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are you retarded? you cant compare being friend zoned by a friend of the opposite sex to being friend zoned with someone of the same sex... it isnt the same at all... plus girls still **** guys they wouldnt get into a relationship with and they call it friends with benefits.. I demand an explanaton lol
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well if i had said "think of your best friend of the opposite gender" every guy would say "yeah id **** her"
but for girls its more like "no, he's my best friend i'd never have sex with him"
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This statement implies girls are not ok with being friends with benefits which is false. girls just lack the balls to tell guys why they say no to them when the topic is about sex or a relationship.

Girl: aww, derp thats sweet but I think we should just be friends.

Translation is "aww, thats sweet but i`m not attracted to you in that way because you dont meet some rediculous standard I hold all but the hot guys to" ;)
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But I'm not homosexual, you ******* moron.
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This. That ******* thing doesn't make sense.
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I was just dealing with the same thing for the past 2 days
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I know this is hypercritical, but I don't know that bitch and I already wanna cut her.
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lol She won't understand.  
Women's brains don't contain logic.
lol She won't understand.
Women's brains don't contain logic.
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It happens with both genders. Sometimes people just don't like others, no matter how much you like them. It happens. It sucks, but it is the truth.
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here is my responce
here is my responce
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I just wanna say, it goes the same way for girls. Like for me, I liked a guy who wasn't really the best looking to everyone else (although I though he was pretty good looking), he was just perfect for me. And you know what? He just left me hanging, and I had to act like I didn't care at all, it was the ********* feeling after we spent the whole summer with each other. I seriously thought I could have a really good relationship with him, and he even told me first that he had liked me, more than a friend, so I thought I had a pretty good chance with him. Then I tell him I like him. Guess what happened? He goes after the rich spoiled popular slut, and said he wants to be friends, and now we're not even friends anymore... so rant over I guess..

TL;DR- Guys can be just as bad as a girls when it comes to this kinda stuff.
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wise words to live by
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The most truth I've ever read.
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I don't know where I stand with this girl I like, she doesn't like me the way I like her (she used to like me, but I was too much of a pussy to do anything). I start a conversation on facebook, out of ******* nowhere she says
"Should meet up sometime :)" (we haven't physically seen each other since December) I say something like
"sure when? :P"
and she replies
"I'll let you know :) soon x"

And i'm not the most talkative of people. Makes me wonder if she actually meant it....Plus she has a boyfriend
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You have no idea what exactly is being friendzoned do you?
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I know it's hard to hear, but it's the truth. No one likes to think of it that way, its easier to blame the girl for being a bitch, but that's not always the case. I'm just trying to help some fellow FJers get out of the friend zone.
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It is NOT about your looks. I'm serious here, it isn't in any way, unless you are SERIOUSLY unattractive. If you treat a girl nicely and pine after her she won't want you purely for the fact that she thinks she can do better. That doesn't mean treat her like **** and ignore her all the time, but if you always compliment her and she knows you don't have any other girl friends than she will brush you off. Also, if you go for the girls that are the most beautiful and have a zillion guys bowing before her than of course you will be friend zoned, get real guys! Stop being hypocritical and see that you're brushing girls off just as much as we are to you. If she's nice, funny, and not hideous, then what's the problem? We could all be having sex right now, come on!
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Sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with you. I dated a girl about 3 years ago. We were literally perfect for each other, we had the same personality and humor etc. I consider myself an average looking guy, but her friends didn't and convinced her to end it because they didn't think I was attractive.
I'm not saying looks are everything, but a lot of people seem to think they are.
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if guys actually liked nice guys i would have to fap everyday
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Quite the pearl of wisdom good sir.
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goddamn, I am sick of hearing guys bitch about how they're "friendzoned." Look, love is a science and although her brain tells her that you're a good guy, her chemistry tells her that you're a loser. People can smell desperation from a mile away. If you want to get pussy or make that special lady fall for you, man up, get your life together, maybe go to the gym, eat healthy, and stop being the beta male. if you had a lady-friend who was nice but fat, ugly, stupid, and desperate, you wouldn't date her...damn hypocrites. Bring on the ******* red thumbs but I speak the truth
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although i understand what you are saying, it is not always the case. sometimes bitches get greedy and think "well if i just stay friends with him while im inbetween boyfriends i will hang out with him so i will never be alone."
it does not always be this way. trust me growing up i was fit, nice, average guy i was on sports teams and **** very popular but i got ******* friend zoned all throughout highschool, so i decided you know what chicks like assholes, so i started being an asshole to girls, never had a problem getting a girl.

