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User avatar #793106 - elmilius (01/06/2014) [-]
Streaming some Dark Souls with some friends: twitch.tv/theflamingsoviet come join us.
#793111 to #793106 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
#793098 - jubnik ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
#793209 to #793098 - youngneil (01/07/2014) [-]
I saw that EdwardNigma said he put himself in there yesterday, so I tried to get it.
#793236 to #793209 - EdwardNigma (01/07/2014) [-]
Now I truly am a someone.
Now I truly am a someone.
#793087 - murrlogic (01/06/2014) [-]

Rapper Snoop Dogg, or more recently Snoop Lion, has released a new music video that pays homage to Nintendo's iconic Pokemon series as well as classic side-scrolling shooters. The video, for "Get Away ft. Angela Hunte" from his new record Reincarnated, was produced by Major Lazer and features a Pokébattle between the two.

After the pair do battle, they team up in a side-scrolling shooter sequence to take down waves of enemies. All of this takes place as the song's thumping bass line powers through.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to video games. Most recently, he was featured in a strange trailer where he announced the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release date for Rayman Legends. He is also the focus of Way of the Dogg, a rhythm-action combat game released last year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android.
#793072 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]

Quizes are basically games

Can any of you pass this? i didnt
User avatar #793395 to #793072 - gongthehawkeye (01/07/2014) [-]
I passed, but I don't really want to be a faggot mod, wut do?
Even if I was one, I'd get revoked for how lenient I am with stuff that should or shouldn't be flagged.
#793186 to #793072 - thechosentroll (01/07/2014) [-]

Well, I DID have my mod status revoked, so it makes sense.
User avatar #793170 to #793072 - desacabose (01/06/2014) [-]
went through clicking random and got 11
what is this
User avatar #793174 to #793170 - desacabose (01/06/2014) [-]
maybe I should've payed more attention on that
User avatar #793181 to #793174 - desacabose (01/07/2014) [-]
Maybe I shouldn't have done the same thing on the other tests
User avatar #793157 to #793072 - yutdollacwwwthree (01/06/2014) [-]
I got 12/15

damn I almost became the king of betas
User avatar #793145 to #793072 - tentaquil (01/06/2014) [-]
lel I clicked no for all of them
fuck da police
User avatar #793134 to #793072 - cycloneclone (01/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #793122 to #793072 - cycloneclone (01/06/2014) [-]
Arent you a mod?
User avatar #793166 to #793156 - cycloneclone (01/06/2014) [-]
Well Imma be the next one

... but probably not
User avatar #793113 to #793072 - Gonnafly ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
I passed it a d=few months ago but I failed it this time.

I don't really know where that puts me.
User avatar #793114 to #793113 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
spam the guy and ask him to make you a mod
he's ignoring me now
User avatar #793117 to #793114 - Gonnafly ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
Eh, I'd rather wait. I'm not that desperate to become a mod.

And I don't think pestering him is the best way to go.
User avatar #793182 to #793117 - desacabose (01/07/2014) [-]
I'd rather not be a mod anyway, there's a shitload of shit I'd flag and I'd rather not have an army of users bugging me
User avatar #793120 to #793117 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
> I don't think pestering him is the best way to go

also to keep being a mod you have to log in every 5 days
User avatar #793121 to #793120 - Gonnafly ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
I never log out so that's not really a problem.
#793086 to #793072 - dragx (01/06/2014) [-]
I was a mod for a while. Then I realise how fucking boring it is and how mod really means fag. Plus there used to be this big thing that took the top of my page that got very annoying after a while. But this was way before they even released the first mod test, way before there was a test.
User avatar #793094 to #793086 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
so you know people?

so you can hook me up? make me mod pl0x
User avatar #793096 to #793094 - dragx (01/06/2014) [-]
I do, and if you had asked me before all this bullshit then I probably could have asked.
You wouldn't like it thought, you get a bad rep and you need to be constantly finding things on the site that people are doing.
User avatar #793097 to #793096 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
sounds interesting
like a puzzle game constructed of a pile of autists
#793099 to #793097 - dragx (01/06/2014) [-]
Exactly that ;D
Exactly that ;D
User avatar #793100 to #793099 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #793101 to #793100 - dragx (01/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #793103 to #793101 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
ok no
#793107 to #793103 - dragx (01/06/2014) [-]
sori forgive pl0x
sori forgive pl0x
User avatar #793108 to #793107 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
k on
User avatar #793119 to #793108 - dragx (01/06/2014) [-]
k ek
User avatar #793082 to #793072 - rplix (01/06/2014) [-]

I have no interest in becoming a mod since all I do is go on VGB
User avatar #793083 to #793082 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
you would have been able to ban spam anons
User avatar #793088 to #793083 - rplix (01/06/2014) [-]
What fun is that?

