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#15 - anonymous (10/20/2011) [-]
This is the blabber of people who don't bother to study before slandering.
User avatar #18 to #15 - Kaiserlome (10/20/2011) [-]
Woah woah woah Are you ******* serious? That's ********************* Carlin Bitch! Is that a joke? Hahaha George Carlin "blabbering and not bothering to study before slandering" hahah good one. thumb down for you good sir.
#14 - dvdfaust ONLINE (10/20/2011) [-]
His faces and poses make him look like the Boogeyman or something in this, it adds so much to the hilarity.
Pic related to the point of the post.
User avatar #11 - twistedrenegadetwo ONLINE (10/20/2011) [-]
George Carlin is still funny as hell.
#10 - anonymous (10/20/2011) [-]
Wow, another religion bashing post. How original and informative. Sarcasm.
#12 to #10 - anonymous (10/20/2011) [-]
dude its george carlin, who is an epic comedian the like of which we will surely not see again anytime soon. So can it
User avatar #13 to #12 - spior (10/20/2011) [-]
Why are you talking to yourself?
User avatar #9 - choclategum (10/20/2011) [-]
Religion is not just Christianity.
User avatar #7 - kazzykakes (10/20/2011) [-]
oh how i LOVE george carlin forever my favorite comedian!!
#4 - araxie (10/20/2011) [-]
**araxie rolled a random image** All I got from this is that Jesus loves me.
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