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#117 - anonymous (05/26/2012) [-]
I can count to "IDIOTS"
#98 - anonymous (10/03/2011) [-]
this girl goes to my school. this is so mean. shes so clever!
#96 - anonymous (10/06/2009) [-]
Thats cant be right...
should that P be capitalized?
#77 - anonymous (09/21/2009) [-]
Everybody stop complaining!
You are all just angry because people are starting to post funny pictures again, instead of the softporn that has been overflowing lately. This is funny!
#65 - anonymous (09/21/2009) [+] (1 reply)
she has down syndrome. so does my brother. ur an asshole.
#62 - anonymous (09/21/2009) [-]
those poor kids :( must be hard for them to have a normal life.
#24 - anonymous (09/20/2009) [-]
ooo god i luahged so hard i agree with #22 im going to hell lol
#13 - anonymous (09/20/2009) [-]
it should be spinning in two different directions
User avatar #52 - Kevinb (09/21/2009) [-]
i feel afwful for kids who go though that kind of pain. but this picture made me laugh
User avatar #15 - AdolfHitler (09/20/2009) [-]
Nice reposting, faggot.
User avatar #60 - Brain Duster (09/21/2009) [-]
lol is that a spud on the screan with a rainbow behind it? LOL GAY POTATO!
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