge flaws
User avatar #1151721 to #1151716 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
It does matter if you go with LoL, smite or dota 2
They are each completely different from each other
#1151724 to #1151721 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
the concept is the same though, kill minions to get stronger, kill enemy players to get even stronger, destroy base, win. The difference is strategy, in Dota 2 it's literally based off of the map mod from Warcraft 3, so Str, Agi, and Int are all factors in building, especially when one of them is your main ability. In LoL you don't really worry about that, you boost whatever is your strong point and build up your weakpoints like armor, magic resistance, or even movement speed or attack speed. In this case I like LoL better because it's easier to build your characters and gives them more options for different builds. Like Teemo here, from what I've heard, he can literally do any role if one is talented enough.
User avatar #1151728 to #1151724 - youngneil ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I can confirm, I have played Teemo in every role and did pretty good with each role.
User avatar #1151744 to #1151728 - hirollin (01/15/2015) [-]
i would love to see a teemo support that does well.
User avatar #1151738 to #1151728 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Doing well in a role that the champion isn't built for doesn't mean anything
Building a tanky teemo works to an extent but will never work half a well as a champion that is actually a tank
User avatar #1151743 to #1151738 - youngneil ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Yeah, but Teemo doesn't do nearly as bad as an ADC as most other mid laners would. And he did a decent job in the jungle last season. I know that he would be better off doing other things, but he's still pretty diverse.
User avatar #1151749 to #1151743 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
"this champion doesn't do as bad as an AC as champions that aren't designed to be ADCs"

User avatar #1151754 to #1151749 - youngneil ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
He does a lot better in roles he shouldn't be in than other champs that try to be in roles they shouldn't be in.
It's not hard to understand, m8.
User avatar #1151755 to #1151754 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
He's an all-rounder that excels at nothing
#1151730 to #1151728 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
well this is a surprise, a fellow teemo player!
User avatar #1151733 to #1151730 - youngneil ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
He definitely ranks as one of my favorites. He's one of the few I purchased a skin for.
But I'm not really a Teemo player. I'm a support main and have been since Season 2. I'm a Sona player this season.
User avatar #1151735 to #1151733 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
I main Teemo, I love this little bastard. haven't played in a while due to my PC being utter shit now. This was my best game in matchmaker with him as of last month, I normally play Howling Abyss, and vs AI cuz I'm a filthy casual. We only lost cuz 2 guys left :/
User avatar #1151726 to #1151724 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
The concept is the same
The difference is strategy, items, composition, pacing, even controls
They sound the same when you just list the aspects but they play completely differently
User avatar #1151729 to #1151726 - saltyfries (01/15/2015) [-]
that much is true, if you're good enough in Dota 2, you can get the Divine Rapier and just rek shit. There is nothing more satisfying than killing dudes with the Drow with the Divine Rapier...
User avatar #1151739 to #1151729 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
I just play Lich
No skill required
User avatar #1151681 to #1151671 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
literally like 99% opinion
play it and find out
User avatar #1151691 to #1151681 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
id wait till i got a better internet service
User avatar #1151695 to #1151691 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Probably a good idea
tbh tho it's a free game so really all you lose by trying it is time
User avatar #1151701 to #1151695 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
But from what i hear smite looks more fun
User avatar #1151706 to #1151701 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
smite is more fun if you like that kind of game
league is more fun if you like that kind of game
User avatar #1151713 to #1151710 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Play Smite too, might as well
User avatar #1151675 to #1151671 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Smite and Dota 2 are better
User avatar #1151689 to #1151675 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
I have not played Smite but i have played dota
Im my Opinion it is good if you don't play ranked
User avatar #1151727 to #1151689 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
pretty much
League is just not that good to be honest. Better to not even start so that you can't convince yourself that its good
User avatar #1151761 to #1151727 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
I see
I miss dota but i don;t wanna go back
i have a life now
User avatar #1151762 to #1151761 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Well don't go to League then. If you don't want to go back to Dota, then it will be even worse with League.
Smite might be a nice little casual MOBA for ya, since the rounds aren't 500000 minutes like the other games
User avatar #1151773 to #1151762 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
I like more competitive games
but DOTA's ranked feels casual seance between 1000-4500 mmr means nothing on your skill level
User avatar #1151777 to #1151773 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Eh whatever you say then
The system for ranked in League is pretty good, but I mean, you don't start eating shit because you found a piece of corn in it, ya know what I mean?
User avatar #1152009 to #1151777 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
yeah that makes seance
what do you recommend for competitiveness?
User avatar #1152044 to #1152009 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Smite is prolly the best bet out of those three, since you don't want to go back to Dota.
User avatar #1152145 to #1152044 - Sperit (01/15/2015) [-]
Id go back if i got better internet
but it also has lost my interest
i still like the DOTA characters though
I had this fan idea for an rpg with them
User avatar #1151674 to #1151671 - reaperoxide ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Smite is better.
User avatar #1151673 to #1151671 - hirollin (01/15/2015) [-]
it was doable back when there was like 12 champs, not so much now. its not worth learning when you have to memorize the strengths, weaknesses, and moves of like 100+ champs. You'd have more fun with superman 64
User avatar #1151718 to #1151673 - BmanX (01/15/2015) [-]
>implying superman 64 isn't the shit
User avatar #1151683 to #1151673 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
>implying it's hard to remember what a champion does
User avatar #1151672 to #1151671 - soupkittenagain (01/15/2015) [-]
It's pretty fun, but there's always the infamous community.
User avatar #1151682 to #1151672 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
which is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be
#1151656 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
70 kills in one life in Planetside 2.

