(titles). .. I remember when I used to use consoles. I built a gaming computer a few months ago and have now ascended above and beyond the petty squabbles of console gamers.
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#2 - thekeeperofthumbs (12/01/2013) [-]
**thekeeperofthumbs rolls 3**
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Clearly shopped guys
#8 to #2 - viralkamina ONLINE (12/02/2013) [-]
is this like some new mathematic **** they're trying to sale us? first letters and then this reversed E ?? goddam!
#25 to #2 - Einsty (12/02/2013) [-]
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Rolls what?
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Half life 3 confirmed
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What's that number? I've never seen it before.
#34 to #6 - suprmonkey (12/02/2013) [-]
uh... its a 3 bro
uh... its a 3 bro
#46 to #34 - thekeeperofthumbs (12/02/2013) [-]
No, my friend, you are the retard.
#48 - shabalaguy (12/02/2013) [-]
Guys Gmod is $3 now
Guys Gmod is $3 now
User avatar #5 - darkeyedangel (12/02/2013) [-]
ahhh gabe the man who never did anything 3 times
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No ****** squeals!
#21 to #5 - Rascal (12/02/2013) [-]
What the **** is ''3''?
#3 - Rascal (12/01/2013) [-]
This is pretty goddamn accurate to what's going on..
User avatar #16 - banditowolf (12/02/2013) [-]
I remember when I used to use consoles. I built a gaming computer a few months ago and have now ascended above and beyond the petty squabbles of console gamers. no gta 5 you say? wait and see my prettys, for pc is the slow and gentle tree sap that will consume an annoying console beetle.

gaben is love.
gaben is life.
User avatar #59 to #16 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
Its funny because you're actually only contributing to the "petty squabble" even more.
#62 to #16 - rupok (12/02/2013) [-]
Welcome my brother.
#54 to #16 - xnayx (12/02/2013) [-]
'pc is the slow and gentle tree sap that will consume an annoying console beetle' - banditowolf, 2013.
#29 to #16 - Jameshaich (12/02/2013) [-]
I get to complete GTA 5, then get it on PC.
Because I play console and PC.
Because i'm not childish and enjoy video games.
And I work part time at minimum wage so I can buy a game or two.
User avatar #61 to #29 - hazenberdan (12/02/2013) [-]
Yeah,I have a Wii, A PS3,a 360,and a PC. I think the console war **** is just childish.
#22 - kalvissh (12/02/2013) [-]
I bought a pc game and it wouldn't load it without internet. Of course, i didn't have internet at home. I hate steam.
#12 - radsavage (12/02/2013) [-]
Glorious PC gaming master race!
#30 - cyphertwentyone **User deleted account** (12/02/2013) [-]
I'm an old-fag PC gamer and I hate what it has become. What made PC gaming the master race that it is was exclusives that you could get no ware else. Back in the day you could not find games like Baldur's Gate, Quake 3, Age of Empires ect. on a console. The lack of PC exclusives nowa days is mostly due to publishers uninterested in making a PC exclusive game. I'm sorry Valve fanboys but Steam is not the savoir of PC gaming nor are MODs. A strong PC exclusive is what will save PC gaming.
User avatar #32 to #30 - soupkittenagain (12/02/2013) [-]
That Star Citizen game everyone keeps talking about?
User avatar #69 to #30 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
This guy knows what's up. There have only been a handful of great exclusives on PC in the past few years. Steam might be a great delivery platform, but its made good exclusives with a decent budget very hard to come by. It used to be about bragging about having stuff like Duke Nukem and Doom and Quake. Now its all about bragging because your multiplats have better resolution, and if you really care about the games themselves and not just bragging rights, that shouldn't matter when the other guys' list of exclusives is a mile longer. The Witcher was the last PC esclusive that made me consider upgrading, but even that franchise got moved to console.
#13 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
So if PC is Moses then clearly Nintendo is God.
User avatar #28 to #13 - anusraper (12/02/2013) [-]
but seriously, u serious ***** ?
User avatar #64 to #28 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
I'm more serious than an anusraper.
User avatar #65 to #64 - anusraper (12/02/2013) [-]
but you do know that the wii u and the wii and the 3ds suck major ass ?
User avatar #66 to #65 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
I know that I play them and have more fun with them than you do on your platform of choice. And that I probably payed a lot less money for them than you did for yours. And that you'll stay mad about it.
User avatar #68 to #66 - anusraper (12/02/2013) [-]
*you think
i have a wii u btw, hacked it and almost all the games suck, bought is specially for Monster Hunter..
even if u have fun with a brick, that doesn't make it a good console, the fact is that their competition is way better
User avatar #71 to #68 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
Well looks like I was right about my last point. But you be sure to enjoy Knack the simplistic and poorly thought out platformer, Killzone the Generic Shooter that would have looked better on PC, Ryse the Simon Says Simluator, Forza the Generic Racing Simulator #574.