So if you want some tips besides going to the gym fellas just be an asshole at the right times and be a nice guy at the right times, cause you dont wanna be a full asshole just like 70-80% of the time. and 100% of the time in the start
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so don't be an asshole in the beginning? because that's what i feel determines your fate in the friend-zone. If you're a nice guy at first you will usually get put in the friend zone, but if you treat her like **** , i.e. be an asshole, then you wont. i mean correct me if i am wrong, in sense we are all here to help each other out. treat her like an asshole, then be nice all of a sudden might work for you. it gives girls that "surprise" factor
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well first off girls want what they cant have, so dont be needed clingy and stuff, it is very much a game for them, people dont understand when i say girls play games, but the fact of the matter they are just looking for another player on the board.

Think of it this way, you walk up and you see this girl and lets say she is everything you love in every way, some how you just know it. well, most people know that you cant just be like "i love you, i will do anything to make you mine." that **** never works but you need to intiate it, its almost like you need to challenge her in a since, gotta make her notice you but at the same time you cant be too into her.

girls want what they can not have, the number one reason why guys get friend zoned is because they can be friend zoned. if a girl has to make the choice between you as a friend and you as a boyfriend 99% of the time you will be ******* friend zoned. but if they girl has to make the choice of you as a boyfriend or none of you at all, she will be more willing to risk it.

this is where the asshole part comes into play, if you are ******* way to nice or whatever and she starts to think of you as a friend she will be hesitant to date you, not saying it cant happen because it does, not all girls are crazy hoes but even with the none crazy ones they ******* friend zone people.

one thing that you need to remember is that you need to be a nice guy here and there just not as much to the girl you are intrested in. i mean you dont wanna do something like call her fat, or anything like that, but feel the situation show her friends a little more intrest with conversation or whatever but make sure you continue to have eye contact with the girl you like.

be nice to some other people but jokingly make fun of her, like if she says something retarded (girls say retarded stuff all the time this will be a giving if you wait long enough) so poke fun of her, call her out, girls hate timid/scared guys, which is why being an ass
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works, because when you are an dickhead it comes across as confident, and girls by nature want someone to be anchored in, and normally they want a strong man, strong personality, not nescerarily will stick up for them but girls like to have the head knowledge that their man can if needed, normally verbaly and depending on where you are, what kind of crowds you run around in physically too. hitting the gym never hurt anyones chances with girls.

soo in summury things to remember,

1. Every mother ******* girl plays a game even if they dont mean to. most of they time they dont its subconscience so figure out the game first then get a game plan and do what you need to, make sure it doesnt have unrealist **** like "save her from a fire" that **** happens less than wining the lotto.

2. Dont be unintrested or overly intrested, this has to do with the girl it will vary which brings me to 3

3. As much as many girls are the same and many of the same two tricks might work on different girls no two girls are the same, make sure that you have figured out what you need to do for this girl inparticular.

4. be Needed not Needy, if she feels like you are someone that she cant live without that will normally do wonders for you, if she feels like you are sucking the life out of you it will normally make her run for the hills, seems like common sense but it does need to be said. (and this is while you are in a relationship as well)

be confident and be yourself, dont give two ***** if people dont like you be who you are cause you are gonna be most natural and most relaxed not pretending to be someone else. if she doesnt like something that you do like, dont say you dont like it. huge mistake lots of guys make is acting like you have the same intrest as her. me and my past three girls didnt have much in common and that normally worked well.

lastly you dont actually have to be an ass, its just the easiest thing i can think of that embodies the above, this is what works for me.
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thanks a lot man. i actually really appreciate you taking the time to write all that out. hopefully more people see this. will help a lot of people out. thanks again man
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i have literally been studying this one on one hetrosexual behavior for a while, so i think i personally know whats going on for me. one other thing dont date down, if you ever feel like you might be settling for the girl you like, the price for the first dinner most likely wont be worth it. but you never know she might be really awesome when you get to know her. anyhow man feel free to ask me anything else, ive read like 8 books on this and taking 2 psych classes and had many Q and A time with my prof. about this stuff
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thanks man. and will do. haha
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Good luck my friend
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indeed you do good sir
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holy **** balls, finally someone speaks out, 1 thumb for you anon
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how did you know you ******* mind reader
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ITS 100% TRUE!!
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