Harrasser with grenade launcher is just 2 op.
User avatar #1151751 to #1151656 - alstorp (01/15/2015) [-]
>Being assault in a bio-dome with an SMG

People don't look up as often as they should.
User avatar #1151807 to #1151751 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
that bio dome was dicks
some niggas could shoot through the fuckin roof somehow but remain immune to anything coming the other way
everything is literally just two sides locked in an endless zerging skirmish in one area for an hour or two
User avatar #1151848 to #1151807 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
The point of the biodome is for it to be a fortress.

It's easier to cap when you surround it, because there are teleporters inside from the surrounding bases.

It's really easy to cap if you know how to do it, or overwhelming presences.
User avatar #1151814 to #1151807 - alstorp (01/15/2015) [-]
I always thought it was fun.
User avatar #1151808 to #1151807 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
It'll be all blue dudes v red dudes for a while then some vanu show up and everyone else laughs at them and they run away
User avatar #1151684 to #1151656 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
I like AA guns more
User avatar #1151686 to #1151684 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Best be talking about the skyguard.
User avatar #1151687 to #1151686 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
I have absolutely no idea what that is
I was just rememberin one of the few memorable parts of my laggy die explode simulator experience
User avatar #1151688 to #1151687 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Probably not then.
User avatar #1151690 to #1151688 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Is that the one on the tank?
User avatar #1151693 to #1151690 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151698 to #1151693 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
I meant the stationary ones
#1151662 to #1151656 - reaperoxide ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
As long as we are talking about impressive scores, I had a teammate in Smite that didn't die just 5 times, not 10 times, but a whole 15 times. It was truly spectacular.
#1151664 to #1151662 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Some people are just can never grow out of pleb.
Some people are just can never grow out of pleb.
User avatar #1151669 to #1151664 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
#1151665 to #1151664 - reaperoxide ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I forgot about the other person on my team, who actually managed 10 deaths as well. I sure do love matchmaking.
I forgot about the other person on my team, who actually managed 10 deaths as well. I sure do love matchmaking.
User avatar #1151670 to #1151665 - notred ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
That is why you play with friends.
#1151654 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
can't wait for the cdi remake to come out
User avatar #1151842 to #1151654 - dragondust (01/15/2015) [-]
I can't wait to bomb some dodongos
User avatar #1151700 to #1151654 - BmanX (01/15/2015) [-]
I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
#1151657 to #1151654 - nyeeeh (01/15/2015) [-]
released for $59.99 with $30 DLC and yet another version of the 3DS
User avatar #1151740 to #1151657 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
'Comes with the new New 3DSi which will be required to play all future DS games'
User avatar #1151659 to #1151657 - hirollin (01/15/2015) [-]
don't forget if you buy both you can get a hidden bonus dungeon thats 11 minutes long.
#1151653 - EdwardNigma (01/15/2015) [-]
www.playerattack.com.au/news/2015/01/15/hotline-miami-2-too-offensive-for-australia/ I won't be right.   
Fucking cunts thinking I won't pirate it anyway. Why the fuck do we even have an R18 rating if you ban shit anyway?
www.playerattack.com.au/news/2015/01/15/hotline-miami-2-too-offensive-for-australia/ I won't be right.
Fucking cunts thinking I won't pirate it anyway. Why the fuck do we even have an R18 rating if you ban shit anyway?
User avatar #1151661 to #1151653 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
you'd figure a country founded my criminals would be more lenient on that stuff
User avatar #1151663 to #1151661 - EdwardNigma (01/15/2015) [-]
But Squallion, then they would have to assume adults are responsible and treat them as such instead of treating them like children, we can't do that at all.
User avatar #1151667 to #1151663 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
can't have that
User avatar #1151658 to #1151653 - reaperoxide ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I hate this country, 44th on internet speed and this stupid fucking shit. They are like "oh yea we will give you an r18+ rating so only adults can buy games that may be inappropriate for others, but wait this game seems bad to us we're aren't even going to let grown adults buy this game because we are fucking faggots."
User avatar #1151628 - theplanetearth ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Does anyone have a webm from farcry 4 where a royal army soldier says "YOU EVER HAVE A HOT KNIFE UP YOU ASS? YOU WILL NOW!"
User avatar #1151639 to #1151628 - reaperoxide ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I would have given it to you but because of that text I'm not.
#1151632 to #1151628 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
fuck you and your shit text colour
you think you're fucking funny, do you? you are nothing
you are dirt, nay, WORSE than dirt, you are dirt's turds
User avatar #1151668 to #1151632 - desacabose (01/15/2015) [-]
Stop stealing adunsaveme's jokes
User avatar #1151633 to #1151632 - theplanetearth ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Don't hate because you can't suck enough dick to get colored text.
#1151636 to #1151633 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
if I did have coloured text I wouldn't make it that fucking period stain shade of bullshit you've chosen
User avatar #1151627 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Any of you get a chance to play the Evolve alpha on pc or somethin?

