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#398 - anonymous (03/25/2011) [-]
#397 - funnyjunkelite (03/25/2011) [-]
at first i was like

but then i was like
User avatar #396 - DorkButton (03/25/2011) [-]
I get those a lot. Probably because I'm a girl.
#395 - mojayhatesbeiber (03/25/2011) [-]
How the hell do these girls expect to gain awareness for breast cancer by making ta-ta colorcoded hidden statuses. Okay then, bitches, lose your tits. God. Women. They won't tell you what they want!
#393 - anonymous (03/25/2011) [-]
lol stupid bitches :D
User avatar #392 - HANKDATANK (03/25/2011) [-]
You've done a great thing here. Putting the women in their place and relieving thousands of guys of endless confusion. All facebook stalking men alike owe you a sincere thank you.
#391 - Altru (03/25/2011) [-]
finally i get it now... thank you, good sir
finally i get it now... thank you, good sir
#390 - shamrooney (03/25/2011) [-]
Lol I trolled for teh lulz
#388 - haganbmj (03/25/2011) [-]
You're not a spy, you're a female.
User avatar #387 - ShockedNazi (03/25/2011) [-]
i think they just wanted to confuse guys and use breast cancer as an excuse for when guys said it was stupid
#385 - BillLumberg (03/25/2011) [-]
#383 - anonymous (03/25/2011) [-]
Aaaand... how does that help fight Breast Cancer?
User avatar #380 - Regiathius (03/25/2011) [-]
Someone sent me this... I think they sent me it as a joke 'cause I am gay.
#386 to #380 - anonymous (03/25/2011) [-]
So? Now you to, are a spy.
User avatar #389 to #386 - Regiathius (03/25/2011) [-]
I am always a spy
#379 - anonymous (03/25/2011) [-]
#378 - grizzlyatver (03/25/2011) [-]
How do you fix a broken dishwasher?  
You hit her.
How do you fix a broken dishwasher?

You hit her.
#376 - unanonanon (03/25/2011) [-]
i know its not as high of a chance but cant men get brest cancer too?
User avatar #375 - xSteadFastx (03/25/2011) [-]
Every girl was posting some kind of a fruit. Out of confusion, I wrote "Peanuts". Amidoingitwrong?
User avatar #374 - Tyranitar (03/25/2011) [-]
" I got a great idea to spread awareness of breast cancer! Lets do this very confusing color thing and make sure the men have no clue what it means!"
#377 to #374 - djpage **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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