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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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[big]Ponytime posting guidelines*
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[big]Ponytime posting guidelines*
Looking for Art, Fanfiction or Music? Try out these threads!

Tabletop Game Finder
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A place to find open slots in tabletop games. AND YOU BETTER ******* READ THIS
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A place to find open slots in tabletop games. AND YOU BETTER ******* READ THIS

A couple of rules, just so that we maintain a semblance of order:
1) Don't be an asshole. Like seriously, just don't.
2) As a general rule, DMs should make a content searching for people. Players, comment on content and then, ideally, DMs will respond. This whole system is subject to change and will improve and be modified as feedback flows in.
3) There will be a blacklist in the form of a google Docs word file. This will include lists of people who are just *********** or are assholes.
4) DMs are at full liberty to request certain types of players or bar others. Powergaming and getting huge numbers have a time and a place, but some DMs want their games to be more roleplay centric or want a smaller scale to their campaigns.
5) There will be a list of DMs that have graciously volunteered to help make games for new players to learn systems, understand that these individuals are making a personal sacrifice to do this and aren't available all the time.
6) Finally, all content posted on this channel appears solely in this channel, this is not the place to be posting tabletop-related content, only advertising spots in games and searching for them as well.
Lighter side of badassery
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where people can discuss martial arts and post awesome or funny videos and pictures. this is a good channel for debate and sharing.
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For anything Tokusatsu related. This means shows like Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Ultraman and much more.
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