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Random pics with random stuff
74 subscribers , created at Aug 20 , updated at Apr 20 , 93 items total
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This channel is just one random channel with loads of diffrent pictures that makes you laugh.
Time for Katawa Shoujo!
1655 subscribers , created at Jun 04 , updated at Apr 20 , 5470 items total
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A channel for Katawa Shoujo pics, since Katawa Shoujo is the single most awesome visual novel in the world.
Posts for the sake of flaming or hating only will be deleted and I have a banhammer too. I don't want to abuse my power, but I won't tolerate pointless hate.
Dota 2
243 subscribers , created at Mar 30 , updated at Apr 20 , 354 items total
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Dota/dota 2 related comics etc.
Bring the best cringe you have
617 subscribers , created at Apr 25 , updated at Apr 20 , 359 items total
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this channel is only for cringe material, NOT gore. go to the morbid channel for that.
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