I'll be having a lot more fun with Legend of Zelda, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, ZombiU, Nindendoland, Monster Hunter, and Sonic Lost Worlds. Oh, and did I mention that all of the exclusives are at native 1080p and 60 fps? I hope you enjoy that on your couple exclusives OH WAIT YOU CAN'T? Stay mad faggot.
User avatar #72 to #71 - anusraper (12/02/2013) [-]
oh wow, good for you )) keep playing those games meant for 13yr old's, and wow, 1080p ??? the newest and best definition out there ?
i'm actually not mad, but you're a huge faggot ;)
User avatar #73 to #72 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
I only act like a faggot when other people do. What the **** do you expect when you open a conversation saying "Do you know that ______ sucks major ass?"

Its funny that you talk about 1080p at 60fps sarcastically when you support consoles that don't even have it, though. I have to say, I laughed for a good while at that. But anyways, I will keep playing my ten exclusives made for 13 year olds that have better controls, more engaging gameplay, higher framerate, and require more skill than any of your, what, five exclusives on both platforms combined? WOW, VIRTUALLY NO NEW INNOVATIONS, NO GAMES, AND AN INABILITY TO RUN GAMES AT A DECENT FRAMERATE AND RESOLUTION! THE NEXT GEN IS FINALLY HERE! YOU MUST REALLY ENJOY THOSE NEW CONSOLES!
User avatar #76 to #73 - anusraper (12/02/2013) [-]
the ps4 doesn't have 60fps and full HD ? are you stupid m8 ? xp
uk.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4_vs._Xbox_One_vs._Wii_U_Comparison_Chart ==> get your facts straight
the only positive thing about the wii U is that it has monster hunter and that people who love minecraft can enjoy every game in minecraft graphics xD
User avatar #77 to #76 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
In Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed, and even Killzone and Knack, there are frequent framerate drops to bellow 45 fps. I would know, I've played them all quite a few times on various consoles. You don't get that **** in Zelda or Mario.

The only positive thing about the PS4 and XBox One is that people who have way too much money can dump it all into over priced consoles with paid online, so that they don't have to worry about having too much money ever again!
User avatar #19 to #13 - barryscott (12/02/2013) [-]
Obviously, when their current console is pretty much dead.
Sorry to say it, but it is.
#37 to #19 - angelusprimus (12/02/2013) [-]
they control 85% market in handheld gaming.
And they make money on each console sold, while MS and Sony lose money on each sold.
If we look at pure profits companies make on their gaming stuff, Nintendo beats Sony and Microsoft combined.
User avatar #47 to #37 - barryscott (12/02/2013) [-]
Nintendo's Wii U is way behind, and they had a year start.
#67 to #47 - angelusprimus (12/02/2013) [-]
It doesn't matter.
Look, they sold 3.9 million wii u consoles.
they make 150 dollars on each console. Which means they made 585 million dollars on consoles alone.
On top of that they sold 35 MILLION 3ds and 2ds consoles combined.
they make 50 dollars on each.
Which means they made 1.75 BILLION on those consoles.
So right now Nintendo has made 2.3 billion dollars on consoles they sold.

Now lets look at Microsoft and sony.
They sold 2.25 million consoles combined. Sony loses 100 dollars on each. Microsoft 120 dollars on each console.
so lets say 110 dollars loss in average. It means that so far, microsoft and sony have LOST 247.5 million dollars.
Now if we know that they make 8$ on each game sold on their consoles. They have to sell nearly 31 million copies of games, just to hit ZERO. While Nintendo racks the money in.
So yeah. Is Wii U competition to Ps4 and Xbox one? As a serious console? No. As a profit maker? Sony and Microsoft aren't even playing in the same league.
User avatar #70 to #67 - barryscott (12/02/2013) [-]
Yes, it does matter. So many companies have decided to not produce games for the Wii U due to the lack of sales.
User avatar #74 to #70 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
The shipment numbers don't matter nearly as much when the profit is high enough.

