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#203 - GordenFreeman **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #202 - xxselrahcxx (02/18/2011) [-]
The red captions between pictures were unnecessary.
User avatar #201 - Keewee (02/18/2011) [-]
left and right arent vertical angles
#199 - EVANSURYASETIAWAN (02/18/2011) [-]
those test remind me to this
#215 to #199 - sgkement **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#197 - Taerocker (02/18/2011) [-]
"Kid should have not shown jngnfra;goanmsglo."
Don't tease me by cutting off your text!
User avatar #196 - ImustGetBanned (02/18/2011) [-]
First of all this is OC so these are all tests you took Judy? Oh and btw thank god for some original OC, I was so tired of the unoriginal "Original Content."
User avatar #194 - DanielOmg (02/18/2011) [-]
Only thing is that in the women = problems, in maths 'and' is addition, as in five and six make eleven.
#190 - zerozerozerothree (02/18/2011) [-]
how is it original i've seen all of these the only original part is the crappy commentary under each pic
#189 - ThePrecious (02/18/2011) [-]
OC? Pffft....
#188 - deviants **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#187 - AlbinoJoe (02/18/2011) [-]
How men take a test...
#186 - TheGuru (02/18/2011) [-]
it's Original OC? so original original content? Well, it's not OC anyways.
User avatar #184 - MrMarshallMan (02/18/2011) [-]
Two of these I saw when I was eight XD But you still get a thumb from me :D
#182 - anonymous (02/18/2011) [-]
it's a sad day when you know how to answer all of those questions correctly without having to think about it too much
#181 - IAMSTEEEVEE has deleted their comment [-]
#179 - extrememe (02/18/2011) [-]
The 10th one down kinda reminded me of this pic
#176 - GiggityGuy (02/18/2011) [-]
You need time AND money, so that's:
Time PLUS Money. Not Time MULTIPLIED by Money. That just doesn't even make sense.

So therefore, Women=2Money
And then, Women= 2(square root of all problems)

Basic Algebra.
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