Yahoo Answers Comp 2. Subscribe if you want to see more, cause I'm gonna make another one soon. If you wanna see the first one, check my profile.. Your Reached  bird is the word
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Yahoo Answers Comp 2

Yahoo Answers Comp 2. Subscribe if you want to see more, cause I'm gonna make another one soon. If you wanna see the first one, check my profile.. Your Reached

Subscribe if you want to see more, cause I'm gonna make another one soon.
If you wanna see the first one, check my profile.

Your Reached Question Sherri me seether ,
Am i malty the millionth visitor?
2 herum
Best Answer _ Cheese by Asher
Yes WU are. and Hyde we me your credit card and sacral security
number. I will send we a has master!
2 news age Fl Regen Abuse
are we
la than Shaw he “EH I
How can I bum fat and get any legs?
Imam , lineal
Answers in Shaw: _ . ll El
Sundial: I I
hiep'. Btww,
e we - an than
1" Open Question Show tee seether ,
Jhi,, What is the worte??? Pl I?
Fm struggling Cine M this were! Basically it' s the same as indepence but it' s not
Litre lei example. when looks at year work and it was them an idea lei their
ewe went. " net stelin. its just... infa! rriee! . But " net .
Please help! Thanks C:
l terms age - A clays tattle answer. Fl Hebert Abuse
mist-. re I this stir‘: g
entree Bat. sit Interesting! _ ..' J Sara '
Answers in
H are bird- bird. lowbird' s the were
bird. hire. bird. the the is the were
hire. bird, bird. well. the are is the were
hire. bird, hire. baords the were
bite. bird, bird, well. the hire is the were
bird, brie. Here' s the were
bird, bird. bird. bums the were
Ansell's- bird. bird. bird. well. the bird is the were
Anetta. bird, bird. herds the were
Haw to win a pelts war‘?
American l were» Fr Hebert acres:
Best Answer " Cheese by hatin-
H Traci's there than. SHE? and line out their habits and matinee. than catch them
1, we night and " there with a quiet: knife such to the Drain
aam tnat' !
sigma; crescent niece- when the the eke. scene up their mimics and bury there at a
abscesses as yeti melts the um names at The Devil. LEW. The of Lies,
Maakt, and Hebert .
Either that, or just send them a mums saying ‘step petting me. rich.‘
mamas easier. Iguess. Nowr eel. man.
1 may P was
Asher‘: Eating: a ** as
this a high mil Ia matte. but marries. man
Heme r all t: > Health t Gen ere! Health Care t First are a open Crusshes
Open Question Sherri ere anemia s
E I bite the skin aroung my nails and I been
Poast: hea.. trying to quit but it' s hard, help?
i need help with this bad habit at bribing the shin armed my Sings nails. This has been
racing en since I was In elementary and I went tell we how elel are because "
embarrassing but please help we I need good ideas and answers and please dent
say chew grim because that is ping to became with time. I am planning an
wasting zeta cellars " nating that mating my hard earned dollars.
19 Tutti , A &tes Bft lit answer Ft Rm ENE!
eaten Ear 1 o _ Sate _
get hand epithets and erg argued Next time we chew your earls we' ll be like
Man my finga tastes like crap.'" Then reality will sink in .Prablem stchmo..... l% pauley
abouse we - Eat - New
H Get we the habit of scratching grant beet . and I dent mean a cheek scratch I mean
My personal favorite
Worth the read
Received Shaw his enema! 1
E it the big bang realty happened why are there
Tee pictures of it er video resenting?
l as net listen ts this lubrication celled "science." Since all lthe answers 1
need can be fauna in the bible. However. happen ta came amass this big bang idea,
that started the universe Fe be lying iii said i are net start laughing put teed. After
slamming down. i tried it: find seine real videos an this event and was net able ta line
a single ens. than i teed to the same pictures, and i had en luster either. However. t
mend a let m latte computer generated pictures and videos Let me tell we that I am
no ene ever brought this up, and that this ever Warm that the videos
and pictures these liars presented tn we were fat. -re Has the weed test its mind?
I were age F Hebert Abuse
Haw ears you insult the were wry. I will pray that yeti Individuals who has lest
teeth with nurture find it seem esters we end up in hell
The pure level insanity here is unbelievable, haw can we AND HOW DARE
compare the were e gee re that eta ? it times were tight. we individuals weed
rightfully be punished. And even amongst this chess and blasphemy, new of yeti have
pierced ens real sleep er picture. ‘Nut his its may went an individuals with weaker
mind. by trying to divert the answer and amid the treatise by retiring about time and
technoligy. This is a clear indication that we either do not want tn accept that I am
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#5 - anon
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(07/18/2013) [-]
If the last person isn't a troll, then my jimmies are extremely rustled.
User avatar #4 - faithrider
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(10/06/2012) [-]
last person is a troll. if they weren't then they would have capitalized anything related to the Lord
#3 - anon
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(05/18/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #12 at That works too ** mfw i have video tape of me and jesus ****** bitches and gettin high.
#2 - anon
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(05/18/2012) [-]
The last person must be a troll. No body can be that stupid.
#1 - anon
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(05/17/2012) [-]
Hurray, the Pidgeon/Chess paradigm again.