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Implying you'd even last a day playing American Football. lol
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If you call yourself a man. Yes it is.
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And this Theismans career was ended on this pay just crushing his leg? I'd love to see you get hit my LT and tell me that you can't get hurt in football.

http://www com youtube com com/watch?v=Z7acc6qwcmQ
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Oh boo hoo you broke your leg. Can't get injured in football? Are you serious? Is that why this guy can't walk anymore? http://wwwd dot youtube dot com/watch?v=NMklSv_VlxE
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Damn I had foot in my mind. Don't know why I wrote leg. Anyways... Handegg. Another one of you idiots huh? Again like I said boo hoo. They broke their foot/leg/ankle. All can be fixed. Paralysis cannot. NFL wins.
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It is also way way way more demanding physically. I'd love to see you run as hard as you can into someone running as hard as they can. I don't care how many pads you have on it still gives you a beating. Take that compared to the sissynannies that we all witnessed on a global stage at the world cup. Much akin to this.http://www dot wimp dot com/fakinginjuries/
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It isn't necessarily more physically demanding. Wingers need to run the full length of the pitch again and again. Running into someone just requires strength, per se.
Football is more tactical too. Every player has to work in sync to attack and defend.

Professional footballers tend to dive when contact is made. Sure, it is a lousy tactic but it works. Now, at a lower level of football, not many players dive. Why? There is no need to, as there are harsher tackles and braver players.
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Gimme a break with the running. There are plenty of times where I've watched soccer and watched guy walk around when the ball is nowhere near them. Are you implying play in the nfl as not being tactical? You must not know much about American Football. Obviously.
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**kornonthecob rolls 44** ENOUGH. they are both very respected sports. soccer is not for pussies. nor is football. both take substantial physical abilities and are world renowned.
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I watched the Superbowl. I didn't know what the **** was going on... someone threw the ball, someone caught it and everyone went ******* insane for some reason.
I don't know how that is tactical.
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Seriously guys, shut up. I know you both have different opinions, but that doesn't mean you should fight about it. We all have different opinions of what sport is better, stop trying to make people like what you like. Jeez.

Pic related.
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May 1. 2011
I fap - Osama Bin Laden dead the next day

October 2. 2011
I fap - Steve Jobs dead the within 4 days

October 19. 2011
I fap - Muammar Gadaffi dead the next day

February 11. 2012
I fap - Whitney Houston dead the next day

I think not

spare a toenail clipping

dumb bitch.jpg
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You beat me to you beat me to it too.
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whitney died in 2012 :L
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so Arsenal suck so much the very idea of seeing them score, results in peoples death? well seems legit... boy do Arsenal SUCK!!
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Let's hope next time he scores, Justin Bieber will get choped off in pieces
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**anonymous rolls 65**

to der frontpage
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"February 11, 2011"?
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I didn't make the picture,one of my friends on facebook posted it and i gave it a shot here
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toenail clippinged up anyway haha
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