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Why not Zoidberg?
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The official channel for the FunnyJunk Pokemon League
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The official channel for the FunnyJunk Pokemon League

Welcome to the FJ-Pokemon League
In order to get in the top percentage of trainers and finally become a Pokemon Master, you first have to make your way through the 8 gyms of where you will encounter some of the mightiest battlers of FunnyJunk. Every gymleader uses pokemon of the same type, and each gym will have its very own rules. Informations about these rules can be found in the specific gym-thread. You will battle the 8 gyms in the following order:

1- bonkerswomble- Poison
2- ancientchaos- Electric
3- mopmanmoss- Fighting
4- axelpyro- Dark
5- renkelvin- Steel
6- BossTamsy- Water
7-lego- Fire
8- anonmourous- Ice
(links will follow)

Just in case you have mysteriously made it through the 8 gyms, don't celebrate too soon, there is still the Elite 4
You thought the gyms were hard? How little you know. The 4 members all follow the same rules which can be found here:www.funnyjunk.com/channel/fj-poke-league/Elite+Four+Rules+see+desc/tfmYGgs
The Elite 4 members can be fought in every order you desire, but you have to fight every member with the same team! don't even try, they'll find out:

will be edtited later witch links

If you manage to defeat the entire Elite 4, you are now the Champ of FunnyJunk, and have now to fight every young trainer who beats the Elite 4 until someone defeats you. This fairly talented Trainer will then be the Champ of FunnyJunk and so on.
The server used for FJ-League battles is pokemonistan.
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national geographic
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