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I can summarize this in one word: Wat.
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u tupid
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You sir, have just opened my eyes, one googleplex of internets to you.
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how do we know that life flashes before our eyes? the only people who could tell us whether it does or not are dead...
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The flashing in your mind is proven to exist, but it is not when people commonly interpret. When your brain is shutting down (death), chemicals in the brain react in the memory lobe, activating strong memories.
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ah, that makes sense. that's pretty cool.
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Someone told me that basically whatever you believe will happen to you after you die will... Therefore no religion is really wrong. Do you think that is at all possible?
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But what if you tried to be a decent person, but thought you were going to hell/being punished, or if you were a bad person and thought you'd be rewarded in your afterlife?

Not trying to shoot the idea down, just curious how that'd work if it was real.
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I take issue with organized religion because basically all of them teach "if you don't agree with me, **** your **** and go to hell for all eternity," which, no matter how you slice it, damns more than half the world's population regardless of their accomplishments in life. Little starving African kids die because they never even hear of the "real" god in their lifetime?

Personally I think that no matter what happens in the end, it doesn't really matter. You only get one shot at life, and maybe possibly an afterlife, so just live the way you are and try to enjoy your stay on Earth without getting hung up on religion or afterlife or death or what comes after.

Basically just live and let live, go about your life your way and let everyone else go about theirs their way, and don't get upset when people disagree or have different beliefs or hobbies. Nobody's right, nobody's wrong. We're all just human.
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I agree; I think an afterlife can sometimes invite people acting rather ******** in the present because they assume they'll have it fine later.

And I see your point on the whole deal with hell, even if it existed, it's too much too late. Have you read/heard of Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle? It's a modernized Dante's Inferno, and touches a lot on that point, and questioning hell and deities, etc.
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I've not heard of it, no, but I'll certainly look it up now that you mention it.

What's even worse is when people live like cowardly little idiots compared to atheists (I guess I classify as an atheist, but again I hate the concept of organized religion on a fundamental basis so I don't like that label...atheism is still an organized religion) who are generally more open to actually enjoying their time on Earth rather than being all worried about morals and sin and stuff. Knock it the **** off, and actually try to get to a point where you can die with dignity and not have lived your life as a monk shut off from society. That annoys me immensely.

Not that I'm some hardcore partier without a care, but I think a lot of the church's morals are getting in the way of people just living their life. Plus then that opens the door for Westboro and the rest of those crazies.

I say just live your life. If you like having parties and drinking and whatever, go for it. If you enjoy sitting on FJ all day, fine. If you do nothing but watch My Little Pony, good for you. Just don't judge others for disagreeing with you and don't constantly spread hate just because people are different.

Live and let live.
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**randomvstheworld rolls 132,854,236**
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Looks like he was patting his dick lol
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This has been in my head for the past week or so, what truley does happen after death? If you do just lie in dirt are you just... there? not being able to think? Or will you just be underneath dirt still able to think but just underground? I mean I believe in heaven... but what if?
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As far as we can tell, nothing really happens. The human consciousness is merely a specific arrangement of atoms/cells, much like the specific arrangement of switches on an AI circuit. I don't see how disrupting that arrangement somehow results in the creation of a copy in another realm. I'm sure some would say, "the human mind is different". But is it really? No special property like a "soul" has ever actually been proven to exist. Our essence are just as bound to this world like the CPU of a laptop, or the ganglion of a cricket. All this talk of afterlife and purpose in life sounds like human chauvinism to me.
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I agree with the guy below me, it's most likely the collapse of your lungs. If the human soul were to exist, where would it occupy, and interact with tangible things like our brain and neurons? But then again, maybe our souls lie at a subatomic level. Before I go on, I'm just taking scientific information and applying it in ways that make sense to me. As you may or may not know, subatomic particles appear to occupy 2 places at once until observed by an outside presence. This presence is not tangible, nor is it made of matter. Could this be the soul, a force that transcends logic and reason, interacting with matter? As well as that, maybe our consciousness is not even real. It could always just be our atoms interacting with each other in marvelous ways to produce clear thinking. Again, this could use consciousness.
User avatar #186 to #175 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
Oh, quantum physics. The conundrum of science and math. I think you misread something here. In quantum physics, the mathematics behind it imply that multiple outcomes could possibly exist until we can confirm which outcome it true. It's like flipping a coin while blindfolded. It's heads and tails at the same time until you confirm it. (And no, the outside presence can be tangible and made of matter). Yet we know there's only one outcome even if we don't look. Quantum physics is still a work in progress and I wouldn't trust its findings too much.

