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#30 - anonymous (11/30/2011) [-]
Needs one additional verse

I got my knife in hand
******* bitches up
I gotta say, I can't turn down
Random sluts and clowns
Be sure to lock the door
And barricade it too
I'd hate to come, and find that you
Aren't waiting up for me
#29 - toxicfrozt (11/29/2011) [-]
You forgot the part where this isn't your OC and **** you.
User avatar #14 - suitsandshit (11/29/2011) [-]
I sung it as I read it halfway through I got a boner, Climaxed. got another boner, climaxed again and now I'm sitting here smoking a cigarette
#12 - mrmariomike (11/29/2011) [-]
To the front page!
To the front page!
#4 - lamoc (11/29/2011) [-]
I lol'd irl
#3 - furparoatem (11/29/2011) [-]
I legitimately lol'd. A thumb for you, good sir.
I legitimately lol'd. A thumb for you, good sir.
#1 - jedic (11/29/2011) [-]
This is pretty epic.
User avatar #8 - dashingone (11/29/2011) [-]
#15 - atomschlumpf has deleted their comment [-]
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