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My philosophy is if you can't be happy yourself, do your best for others. But each to their own.
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if you tilt our screen up or down the pictures and words glow
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I already knew that I should enjoy my life and shouldn't give a **** about anything other people think... but sometimes we need a reminder like this when life kicks us in the balls. It didn't help me today, but I'm sure it did to someone else. Props to you, dear Akume.
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Dear people with Astigmatism, We are Sorry
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I have astigmatism by the way lol, so it was somewhat difficult to read XD, none the less fun to look at the brightness and contrast change as i scrolled
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Mfw I can't walk my dinosaur.
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the blue testicle has Lamar Smith eyes
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My philosophy is it could always be worse.

I mean hey, I live in a first world country for a start.
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It's called being depressed. You can't just stop being depressed, I have tried but it is only me putting on the fake smile. Thanks for trying but my friends and family already have and if they can't then you won't be able to. The only thing that keeps me going is that I know that someone will be hurt if i died. At this point i don't care about myself but will do anything to help others. I would literally die for any person I meet, because you are innocent until proven guilty. In other words, i believe you are a good enough person to die for until you have proven that you aren't.

**** i get sidetracked easily.
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Could you please make this harder to read next time? Thanks I appreciate it.
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wait dont pinkie down yet.....
you're all whiny little bitches and you should kill yourselves and you do not need to return the suggestion i'm already on it.
you may resume your pinkieing down
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wow. that's pretty ****** up, this post is meant to help people who are feeling bad and you are telling people to kill themselves? Enough people on FJ are close to that point that you just convinced someone to finally do it.
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good job hiding behind your homeuax title.
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why don't everyone man the **** up
oh boo hooo i dont have any friends
******* pathetic
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