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I have no idea. I don't see why they would be. All they do is make you really buff. If you're not using them to cheat in a competition then whatever.

I'd personally use them. My dick is already small, might as well get really buff so if anyone laughs at me I can at least knock them the **** out.
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Actually your dick will be fine.
Your balls however will be smaller than a grape, that and you'll develop a higher pitched voice. See you're not producing anymore testosterone (the thing that makes you manly) since you're ingesting a similar substance instead, thus your testosterone produces (balls) shrink from misuse.
Also it's not always gonna be "real" muscle, see pic.
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And then people take testosterone to level out, which makes their bodies produce more estrogen to match up, which ends up with your body developing female characteristics like man tits.

This leads to people getting their man tits surgically removed and they end up with a ****** up body with a lot of muscle.

Dont take steroids.
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Is that his fap hand?
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They are incredibly unhealthy for your body.

Zyzz is a great example of why you shouldn't take steroids.
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They don't make you buff, they produce hormones which stimulate you to get buff. It's not like it's a free pass for schwarzeneggerness.
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