I used to only play gmod so I could be admin on servers, and after I became one the game became boring since I actually had to do my job or else it would be taken away. So if I became a mod I would have to actually flag shit, which really would eventually make FJ boring.
User avatar #793079 to #793072 - makotoitou (01/06/2014) [-]
9/15 this shit is rigged
User avatar #793081 to #793079 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
last year none of that would be flaggable
User avatar #793084 to #793081 - makotoitou (01/06/2014) [-]
Well maybe MY LEG but that shit is funny.
User avatar #793085 to #793084 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
it was pretty funny
so i didnt flag it

im starting to see why i failed
User avatar #793184 to #793085 - desacabose (01/07/2014) [-]
Nigga that's gore
User avatar #793197 to #793184 - yuvesh (01/07/2014) [-]
i know
User avatar #793200 to #793197 - desacabose (01/07/2014) [-]
Nigga you gotta flag the shit outta that shit
User avatar #793201 to #793200 - yuvesh (01/07/2014) [-]
i did
i said i didnt as a joke
User avatar #793090 to #793085 - makotoitou (01/06/2014) [-]
Told ya shit is rigged
User avatar #793092 to #793090 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
i saw 0 boobs
would not pass again
User avatar #793076 to #793072 - SirSheepy (01/06/2014) [-]
I passed it, but I'm not a mod, so....
User avatar #793077 to #793076 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
did you im the person?
User avatar #793078 to #793077 - SirSheepy (01/06/2014) [-]
Yeah, when the test first came out. It might not have gone through since I took it on a tablet, but I don't really care. PErhaps they just don't think that I'm mod material.
User avatar #793080 to #793078 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
message him again
he's online rite nao
User avatar #793089 to #793080 - SirSheepy (01/06/2014) [-]
Took the test again and I failed. So fuck it.
User avatar #793074 to #793072 - squalllionhart (01/06/2014) [-]
why would i want to take a test to become something that is the worst thing that ever happened to this site?
User avatar #793075 to #793074 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
for fun
#793071 - murrlogic (01/06/2014) [-]

Grand Theft Auto V is now the fourth best-selling game in UK history, sales counter GfK Chart-Track has confirmed.

Rockstar's latest open-world opus notched up the milestone this week, as it was revealed FIFA 14--the UK Christmas number one--was still sitting pretty at the top of the UK games chart.

Furthermore, Chart-Track reckons that Grand Theft Auto V will become the UK's best-selling game of all time within the next three months if sales continue its current pace.

GTA V was fourth in the week's charts, behind FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Need for Speed: Rivals was sixth, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes seventh, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition eighth, Just Dance 2014 ninth, and Gran Turismo 6 denied Forza Motorsport 5 a top 10 finish.
User avatar #793093 to #793071 - marlton (01/06/2014) [-]
Shit choice in games
User avatar #793095 to #793093 - murrlogic (01/06/2014) [-]
>The PSP is the most profitable handheld in Britain

You aren't wrong you know.
User avatar #793109 to #793095 - marlton (01/06/2014) [-]
And I thought they were civilized
#793065 - erano (01/06/2014) [-]
Every single new game this guy....this watches me.
Ignoring the other group, ignoring everyone else just watching me.
I hate him.
User avatar #793070 to #793065 - moltenmuffin ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
You could make a save right before he asks for your name, and load it everytime you want to create a new character.
Or get the mod alternative start.
#793124 to #793070 - erano (01/06/2014) [-]
Not the point I'm making.
User avatar #793126 to #793124 - moltenmuffin ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]

Maybe he feels bad for you.
Maybe he was the one who sent the dragon just to save you.
#793128 to #793126 - erano (01/06/2014) [-]
Or maybe he is mocking me. That he is free and I am not.
User avatar #793068 to #793065 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
>not using male hair mods
#793123 to #793068 - erano (01/06/2014) [-]
Why would I? My hood covers my hair and who gives a rats ass about anyone else.
#793061 - hirollin (01/06/2014) [-]
Ok thread, I have an interesting problem for you.
I woke up today and went to my computer. Turned on my monitor and the logo shows up. Logo fades away as usual. Wiggle my mouse yet only blackness appears. Check to see if everything is plugged in and everything was. Check to see if my mouse was broken and it wasnt.

Oddly enough, I use a usb mouse to check it. I plug the usb drive into the usb port and I normally get a sound when that occurs but this time I didn't. I can hear stuff coming from my speakers and the light to both the speakers and the monitor is on so I know they aren't broken.

