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Guia Salud Media
0 subscribers , created at Oct 14 , updated at Oct 18 , 2 items total
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No entries found.
Role models
1 subscribers , created at Jul 12 , updated at Oct 18 , 2 items total
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This channel is to provide kids with inspirational, stories of people, who had persevered and succeeded in life even in the face of scrutiny and adversity. This channel's aim is to try and help promote the values of hard work, perseverance and determination, and values a like with children, in order to secure a bright and healthy future.
So Much Perfection
0 subscribers , created at Oct 17 , updated at Oct 17 , 1 items total
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Suddenly... PERFECTION!
Mirai Nikki
2 subscribers , created at Aug 02 , updated at Oct 17 , 11 items total
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this is an anime channel strictly for the anime/manga Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) i really hope this catches on
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