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The channel for the FJ Roll-Playing Game
7 subscribers , created at May 21 , updated at Jun 02 , 4 items total
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The Roll-Playing Game is a lighthearted, whimsical (and borderline nonsensical) version of a traditional roleplaying game. The name is a pun, a joke about the game's basis in random characters, abilities, and a variety of *roll* commands.
Anybody can make an encounter for the Roll-Playing Game, but currently the encounters are being led by me, Kytonlord.
Find people to play games with :D
0 subscribers , created at Jun 02 , updated at Jun 02 , 1 items total
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I wanted to make this channel because sometimes its hard to find people to play game with, so post here and find a group for that new game you wanna play with people
Time for Katawa Shoujo!
1668 subscribers , created at Jun 04 , updated at Jun 02 , 5524 items total
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A channel for Katawa Shoujo pics, since Katawa Shoujo is the single most awesome visual novel in the world.
Posts for the sake of flaming or hating only will be deleted and I have a banhammer too. I don't want to abuse my power, but I won't tolerate pointless hate.
1823 subscribers , created at Dec 01 , updated at Jun 02 , 1752 items total
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