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**jband rolled a random image**
User avatar #216 - krispybananaz (10/15/2011) [+] (7 replies)
im christian and i dont give a **** about homosexuality, if its in private. do whatever the **** you want to do. none of anyone elses buisness. its idiots like that and like the ones that say pooping is a sin that make us regular christians look bad to other religions. i hate it so much. those dumbasses make us look all uptight and snobby. i have a firm philosiphy beleive in what you want and love what you want.
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sounds like your a little stupid and ignorant yourself my friend
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Quick question, isn't Leviticus "obsolete" for Christians anyways? I thought that Jesus dying was supposed to mean that the people were freed from all those petty things like not eating pork or shellfish? (Technically gay marriage would still be banned for Jews but not for Christians, right?)

Just a curious person who isn't from a Christian family.
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I need to write this down. It's a great counter-arguement
#215 - LiteninStruckTower **User deleted account** (10/15/2011) [-]
I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
- Mohandas Gandhi

Nuff said
#119 - SomeRandomPerson (10/15/2011) [-]
I believe in right and wrong. Morals essentially. God might exist and he might not, but unless he was to show himself to me then i'm just gonna go about life. Religion to me is too constricting on life. Its too contradictory to follow wholeheartedly. The picture shows the results of a project which showed that there were over 400 contradictions in the bible. I'm not being biased, im fairly sure that there are just as many contradictions in the Qur'an and Torah. I reccomend that you open in the pic in a new tab rather then enlarging it. Well that's my opinion out there, i hope that there are others who feel the same.
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*******		 hero
******* hero
User avatar #87 - sirbonzaiatak (10/15/2011) [+] (1 reply)
No one gives a **** about your views on religion guys. So shut the **** up and enjoy the humor of this content.
#334 - FourchansChosenone (10/15/2011) [-]
But judging from peoples comments i agree on what was said
But judging from peoples comments i agree on what was said
#266 - dungledoo (10/15/2011) [+] (4 replies)
i'm a person of faith, but not of religion.. i mean, i actually believe religion is a form of evil. think about it, the first/biggest sin of man is to control his neighbor, right? so what's a religion? it's a structure of control which faithful can form their faith into a social "perfection", or however you want to word it. it's man-made, obviously, so really what it really seems to be is just a way for whoever created it to control his faithful neighbors... hence, it's sinful. ironic, huh? I also hate it when religious people say "God hates gay people" when really He hates their homosexuality, not the actual people, you know? cause homosexuality is supposedly a sin, but humans are born into sin, and God hates peoples' sins and loves them, so He really DOES love everyone. All races, sexes, sexualities, and beliefs.. so basically when you say "homosexuality is a sin", it's a duh, cause pretty much everything's a sin, you know? that's why there was that Jesus guy.

I also hate it when people shove their beliefs in other people's faces.. even when it's my own i think it's stupid... it's like, come on, man.. grow up...

inb4 bible fight
#258 - owlssss (10/15/2011) [-]
**owlssss rolled a random image** I think this will speak for itself.
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God is an alien.
so to put it bluntly, who gives a **** ?
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the porn i had just had a lesbian named lacey in it with her mom telling her being gay is bad...
#61 - minikeith (10/15/2011) [+] (20 replies)
the bible is a bunch of ******** made by the roman government to subdue revolts. jesus never existed. thats why the bible is just the old testimant but then people believed it on accedent so they made the new ones. youre all ******* stupid
User avatar #44 - idonthaveapenis (10/15/2011) [+] (5 replies)
i like PENIS AND vagina.. i prefer vagina.
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User avatar #58 to #43 - collegedood (10/15/2011) [-]
you can be hetero or homo, anything in between is a cry for help
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