And honestly it doesn't need that much more third party support. Half of its exclusives are third party (Monster Hunter, Sonic, Wonderful 101, ZombiU, Rayman), but who buys a nintendo console for anything other than nintendo games?
User avatar #75 to #74 - barryscott (12/02/2013) [-]
It does need the support as that's what sells within the industry; generic games, such as CoD, Fifa, and Battlefield sell well, and the Wii U isn't getting the support. For ***** sake Fifa 14 is on the PS2, but not the Wii U. Maybe you can sell it has a blessing as those games are utter toss.
#20 to #19 - Rascal (12/02/2013) [-]
I wouldn't say the Wii U is dead, because we've seen nintendo systems make a comeback before, the 3DS sold horribly for a good while, now it has sold over 34 million. I wouldn't count nintendo out just yet.
User avatar #24 to #20 - barryscott (12/02/2013) [-]
That was due to a great selection of games, a price drop, and no real competitor. The Wii U currently has two competitors, it's expensive , and doesn't have any killer games.

It's dead.
User avatar #55 to #24 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
Its not even close to expensive. Its $300 with at least one $50 game included and no paid online compared to Sony and MS which are $450 and $560 with no included games. You clearly don't know what the consumer views as "expensive". And anyway, they are hardly even direct competitiors. Do you really think anyone deliberates between a PS4 and WiiU the same way they would an Xbox One and PS4? No. That's like saying that Toys R Us is directly competing with Walmart and Target. They are clearly going for a different audience.

Obviously it was a ******* joke saying that Nintendo is God. No platform is that much better in all aspects than the other, and praising companies like that is retarded, but so is pretending like you get to claim when and how a console has died. Don't know if you remember the gamecube, but its really looking not all that worse for nintendos platform now than it was then, and they stuck it out that generation and built up one of the best exclusive libraries of all time, and bounced back harder than ever the next generation.
User avatar #60 to #55 - barryscott (12/02/2013) [-]
Nintendo decided to focus upon the casual market, and where are they now? Playing mobile devices.
User avatar #63 to #60 - indecisivejew (12/02/2013) [-]
Go look up some numbers, guy. The mobile market isn't anywhere near as big as people think it is, and its tapered off in recent years. Anyway, if you really think that casuals have no value in casual games outside of phones, then why the **** is the 3DS printing money? And why has it been for two years before either a zelda or Pokemon came out on it? Because they are different markets. A person wanting to pay $2.00 for angry birds for one and a half minutes of play time on the ******* is clearly not occupying the same market as someone who pays $200 for a 60 hour RPG. But if you had any grasp on the real world and weren't just spouting off doom and gloom on the internet because you saw others doing the same, you would know that.
User avatar #27 to #24 - kadish (12/02/2013) [-]
They don't think it is like it is, but it do.
User avatar #58 - josephofiowa (12/02/2013) [-]
PC = multi-tasking Console= game only
#33 - frodofaggins (12/02/2013) [-]
who can advise me on a gaming pc ?, i am a complete retard when it comes to computers and **** , i bought a few games on steam , skyrim, fallout 3, tomb raider, etc but my comput'er can't even run them on super low quality. What would you ******* recommend so i can play in pretty visuals with sweet fps and mods? Would a alienware laptop suffice ?
#56 to #33 - xpyrofire **User deleted account** (12/02/2013) [-]

Go to this link, my friend. You won't regret it.

Building a gaming pc isn't that hard. Mail me if you need me to answer your questions or whatever you need.

That link is a gaming pc thats $500. It will run Skyrim at all max settings+HD Res Texture all at 50-70 Stable FPS. Check the 11 number page for benchmarks.
#35 to #33 - miberen (12/02/2013) [-]
OMG Alienware, overpriced garbage, build one yourself
#38 to #35 - frodofaggins (12/02/2013) [-]
I would but i understand nothing of rams and gigdrives its all witchcraft and ******** to me.
#39 to #38 - miberen (12/02/2013) [-]
There is plenty of guides around the place. Main thing is to make sure that you get the right ram and CPU for the right motherboard, and then a good enough GPU and some HDDs + case and power supply ofc
#40 to #39 - frodofaggins (12/02/2013) [-]
what soprtmof price range am i looking at ?
#42 to #40 - miberen (12/02/2013) [-]
Well that is pretty much entirely up to yourself, 600-800 dollars usually gives a decent midrange build.
#43 to #42 - frodofaggins (12/02/2013) [-]
good for skyrim/ fallout with a 15-20 mods ?
#45 to #43 - miberen (12/02/2013) [-]
Really depends on the mods, some of visual ones are really quite heavy even for higher end PCs
#14 - phdrengen (12/02/2013) [-]
!!!GO CAPS!!!!
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