Plus there's the issue of the fact that the atoms in our brains are no different than atoms in a rock. So unless you're suggesting all matter have souls.
#202 to #186 - MidgetInABikini (07/03/2011) [-]
I'm suggesting that perhaps a soul is not some untouchable, spiritual thing. Maybe the soul the force between atoms that changes the very fundamentals of interaction between them, and ifluences them to a certain outcome with a degree of consciousness of its own, which would fit the definition of a god.
User avatar #213 to #202 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
Eh, atoms and the associated forces are governed by unbreakable laws and hence have no freewill. It's difficult to predict with current technology, but it is all predetermined, no choice involved. This lack of choice and consciousness negates the notion of atomic forces being God. Plus the idea of God kind of muddles up what we know of this universe. If a consciousness is involved, it begs the questions of "why" for everything. A godless model of universe doesn't have that problem, we just simply are, no need for a particular reason.
#218 to #213 - MidgetInABikini (07/03/2011) [-]
But that also brings up the question: at what level does consciousness begin to form? Subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, your entire body? Is consciousness simply the result of actions in your brain? If an entire body is there, but it lacks consciousness, say a "philisophical zombie", would it feel as it feels with conscioussness?
User avatar #227 to #218 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
Consciousness is the ability to be self aware. In which case, it would emerge at the intercellular level, but it has to be a more complex intercellular level. So I would say around the brain complexity of higher mammals like apes, dolphins, etc. The body is not truly necessary, as long as the brain has some other way of sustenance and interaction with its surroundings. Consciousness is indeed the result of actions in your brain. So freewill doesn't exist in the sense that every thought and action our minds perform was unavoidable. But it does exist in the sense that we can't calculate our (or others) future actions, hence the best model for visualizing things is as if free will existed.

ex: When you roll a dice, since every atom in it is bound by natural laws, it can only have one outcome. However, our minds can't calculate every single atom and their movements, hence the best model for predicting roll of a dice is as if it truly was randomized, despite the contrary.
#233 to #227 - MidgetInABikini (07/03/2011) [-]
The debate on consciousness, I believe, stems mainly on the definition of consciousness. I personally define it as the sensation of reality and the ability to acknowledge your surroundings and, in some cases, react to them. By this definition, and by your logic, consciousness is past the level of individual cells, into an organ (the brain). But then single celled organisms do not fit that definition. I clearly see now that consciousness has nothing to do with the body or matter at all. It is most likely an idea to define the way we function.
User avatar #239 to #233 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
"I clearly see now that consciousness has nothing to do with the body or matter at all" Wut?

Single celled organisms don't have consciousness. They may react to their surroundings, but this is due to simple chemical chain reactions. There is no acknowledgment involved. That is quite different from how a developed brain works. A brain capable of consciousness perceives the surroundings as an idea, and does more than a simple cause and effect reaction. Consciousness has everything to do with matter. Remove portions of matter from a person's brain and you'd find they have a decreased ability to conceptualize. You're seriously straying quite far from your original "I'm just taking scientific information and applying it in ways that make sense to me" statement because you're not outright rejecting the science part.
User avatar #242 to #239 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
Correction: because you're *now* outright rejecting the science part.
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Also, this absolutely fits the mold of Emerson's "oversoul".
Very fascinating stuff, I urge you to read some of his literature.
User avatar #232 to #204 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
Over-soul? I checked the definitions, the only thing it seems to fit is the idea of "connectivity" between human souls. But first off you haven't proven atomic forces to be actual souls. Second, the "immortal human soul" criteria hasn't been met yet since thus far human consciousness is shown to be tied to human neuron patterns and hence once that is gone, so will the consciousness.

Of course, if you simply define soul as our linkage to each other and this universe, I suppose that works. But of course, I would have to ask, what's the point? You are simply giving a special, emotionally appealing name to a strictly objective property in this universe.
#168 to #139 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
Oh jeez, after browsing through forums about the weight of the soul thing, almost everyone seems to think it's true. Despite the fact that it's officially been declared as inaccurate and biased by the modern medical community. This is just like the "cell phones causes cancer" thing despite all lab testing showing otherwise.
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i think the 2 ounces might be the culmination of the air leaving your lungs, the moisture evaporating from your body, and various external cells shedding off your skin and such. I don't really know for sure.
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User avatar #151 to #139 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
The 2 ounce soul thing was done by a doctor in 1900's and is not considered valid due to quality of scales back then as well as the fact that all further experiments showed no loss of weight after death.