What do you think the problem could be?
User avatar #793064 to #793061 - dragondust (01/06/2014) [-]
It could be a lot of things.
Inspect all cables going into the monitor. Is the light on your monitor orange?
If nothing else works, try checking that the GPU and other hardware is placed correctly it could have been moved.
It really seems like the mouse could be the problem, too. Have you tried a different mouse?
User avatar #793066 to #793064 - hirollin (01/06/2014) [-]
monitor displays visual logo so i know it works, but then goes from blue to orange instead of staying blue. the computer light is blue, so i know the computer is on and not in sleep mode as well.

i tried a different mouse and know for sure that the mouse was working properly, but that wasn't the problem either.

all the hardware is fine and the cables are where they should be.
User avatar #793069 to #793066 - dragondust (01/06/2014) [-]
Wow, that really is strange.
The only problem I can think of is that the monitor somehow isn't getting the signal properly and that's why the light goes back to amber.
Hope you get it fixed.
User avatar #793073 to #793069 - hirollin (01/06/2014) [-]
update: the monitor is working fine. connected it to another laptop and it works. so its a problem with the tower.
User avatar #793062 to #793061 - awesomerninjathing (01/06/2014) [-]
turn it off and on again
User avatar #793063 to #793062 - hirollin (01/06/2014) [-]
did that and the problem still remains.
#793052 - rplix (01/06/2014) [-]
Thank Gaben for this button.
User avatar #793053 to #793052 - squalllionhart (01/06/2014) [-]
only casuals use that button
User avatar #793055 to #793053 - rplix (01/06/2014) [-]
Don't care. Anons are getting annoying.
#793046 - dragx (01/06/2014) [-]
What a fucking scrub -_-
What a fucking scrub -_- TF2: Unboxing 25 Crates - An Unusual Day
#793044 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
Hey guys, I don't know whether this server is going to end up being good seeing as I only just applied and haven't joined yet, but would anyone else be interested in playing?

#793037 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
ITT: best regulars
User avatar #793057 to #793037 - Gonnafly ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
**Gonnafly rolled user marshalllee **
#793047 to #793039 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
#793045 to #793039 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
#793030 - rossthefaggot (01/06/2014) [-]
anyone want to play games?
User avatar #793033 to #793030 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
do you have sanctum 2?
User avatar #793042 to #793033 - rossthefaggot (01/06/2014) [-]
noe, I will post me games
User avatar #793021 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
Anyone know any games like Dungeon Defenders?
Like with lots of weapons and armor and a community market to buy and sell stuff
User avatar #793023 to #793021 - sluge (01/06/2014) [-]
>games like Dungeon Defenders

Why do you torment yourself?
User avatar #793025 to #793023 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
Because I enjoy grinding for gear... for some unknown reason
But only if there's a market where I can sell it to people
User avatar #793028 to #793025 - averagewhitekid (01/06/2014) [-]
Oh jesus Warframe for that grind, I dont know if it has the marketplace
Diablo 3 is perfect for hours of grinding just to sell a single legendary
User avatar #793026 to #793025 - sluge (01/06/2014) [-]
But it's a shit game.
User avatar #793040 to #793026 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
For you yes, I happen to have every single achievement for it on Steam coz dat grind