How well does it run?
User avatar #1151676 to #1151627 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
It ran alright
It was super super super laggy as fucking fuck whenever you jumped out of the ship for some reason, and I had to lower a few things to make sure it didn't stutter on the ground
User avatar #1151678 to #1151676 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Apparently I just barely hit a mark somewhere cloe to the minimum specs, and i got my card back online

Gonna be fun seeing if I can get the beta to run at at least ten fps
User avatar #1151679 to #1151678 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Good luck then mate, you gonna need it
User avatar #1151732 to #1151679 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Actually I'm hoping it's at least around the same general mark as Dragon Age: Inquisition
I thought that shit wouldn't even launch but I can run it decently enough
User avatar #1151685 to #1151679 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
aww yeeeaaaah
User avatar #1151645 to #1151627 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
well considering it has no legs
not very well
User avatar #1151647 to #1151645 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
you're a piece of shit
User avatar #1151640 to #1151627 - reaperoxide ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I couldn't run it on ultra so there is that.
User avatar #1151641 to #1151640 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
that doesn't help me at all
User avatar #1151629 to #1151627 - SirSheepy ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
It's shit
User avatar #1151631 to #1151629 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
Not the question I asked fgt
User avatar #1151666 to #1151631 - SirSheepy ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
It's runs shit
#1151623 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
[Nintendo Direct JP] TLOZ: Majora's Mask 3D - Overview Trailer OMG THEY UPDATED THE MOLDORM FIGHT IN MAJORA'S MASK!
User avatar #1151660 to #1151623 - desacabose (01/15/2015) [-]
but is twinmold
User avatar #1151634 to #1151623 - BmanX (01/15/2015) [-]
Moldorm? He's not in Majora's.
#1151638 to #1151634 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
Or whatever that worm boss in Majora's Mask is called.
User avatar #1151642 to #1151638 - BmanX (01/15/2015) [-]
Like, the dual worm guys in the Stone Tower temple?
#1151652 to #1151642 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
Yes. Also i now know it's name is Twinmold.
#1151619 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
Here have this everyone.
Here have this everyone.
User avatar #1151622 to #1151619 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
jesus christ how horrifying
#1151611 - powerglove ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
my collection begins here men. My first nes game, with punchout, metroid, and the console itself still in the mail. Im so excited.
User avatar #1151643 to #1151611 - Riukanojutsu (01/15/2015) [-]
>having punch out on nes
man I wish I could play that
that game is based
User avatar #1151602 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
i hope whenever nintendo makes a new console they don't name it something stupid
User avatar #1151625 to #1151602 - cycloneclone (01/15/2015) [-]
I hope its the Gamecube 2
#1151736 to #1151625 - anonymous (01/15/2015) [-]
I hope is the gamecubed^2
User avatar #1151890 to #1151736 - cycloneclone (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151617 to #1151602 - theseventhmirror ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I hope whenever Nintendo makes a new thing it isn't horribly understocked and never makes a comeback.
User avatar #1151620 to #1151617 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
it's getting real in here
User avatar #1151613 to #1151602 - adunsaveme (01/15/2015) [-]
At least they're not releasing pretty much the same one over and over
That would never be something nintendo would do xd
User avatar #1151614 to #1151613 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
the wii u should be called the ultra mega awesome super nintendo entertainment system
User avatar #1151606 to #1151602 - avatarsarefornoobs ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
i hope they never make another console
User avatar #1151607 to #1151606 - squalllionhart (01/15/2015) [-]
i hope you never make another console
User avatar #1151608 to #1151607 - avatarsarefornoobs ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
i agree. id probably be terrible at making consoles.
User avatar #1151561 - demandsgayversion (01/15/2015) [-]
I have a question about Dwarf Fortress. I made an adventurer, retired him, then did a fortress until it died, and now I loaded that adventurer back up. Will my fortress be there?
#1151560 - ghostninja ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #1151585 to #1151560 - giinthir (01/15/2015) [-]
www.amazon.com/PlayStation-Vita-Memory-Card-64GB-P Get it with free shipping and have it arrive within a week.
#1151589 to #1151585 - ghostninja ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
you fucking idiot
so far youngneil was the only person smart enough to figure this shit out
#1151595 to #1151589 - giinthir (01/15/2015) [-]
Figure what shit out?
User avatar #1151618 to #1151595 - youngneil ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
Look at the price on his link. That is cheap as fuck dude.
User avatar #1151621 to #1151618 - giinthir (01/15/2015) [-]
It's cheap because Free standard shipping sucks. Going through Amazon it'll arrive within a week. Mine sure did. It's worth it.
User avatar #1151581 to #1151560 - youngneil ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
I bought one of those this morning for like $90.
User avatar #1151566 to #1151560 - BmanX (01/15/2015) [-]
Are those hard to find now or something?
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