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#239 - hunkat (03/02/2011) [-]
I lol'd. Well played sir.
#259 to #239 - iseefags (03/02/2011) [-]
Well played indeed.
#101 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
Whats wrong with you? You complety missed the point of your own apology and not only affended me as proud and rights derserving woman, but everyone else you retard! Only retards like you make them kind of mistakes, or more or less every ones parents on this website. They made horrible, horrible mistakes.
#140 to #101 - prowlergirl (03/02/2011) [-]
why...i just want to know why. =/ i don't know WHAT your issue is, but i'm a female myself and i thought this was hilarious.

.....and where the hell do parents come into play?? i just don't understand!

<<<< maybe this will sum up everything for me.
#145 to #140 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
Just go ask them how they regret having you. You turned out to be a failure who spends there days on a website intended for children.
#153 to #145 - prowlergirl (03/02/2011) [-]
.....wat. i am offended now.

ACTUALLY, i'm the greatest success thus far in my family. very little of my family went to college...right now, i am a college freshman majoring in accounting and so far, i have received no grade lower than a B+. and ******* accounting? yeah, i'll probably end up making TONS more than you ever will.

problem, feminist? also, keep in mind that YOU'RE ALSO ON THIS SITE RIGHT NOW AS WELL! right now, instead of doing actual work (how old are you anyway? 20's? 30's?), you're on this "children's site".

so far every one of your comments here are just... ******* stupid and embarrassing to yourself. so just stop trying to one-up me...you will not be able to it

oh, and one more thing...it's **their days** =]
#106 to #101 - naggerz (03/02/2011) [-]
You should be spending less time on funnyjunk and more time in the kitchen... Plus your grammar is horrible, now go make some sammiches
#109 to #106 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
Yes, but you wouldnt say that to a woman in real life though would you? Plus, your probaly twelve and havent even been in a proper relationship.
#113 to #109 - naggerz (03/02/2011) [-]
So hows those sammiches coming along? im getting hungry
#114 to #113 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
Yes, cover your own insecurity with insults.
#115 to #114 - naggerz (03/02/2011) [-]
Insecurity? Using [url deleted] again eh, turn off the computer and back to the kitchen...
#120 to #115 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
Wow you ******* retard, the link was deleted. It was only a gay porn site that you and your twelve year old friends like to call, happy time with mister pinner.
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#128 to #120 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
You really need to calm down. The fact that you're so quick to insult others for making jokes about your gender just goes to show how immature you are. I'm not going to say that you should make a sandwich or anything, but anything you could spend your time doing that isn't insulting people on the internet who are just trying to have a good time is time well spent in my opinion.
#141 to #128 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
Yes, but you do realise i am not a woman and i am trolling an internet website and fooling small minded retards who think they can impress some one who wastes there time trolling a website intended for twelve year olds by replying with more then a sentence is beyond me.
#438 to #141 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
... well played sir. Well played indeed...
#151 to #109 - anon (03/02/2011) [-]
Lol im a ******* anon and cant speak ****
#116 to #101 - CrucifiedPuppy (03/02/2011) [-]
I think the woman in the picture dressing like a whore is more at fault than the innocent bystander who justs wants to take a picture of a bridge.

Are you the woman in this picture? No? Then you have no right to be offended.

If you are the woman in this picture THEN DON'T DRESS LIKE A ******* WHORE!!

The whole point of this post is irony. Obviously the apology was phony as he doesnt give a **** whether he *offends people, and he has every right to not give a **** . He didn't say anything offensive about women did he? No? The picture doesn't have any offensive slogans does it? No? therefore it is not offensive. The problem is you are obviously over-sensitive and stupid so STFU and tits or GTFO... and make some goddamn sammiches! woman!
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well i'm glad you finally came to your senses about forwarding inappropriate things
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ew don't eat it
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Those Flowers Look Absolutely Gorgeous.
#345 to #338 - itarion (03/02/2011) [-]
What flowers? I was to busy looking... at...

That docked boat .
User avatar #351 to #345 - iTzZac (03/02/2011) [-]
HOLY **** .
I think I see a hole.....In...

..The side of that bridge.
#278 - eggscrambles (03/02/2011) [-]
The perfect position...
User avatar #184 - Rodghhh (03/02/2011) [-]
Fassinating indeed.
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Dat ass
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