Brain dead case, the arrangement of neurons are still there. Again, think in terms of a computer. One day your laptop stops working and doesn't turn on. 5 years later, you try again, and it turns on. Hardly a miracle. It would be miraculous if you smashed the laptop into pieces and it still works.

Basically, it's not unheard of for a brain to show activity after inactivity because the components needed are still there. Not impossible for something to trigger them back to working condition. Like a bang on a car engine that turns it on. The things on TV are always skewed to slightly favor supernatural things in order to attract viewers. Still love Discovery though.
#161 to #151 - anon (07/03/2011) [-]
Well we don't know what happens, But we do know, energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another. So we in some way know we our bodies compose, But what happens to our Psyche? who we are, That is the question.
User avatar #166 to #161 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
As stated earlier, no evidence has shown the psyche to be separate from the physical arrangement of neurons. Once that ceases to exist, the consciousness ceases to exist.
#136 to #125 - asharkwithlasers (07/03/2011) [-]
I like to believe there's something after our death. I find it depressing, and quite honestly inhuman to think otherwise. Not striving to believe in something after death kind shows a lack of endeavor, a trait that I believe is important in full sentience.

But hey, I'm just an optimist. :D
User avatar #178 to #136 - ienjoyrofling (07/03/2011) [-]
...I like your reply... Can I use it/keep it? It made me smile. :3
#360 to #178 - asharkwithlasers (07/03/2011) [-]
Go for it. :D
User avatar #154 to #136 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
It is an inhuman world after all. Nothing suggests we are the center of attention. But I'm no pessimist either. I believe an eternal afterlife devalues the worth of life. Because if you're going to continue on anyway, what point is there in giving this life your fullest? My non-belief in the afterlife is what pushes me to do the best I can before I die. Hardly a lack of endeavor or sentience.
#170 to #154 - anon (07/03/2011) [-]
Not to sound ignorant or anything, but I always wondered. If Information is never truly destroyed, then what happens to all the information inside someones brain after they die? Do they carry it on with them to the afterlife or do is it like a black hole, where the information is destroyed? even if there is an afterlife?
User avatar #176 to #170 - CaptainObviousMan (07/03/2011) [-]
Well, to me all information exists and can't be destroyed. They are simply known or unknown to us. For instance, even though the concept of calculus, infinity or zero wasn't around in the stone age, it was still very much real. Likewise, the information in someone's brain is like a one of a kind textbook. You can destroy it completely and perhaps no one will ever know what was in it. But the concepts, experiences and thoughts will always be real, even if no one will ever read it.
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This Is one of,if not the best comic I've ever seen on here,I have a 6 year old daughter myself,and it was awkward when she asked the question,but next time I will have a better answer thanks to you,thumbed up,logged out and thumbed up as an anon....It was that good
This Is one of,if not the best comic I've ever seen on here,I have a 6 year old daughter myself,and it was awkward when she asked the question,but next time I will have a better answer thanks to you,thumbed up,logged out and thumbed up as an anon....It was that good
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Well if George Takei says so.....
Well if George Takei says so.....
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The mouth is watching you.
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That's what I thought it was supposed to be...
That's what I thought it was supposed to be...
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every time i see him i think hes some epic chinese dude hiding all these secrets to everything...like what duck sauce is made from
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That's the way I pictured it too.
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I was going to make it look like his daughter was a black widow because of the red hour glass ( the bow )

but im too ******* lazy, so just image it
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Not uncle dave D:
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Whose voice are you guys reading this in?... I'm reading this in Christian Bale's batman voice for some reason...
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It's like you know...  
It's like you know...

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I read everything in Gandalf's voice while playing the Shire music in the background...
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i read the father part in my dads voice the little girl's voice was my funny litle cousin
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When you die and youve been bad you go to philadelphia
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insult a city I love, eh have a thumb anyway
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I actually thumed down
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I'd believe it.
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**bonjangles rolls 72** Of course you don't go to Philadelphia, you go to Mexico. Pfft Fj, give me dubs and i'll believe you go to Philly.
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**anonymous rolls 64** I live in Pennsylvania, Philly is not a nice place to go to die.
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**desviper rolls 41** there
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that honestly made me lagh thumb for you
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