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User avatar #334 - jacksonUSN (03/06/2010) [-]
i hate cats
#23 - SammichNotSandwich (03/04/2010) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #26 to #23 - zevvay (03/04/2010) [-]
*blue waffle
#191 - anon (03/05/2010) [-]
#156 - anon Comment deleted by scottalias [-]
#154 - anon (03/05/2010) [-]
i sooo want to rub that pussy kitty right now!!!
#25 - anon (03/04/2010) [-]
lol your cat is ******* **** . this is what happens when you get it fixed. try getting a pure bred bengal with it balls still intact. then put **** on it. he will **** you up.
#159 - anon Comment deleted by scottalias [-]
User avatar #79 - iscaredmyself (03/04/2010) [-]
This cat is a drug addict It steals its masters drugs and anything of value Proof is in the picture Make it go to treatment or to work Its probably to lazy for real work What a shame another cat leaving it's kittens and selling pussy for drugs
User avatar #37 - Son of a glitch (03/04/2010) [-]
**Son of a glitch rolls 228,147,948** If this comment doesnt get 999,999,999 you all are fags trying to get your own way by just predicting what your roll will be
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