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I can't seem to find any statistic out there that says 1.6 million Iraqis died. Since April 05, roughly 50,150 civilians lost their lives and about 9,000 Iraqi defense forces have died since then. I'm sure the number is higher than 60,000 since April '05, but 1.6 million?

Source: [url deleted]
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I'm sorry, January '05
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Sorry, new to FJ... the source was iCasualties dot org
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Of course do you care about your own country before other countries. I myself thought that the Utøya-massacre was worse than 9/11, because it happened in Norway. (And a friend of mine was there)..
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so true man
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i dont give a **** about sand *******
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**seniorsmoothybuns rolled a random image** I hope this picture conveys that I agree.
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screw you dude
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no. think with your ******* head. im not saying it was good, and i'm an american and i love this country. by all means it's good that we went to war for this, but we treated them like **** .
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That's only about 585:1. Sounds like we have more work to do. This is why you don't screw with the United States.

Just be glad we haven't nuked you. Yet.
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The point of this post isn't to piss people off. I believe that it is to merely show that, while 9/11 is a very tragic incident that affected the lives of so many people, there is also the other side of the story. This person isn't saying, "Oh you Americans bitch about your 2'976 deaths? Well millions of Middle-Eastern people have died wrongly, so yeah.. we're the ones that should be pitied". Can't we just agree that deaths, whether American, Canadian, Middle-eastern, or any other nationality for that matter, is wrong? Any innocent death is a tragedy, no matter who's side you're on.
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<---agrees about the tragedy of innocent deaths, but disagrees with something.

The poster should state directly what he means, not expect us to interpret it. There are other posts who ARE saying "America, just get over it. You're being pussies", and this poster didn't state anything to suggest he was posting something different. Kinda hard to tell when there's no opposing information from the OP. =P
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I hadn't actually thought of it that way... It was simply my interpretation of the post. You're correct that he should have stated what his intentions were for this post, as different people take it different ways.
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It doesn't belong on FUNNYjunk, whether or not it's right.
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Angus Maddison, Historical Statistics, is the source you're simply ignoring.
So don't try to spit out what type of numbers are "flat out wrong" and why people are "blatanly ignoring the good things".

Wikileaks is the main source of how the U.S soldiers treats the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't bring your ******** propaganda to the internet since people are significantly more open-minded than you are, dear.

And what's up with the muslim references? Did the picture imply any form of religious aspects during the ethnic cleansing done by the United States?

It's now time for the world to see what your government, both past and present, are doing to the world. And be remembered every day why they should not forget what the United States really is.

The American political paradox = more freedom, less democracy.

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Dear The Middle East

   We don't really give a **** .

                         Sincerely, The US
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he/she is talking about all those that are discriminated today for the activities that an outside organisation did
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