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#17 - anon
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(10/14/2011) [-]
****** SMOKED!!

Anyone know the backstory? Fat blonde wasn't too clear.
#16 - manueldomingues
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(10/14/2011) [-]
(after seing movie)

and that is how i found my new hero

oooohhh poor thing did that hurt tough guy? here let me help you WITH MY FOOT
#14 - manueldomingues
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(10/14/2011) [-]
(i stopped the movie at 0:39)

dude those bitches, those ******* fat cake and kfc eaters bitches

there is a rage in me i wish i could ******* punch till death seriously those are the kind of people i ******* HATE

p.s. **** is a beautiful word :)
#13 - dwarfman
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(10/14/2011) [-]
#12 - thelastparachute **User deleted account**
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#11 - AlfredNeuman
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(10/14/2011) [-]
some girl is having an orgasm in the background
#10 - DeathSlayer
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(10/14/2011) [-]
#969 to #10 - epicgoold
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(10/15/2011) [-]
i'd pick up a camera and join the fight, then call it cloverfield 2
#349 to #10 - anon
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(10/15/2011) [-]
Agreed, also his friends trying to comfort him. What the ****, I'd tell him "you ******* deserved it, you dumb piece of ****".
#46 to #10 - vikse
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(10/14/2011) [-]
I truly hate being compared to this asshole, but I think that I honestly would pick up a camera as well, and film the **** out of the fight. Anyone else?
#406 to #46 - alecxsmcin
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(10/15/2011) [-]
Exactly, its awesome ;)
#9 - fritzmeister
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(10/14/2011) [-]
Sup bro?
#8 - rsheale
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(10/14/2011) [-]
sounds like he is getting bitches tonight!!!
#7 - anon
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(10/14/2011) [-]
what? both are retards arent they?
#6 - oodlez
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(10/14/2011) [-]
I was kinda hoping they would all go back to their trailers and do some math problems or something at the end... Oh well, I guess the funny will do.
#5 - tigronn
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(10/14/2011) [-]
i got an idea
#4 - ericfabischek **User deleted account**
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#3 - digidawg
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(10/14/2011) [-]
#1 - galahads
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(10/14/2011) [-]
I'm thumbing this up, not because i thought the fight was funny, or the whole general concept, but the pure and utter stupidity of every single person in this clip was ****** hilarious xD
#653 to #1 - ColCyclone
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(10/15/2011) [-]
You're basing intelligence off of accents?
#1000 to #653 - galahads
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(10/15/2011) [-]
Lol, yea because noone was doing anything that could give any of us any idea of their mental capacity for this whole clip, the only one with half a brain seemed to be the guy that DIDNT want to fight, the bloke with his top off was obviously some sort of devolution similar to that of a neanderthal while the rest of them egging him on also as seemed as capable as a wet shoe when it comes to performing simple tasks, mostly credited to their hilarious winging outbursts when the person THEY were egging on to fight, got his ass handed to him by the only sensible person in the whole clip... but with all that said yes, yes indeed a huge part of my judgement can and probably was the outcome of listening to them and watching their mannerisms, which to be honest, as far as i'm concerned, is completely justifiable =D
#1046 to #1000 - ColCyclone
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(10/15/2011) [-]
So you think because people want to watch a fight, people are stupid.
Makes sense I guess.
If you're ******* retarded
#1048 to #1046 - galahads
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(10/15/2011) [-]
I think their behavior can be a major sign of stupidity yes, they weren't only watching
it, they were enjoying it, to be amused by such base behavior is moronic and
childish, one of them even attempts to justify it, that is and always will be stupidity.

Do you feel this behavior is a sign of intelligence, do you believe these people
are capable of a thought greater than "he looked at me wrong im going to fight him
for that reason" or "yea this is great, bash his head in"?

I know its "wrong" to judge a book by its cover, but i see this child like, idiotic
behavior even in adults nowadays on a very regular basis (i'm a bouncer part time)
and people who act like this are uncivilized, idiotic, and a down right stain on society,
and 9 times out of 10 always will be... It is stupid behavior, which requires some
amount of stupidity in the person doing it and nothing you are saying will change
that fact.

And before you decide to bring this further and claim i'm calling wrestlers and
UFC fighters idiots (as examples will most likely be your next way of "making me
look bad") keep in mind that those are sports, a form of entertainment and a career
for those people, it is professionally aired and monitored and completely different
to situations like this.

And finally goodbye, enjoy thinking that stupid behavior does not show a sign of
stupidity in those partaking in said behavior -_-
#1052 to #1048 - ColCyclone
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(10/15/2011) [-]

You're really getting heated huh?
#1055 to #1052 - galahads
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(10/16/2011) [-]
Oh i'm fully sure you read the whole thing, you just weren't able to come up with a decent
response, but thats ok, don't feel bad, not everyone can handle a simple discussion.
Also, as for "getting heated" fail troll is fail xD
#1056 to #1055 - ColCyclone
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(10/16/2011) [-]
Nah, I don't read 5 paragraphs on funnyjunk.
Especially when it's some euroRichard Simmons thinking anyone who fights in real life instead of the internet is a moron.
#940 to #653 - anon
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(10/15/2011) [-]
oh the irony