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#332 - flyingr (03/25/2011) [-]
Should I share this on my FB...?
Should I share this on my FB...?
#327 - snowmanxl (03/25/2011) [-]
haha they think your a girl
#348 to #327 - anonymous (03/25/2011) [-]
That's what I was thinking xD
#325 - protodude (03/25/2011) [-]
Wow women are so powerful they get to post about fruit on Facebook. What an honor!
#322 - resbiansrock (03/25/2011) [-]
my sister put peach
User avatar #321 - kakallak (03/25/2011) [-]
what does this have to do with Out-of-the-kitchen Awareness?
#320 - shoyle **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #336 to #320 - armadda (03/25/2011) [-]
the reason I bought and subsequently became addicted to tf2 was the inside jokes I never got.
#313 - Undercover Agent (03/25/2011) [-]
They thought you were a woman
They thought you were a woman
#311 - tigerblue (03/25/2011) [-]
"le Check Notifications.!"
"le Check Notifications.!"
User avatar #315 to #311 - drpepperchick (03/25/2011) [-]
thats a funny gif whered u get it??
User avatar #316 to #315 - tigerblue (03/25/2011) [-]
:D i dont know.?
#317 to #316 - drpepperchick (03/25/2011) [-]
hah it made me laugh like the picture. then my mother came in the room and then walked out....thanks xD
#324 to #317 - tigerblue (03/25/2011) [-]
Bahaa.! Welcomee... Thumb Up Pleasee.?
Bahaa.! Welcomee... Thumb Up Pleasee.?
#331 to #324 - drpepperchick (03/25/2011) [-]
Maaayyyybeee.... ok.
User avatar #309 - xopaboy (03/25/2011) [-]
great way to help with breast cancer awareness bv telling wich color of bra you are wearing, good job women
#308 - ariroobn (03/25/2011) [-]
Hahaha my girlfriend's bra is blue!
Hahaha my girlfriend's bra is blue!
#307 - ariroobn has deleted their comment [-]
#306 - insomaniac (03/25/2011) [-]
#302 - potatopotato (03/25/2011) [-]
Today, I started a group for MEN kinda like this, and got all of my male counterparts to invite all of their MANLY friends and so on and so on. The 'game' that we are going to start tomorrow is 'WHERE WE LIKE TO EAT OUR MUTHA ****** SAMMICHES'. So tomorrow at noon, post as your facebook status 'I like it on the table, while watching football, on the ground, with cold beer, in the back seat of my car, while in the shower, while driving' etc. etc. My fellow men, the war is on. Let us show women all over the globe that we MEN are not as naive as we may seem. NOON tomorrow. Spread the word! I am not thumb whoring, this is legit! If you want in, let me know!
#358 to #302 - dnf (03/25/2011) [-]
best IDEA EVAAAH I want in
User avatar #341 to #302 - skeletorinthibitch (03/25/2011) [-]
User avatar #343 to #341 - potatopotato (03/25/2011) [-]
send me a message on here with your e-mail address in it, and I'll send you a link to the page. I can only do it through an e-mail because it is set as a private event.
User avatar #352 to #343 - skeletorinthibitch (03/25/2011) [-]
elricochico305@ aol.com :l
User avatar #354 to #352 - potatopotato (03/25/2011) [-]

This is me. If the e-mail doesn't work, just add me on facebook and I'll send the invite later tonight.
#329 to #302 - schmitty (03/25/2011) [-]
hell yea lets do this ****
User avatar #337 to #329 - potatopotato (03/25/2011) [-]
send me a message on here with your e-mail address in it, and I'll send you a link to the page. I have to do it this way because it is a private event.
#301 - alrod (03/25/2011) [-]
wow those women are stupid anyone can see anything u put on fb
User avatar #355 to #301 - adamferrare (03/25/2011) [-]
its a private group
#357 to #355 - alrod (03/25/2011) [-]
yeah then how did he join
User avatar #363 to #357 - adamferrare (03/25/2011) [-]
someone invited him
#300 - quiggles (03/25/2011) [-]
User avatar #299 - porchmonkeywarrior (03/25/2011) [-]
i wondered what the **** those things meant
#298 - TimeWarpRaped (03/25/2011) [-]
This **** has been confusing me until ome girl told me what about the bra thing last year. She didnt tell me what her color meant though >.< You are awesome dude!
User avatar #297 - victoryismine (03/25/2011) [-]
so all guys knew what our statuses meant? ok with me. rasberry FTW.
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