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*rolls image*
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Does anyone know the title of the story that goes "Dont look up, she doesnt like being looked at"
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here's all the creepy images on my computer. i hope it starts a creepy gif thread :D
here's all the creepy images on my computer. i hope it starts a creepy gif thread :D
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ah actually it's called Xtro
User avatar #1804 to #1803 - ishouldplayzelda (10/30/2011) [-]
sorry again but i don't know :C it's about an alien, i know that much
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don't know. sorry :(
#1771 to #1770 - ishouldplayzelda (10/30/2011) [-]
lol "oh gawd ma back!"
lol "oh gawd ma back!"
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ohai, insidious
#1779 to #1778 - ishouldplayzelda (10/30/2011) [-]
this one is pretty spectacular
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this one's a WWI trench vet, i think :(
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spent the whole day going over the marble hornet videos. too bad it wasnt real :(
User avatar #1893 to #1760 - thecharliescene (01/03/2012) [-]
Dont you love it when the guy with the mask comes in... i thought it was halarious... i just imagined him saying "Hi" in a gay voice and then attacking him

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My first creepypasta is on the official site http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/That'sWheretheTapeEnded
Check it out, please tell me what you think. There's an altered ending if you ask...
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I read the Zelda one (Ben Drowned) and it's pretty freaky.
User avatar #1756 - Cabbyla (10/30/2011) [-]
I was scared of the smile one till I enlarged it and saw a hand in the background. (Left side of the picture) clever troll is clever.
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Hello, want to play?
#1745 - theoneandonlynate (10/30/2011) [-]
what i thought of while reading the 4th one
#1737 - niconicodouga (10/29/2011) [-]
He was phone.
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User avatar #1734 - swissdude (10/29/2011) [-]
I finished it!! :D My first creepypasta, It's a little long so I'll make it small, copy and post anywhere to enlarge.
That's where the tape ended

That's where the tape ended. was the beginning of a novel I was working on, also the only line I had
for my first day writing out of college. It was all about a childhood friend back on the farm in a place
that is no more. Enton it was called, before the territory became a apart of it's bordering land of Finnland.
But I left that place, I wish I had never known it had existed.
Let me explain, I don't remember how it started, but it was my earlyest memory; I'm playing in a field at dusk
with my best and only friend as a younge boy, 'Kantavieras' was his name. We're running around until I fall
into a pit started for a well. I was scared being in the small area of the dusty dark pit.
Kantavier wanted to get help, but it would be night in minutes leaving me in a horribly situation
to be alone in complete darkness at that age. It must have been pretty deep, because we couldn't hear eatchother
straight through the echo. Kravavier kept a tape recorder with him, that his father gave him to record messages to better know
his son upon return from the war-but that's irrelivant.
He would record a message, then throw it down to me and vice versa, it made me feel less alone. The tape was near
full, so we would rewind and record over our conversations periodically.
This is where things got strange. I rewinded the tape a little too far...

I heard him say things. disturbing things. I managed to repress the worst parts, but I could have myself on the floor weeping
in terror at this very momment just thinking of the the horrors of which he'd speak. So I'll build a basic mental picture
for you instead, think of a momment of utter silence, coupled with complete darkness. Then image inconsistent whispering
that would at times come from a far, to momments later stewing right into your ear... they terrify you.
User avatar #1735 to #1734 - swissdude (10/29/2011) [-]
You want the voices
to just say what they have to say loud and clear and stop, but they send quite chilling sounds. It was much worse than that,
but I don't have a few days and a thesarus to accuratly dipict what I heard from that child that night.
He would go on and on, every statement more unnerving than the last. As he would explain in detail these actions and feelings
I heard a grin in his voice. It made me sick, though sitting on a clump of dirt, It was the contents of that tape that made me
feel discusting.

He must have known I had been listening to his tape, because I heard him utter; "Olen nyt kanssasi" which means I am with you
before closing the hole up and leaving. I felt his presence wash over me, it started in my toes, they suddenly felt cold.
It traveled up my legs, I felt the hair needle up as it ran to my abdominals, ending at the tip of my head leaving me
with his sayings seemingly echoing in the confined space of that pit.

It was that day morning father found me slowly shaking in the fetal position when he dug me out, he asked to see my
tape recorder, I told him I must have broken it. He asked if Kantavieras would stay away for a while, I responded
olemme yksi. Although my father lefft me that night, my Kantavieras finnally was with me.

After all, it's not heathly for a little boys to have imaginary friends.
#1733 - anon (10/29/2011) [-]
I really liked suicide squidward. Very creepy. There is a guy on youtube with that name, and he got ahold of the tape. I know many will claim its a fake, but it seems very real, and hes got more videos explaining more of it. The spongebob one wasnt very good imo, too close to squidwars suicide, and poorly written. The majoras mask one was an amazing adventure, and even though the creater himself has revealed its not real, it is still spooky. The russian sleep study, while maybe not real (it might be) is a very good read. The cove story and the dead bart were also good reads. Fun stuff, look forward to more cool links.
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[url deleted] is where it is. Check it out, he got the tape from the police, cleaned it up, got semi good results, but had to return it so they could try to get it cleaned as evidence of the dead children. I know it sounds farfetched, but seems legit...
User avatar #1742 to #1740 - debramster (10/30/2011) [-]
can you PM it to me, i can't open the URL
#1741 to #1740 - anon (10/30/2011) [-]
http://www. [url deleted] /user/suicidesquidwardclip

No spaces.
#1744 to #1741 - anon (10/30/2011) [-]
insert y o u t u b e where it says url deleted.
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i understand:P thanks
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Delete thread.
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im afraid to move now
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I skipped
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I was sitting with my fair maiden when I received a message from my lady's dear father, the parcel read "What art thou doing with thine daughter?" She mentioned her father had perished in the crusades. THEN WHO WAS MESSAGE?
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this link has the supposed REAL smile.jpg on it. Ever since I looked at it i've had a slight headache and a weird feeling.

The smile.jpg that is on this is not the real one, but a shopped one. the dogs teeth do not touch.
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