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Everything related to Dark Souls. What else is there to explain? **** .
Civilization 4
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For the PC game civilization, i have played many video games but i can't find a game that i like better than civilization 4 if you haven't played it i highly suggest buying it since it is old and very cheap. Probably one of the best games in my opinion
Post anything military related
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Welcome servicemembers, vets, and lurkers. Post anything military related on this channel. Don't be disrespectful to one another, don't be a POG, BOOT, or LEG (Ok you can be if you aren't a little cunt about it). Special shout out to the US Army. And Anti-ISIS posts are welcome any day of the week. Thearmydude out.
call of duty funny pics
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****** , post funny caps from like, mw3 or something, **** i dont know
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