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#37 - bluemando (12/12/2011) [-]
at least she eats her vagetables
User avatar #43 to #37 - jordoguy (12/12/2011) [-]
I was just thinking how random it was that she likes Pizza in the middle of all that :L
#102 to #43 - Rascal (12/12/2011) [-]
Yeah well, we all know that women eat when they're stressed.
User avatar #36 - doperope (12/12/2011) [-]
I don't know if anybody noticed this but in the In America post it has "In China tsunamis caused a nuclear fallout. Dumbass.
User avatar #56 to #36 - shooeyalanna (12/12/2011) [-]
The only part that was dumb was the one about "china."
User avatar #191 to #56 - doperope (12/14/2011) [-]
That's what I was talking about. -_-
#138 to #56 - bloodisredsweat (12/12/2011) [-]
and the veterans part, just about every vet i've ever met is either homeless or barely ******* holding on. the only people who manage to make it good after the military is the lifers who stay in for like 20 years but there aren't many of them because the ones that even manage to survive for ten years, get out because its too much to handle, so our vets dont really get **** . and if your talking about the older vets **** you too, all of the vietnam vets came back to picket signs and riots calling them baby killers and spitting on them, my grandfather was DESTROYED by vietnam and the government didnt do **** for him and all the medical issues he got over there. but you know what? he didnt care. because he was SERVING his country. **** EVERYONE that doesnt think our veterans have paid for every debt they'll ever have.
User avatar #155 to #138 - Whitenleaf (12/12/2011) [-]
What your veterans did for your country (and in some cases for most countries) is undeniable. But what I notice when going to the States, is that you have way too many veterans. Looking at the figures, your government couldn't have a hope of supporting all those ex-soldiers. The worst part is, most of those "veterans" never even saw active duty and only joined your military as an alternative to post-secondary schooling.
User avatar #157 to #155 - bloodisredsweat (12/12/2011) [-]
Yes thats true, but all those veterans you saw werent driving corvettes with big houses either. vets are in the same boat the rest of us are in. maybe i should have specified "combat veterans" then.
User avatar #160 to #157 - Whitenleaf (12/12/2011) [-]
Ah, yes you should have.
In any case you're right. Your economy is crap. You should come up to Canada :D
User avatar #165 to #160 - bloodisredsweat (12/12/2011) [-]
i went to canada when i was younger, it was cool. i might just do that when i get out haha
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#128 to #44 - ilgattozaiga (12/12/2011) [-]
No it wasn't, it made a lot of sense, and definitely a lot more than the original status. Yes, I know they're not 100% accurate, but you get the gist and in the end life isn't all fair.

Also, shouldn't have*
User avatar #35 - bigblacknegro (12/12/2011) [-]
That negros face at the end is just so hilarious
User avatar #32 - DropDeadShred (12/12/2011) [-]
Staying up to 11 qualifies for insomnia now?
I think most of FunnyJunk would have started their own fight club if that were the case.
User avatar #40 to #32 - cowmoose (12/12/2011) [-]
Hwat if we have, and no-one told you........

User avatar #41 to #40 - cowmoose (12/12/2011) [-]
#30 - tenpoundpom (12/12/2011) [-]
"in china - tsunamis have begun a nuclear fallout"

So close...
User avatar #33 to #30 - AngryRedMidget (12/12/2011) [-]
And I'm pretty sure hundreds of thousands don't die a year in russia due to cold.
#116 to #33 - wiredguy (12/12/2011) [-]
This image has expired
They do, but only the ones in poverty who don't have homes.
About 110% percent of them then.
User avatar #109 to #33 - milthyfoustache (12/12/2011) [-]
pretty sure very few people do :p
User avatar #28 - flipler (12/12/2011) [-]
Wasn't the tsunami which caused the nuclear fallout in japan?

User avatar #24 - bigfriendlyginger (12/12/2011) [-]
"Man u white as hell" profile picture is of a white person. awkward.
User avatar #31 to #24 - DropDeadShred (12/12/2011) [-]
I find it even more awkward that from what I see he is a skin head wonna be, but he is saying someone is too white.
User avatar #23 - stafeezy (12/12/2011) [-]
when i saw the one with the sailor outfit..i thumbed and came straight to say that. I loled at that ****** right there. LOL. ok.. back up to read the rest i go...
User avatar #19 - thetattooedone (12/12/2011) [-]
"man u white as hell." Hey ******** , gangster wannabe, ************ you are white too!
User avatar #18 - ninjawildcat (12/12/2011) [-]
honestly the last one was the reason for my thumb.
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User avatar #13 - drolyeknom (12/12/2011) [-]
I had to stop reading for a sec, because the insomnia one made me thumb.
#10 - highaspinkiepie (12/12/2011) [-]
I'm wondering why whoever first posted that didn't cut this bit out
Made me laugh though
User avatar #9 - IAmManbearpig ONLINE (12/12/2011) [-]
i feel like a 99% joke is necessary for the 2nd to last one
User avatar #11 to #9 - DrewRSmith (12/12/2011) [-]
I reposted. I am the 140%
User avatar #6 - Sanguinarian (12/12/2011) [-]
did anyone else see the "badass" one and think "you bet he's a badass, he's a ************* power ranger"
#5 - jsnuzy (12/12/2011) [-]
**jsnuzy rolled a random image posted in comment #50 at comp of poo ** Second to last post, Cody unloaded a giant splooge of flawless victory all over Debra. jsut sayin.
User avatar #25 to #5 - robotgoose (12/12/2011) [-]
False. That "nuclear fallout" he was talking about is in Japan.
Your American argument is invalid.
#4 - Stosh (12/12/2011) [-]
User avatar #3 - spiderfart (12/11/2011) [-]
11:00 is considered insomnia?
Then what do I have?
Super-mega-uber-insomnia? -.-
User avatar #2 - austinboyer (12/11/2011) [-]
Whats the Q for?
#148 to #2 - Rascal (12/12/2011) [-]
ya i thought usually it was always lgbt
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