just looking for other games like it to grind on then sell the spoils
User avatar #793036 to #793026 - voltkills ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
your opinion is wrong
User avatar #793031 to #793026 - yuvesh (01/06/2014) [-]
but its not
User avatar #793032 to #793031 - sluge (01/06/2014) [-]
#793004 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #793010 to #793004 - Gonnafly ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
This fuckin casual probably has anon comments disabled.
#793003 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #793002 - therealtjthemedic (01/06/2014) [-]
Games are getting banned in Australia because you administer morphine to kill pain or heal yourself...
That's fucking crazy! They're banned because they're using the drugs... for their intended use.
User avatar #793059 to #793002 - dragondust (01/06/2014) [-]
It is because of Australia you cannot murder children in Skyrim.
I will never forgive them for that.
User avatar #793038 to #793002 - voltkills ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
what games getting banned for that?
User avatar #793051 to #793038 - therealtjthemedic (01/06/2014) [-]
State Of Decay, to name one.
User avatar #793018 to #793002 - squalllionhart (01/06/2014) [-]
Australia sucks
User avatar #793020 to #793018 - therealtjthemedic (01/06/2014) [-]
Happy I left.
User avatar #793014 to #793002 - sirfisticuffs (01/06/2014) [-]
ye that's also why fallout has things like buffout and med x instead of steroids or morphine.
User avatar #793015 to #793014 - therealtjthemedic (01/06/2014) [-]
Med-X was originally called Morphine, but they changed it 'cause of that.
User avatar #793017 to #793015 - sirfisticuffs (01/06/2014) [-]
Yeah that's what I'm saying.
User avatar #792995 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
Playing LoL
god I suck at it
anyone recommend some good summoners for beginners
inb4 Annie
inb4 Ashe
User avatar #793067 to #792995 - kyrozor (01/06/2014) [-]
Lux is a hell of a lot of fun and is very very strong at low levels.
User avatar #793054 to #792995 - paintedgorilla (01/06/2014) [-]
Ive found Fiddlesticks to be pretty easy to play.
User avatar #793058 to #793054 - awesomanium (01/06/2014) [-]
Hmm, I disagree.
If your drain gets shut down you're pretty screwed, and his E is unreliable because bounce.
His Q and ult are really good tho.
User avatar #793060 to #793058 - paintedgorilla (01/06/2014) [-]
Well yes he has his disadvantages definetly i just felt he was incredibly simple to learn and understand.
User avatar #793016 to #792995 - rplix (01/06/2014) [-]
Uninstall or else you will want to kill yourself.
User avatar #793001 to #792995 - youngneil (01/06/2014) [-]
I know that the inb4 is there, but those are definitely some of the best champs in the game for beginners. But what kind of role do you like to play? Gimme an idea of how you like to play and I'll give you some suggestions.
User avatar #793005 to #793001 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
much prefer ranged characters that deal a lot of damage
User avatar #793019 to #793005 - youngneil (01/06/2014) [-]
I might get some hate from this, but Teemo is a good ADC choice for beginners. Miss Fortune was one of the champs I played when I started out, and I thought she was fairly easy to play. Both of them are good in the "Babies First ADC" category

Now, if you want a champ that isn't a Marksman, but a Mage, then I suggest Ryze or Lux. Both fairly easy to play, especially Ryze. They deal good damage, and I think they both have some CC, but I'm not sure about Ryze.
User avatar #793022 to #793019 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
I've tried miss fortune before when she was F2P and found it quite easy but I was wondering, would you be able to tell me what things mean?

Like, what does ADC and gank mean?
I have no idea on the terminology
User avatar #793027 to #793022 - timmmmmmmmmmmay ONLINE (01/06/2014) [-]
Ganking is sneaking up on them and just fucking their shit up.
User avatar #793024 to #793022 - youngneil (01/06/2014) [-]
An ADC is the Attack Damage Carry. They focus on making their auto-attacks strong.
A gank is when the enemy sends either their jungler, or someone from another lane to go to a different lane for a surprise attack.
A jungler (if you didn't know) is a champ that doesn't stay in a lane, but instead roams the map killing monster camps for levels, and providing ganks whenever needed.

Anything else you need to know? Also, tell me if I'm not explaining it well.
User avatar #793029 to #793024 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
So ADC just ups attack damage mainly, ganking is like an ambush and a jungler is like a free roamer?
User avatar #793041 to #793029 - youngneil (01/06/2014) [-]
Exactly right.
User avatar #793049 to #793041 - nsfwcontent (01/06/2014) [-]
awesome :3 thanks for all the help, i'm on EU west if you're on the same and wanna add me

Summoner ID: Darkledgend127
(same name on steam too)
User avatar #793050 to #793049 - youngneil (01/06/2014) [-]
Sadly, I play on NA. Good luck though.
User avatar #792998 to #792995 - nefarian (01/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #792980 - adzodeux (01/06/2014) [-]
Fluffballs Unite is such a hard event mission in Melee, you can't go fucking anywhere without a kirby wrecking your shit
#792976 - anonymous (01/06/2014) [-]
Anyone remember battletoads?
User avatar #792973 - nigalthornberry (01/06/2014) [-]
If anybody cant make gifs or just doesn't feel like it i'll do it for you

I'll try to make them at the highest FPS i can just post the video and time frame you want

Loops aren't always working
User avatar #792996 to #792973 - teotrapper (01/06/2014) [-]
ur my hero <3
4:04 - 4:15 plz. like where he's dancing
#793125 to #792996 - nigalthornberry (01/06/2014) [-]
Sorry for the delay
Sorry for the delay
User avatar #793127 to #793125 - teotrapper (01/06/2014) [-]
thx bb <3
User avatar #792983 to #792973 - sirbutterballs (01/06/2014) [-]
If it don't gotta be vidya game related 1:38-2:00 on this video
#793129 to #792983 - nigalthornberry (01/06/2014) [-]
20 sec gifs are a little difficult so this was the best i could do
20 sec gifs are a little difficult so this was the best i could do
User avatar #793301 to #793129 - sirbutterballs (01/07/2014) [-]
S'fine m8.
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