the ultimate test. .
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the ultimate test

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Submitted: 07/01/2013
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#211 - amuzen (07/05/2013) [-]
You would be crushed by your own self.
User avatar #210 - wwlllmyfault (07/04/2013) [-]
If this happened I think It'd open a rift in the demension of time and space.
#200 - anonymous (07/02/2013) [-]
Either I'm really oversimplifying this, or people are not thinking at all.

It would just crush you the exact same as if there were no portals there at all.
#183 - woofman (07/02/2013) [-]
HA JOKES ON YOU! The portals disappear on moving platforms.
HA JOKES ON YOU! The portals disappear on moving platforms.
User avatar #185 to #183 - sirnigga (07/02/2013) [-]
he still deads though
User avatar #190 to #186 - sirnigga (07/02/2013) [-]
that sir is a wonderful pigeon
User avatar #192 to #191 - sirnigga (07/02/2013) [-]
i want to add you now would that be ok?
User avatar #182 - tiltaz ONLINE (07/02/2013) [-]
If the second he enter the first portal he exits the 2nd one, when he exits the 2nd 1 he enters the first he would most likely be stuck in an endless loop that requires no space to begin with.
He would not die of being crushed
#189 to #182 - freindtoall has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #188 to #182 - egosumproxi ONLINE (07/02/2013) [-]
That is what I was thinking, but the space between the portals remains the same as the distance between the surfaces, right? There is no extra space on the other side connecting the portals. So he would be crushed by himself.
#180 - blueracer (07/02/2013) [-]
portals contain no space, and if you were allowed to move them like this then you would be squished by your own skin, you would be squished out the sides. just like how if you stuck your penis in first and put it in your own butt eventually you would be pressed against your own back until every bone in your body would be crushed against every other bone in your body... duh
User avatar #177 - mrfishie (07/02/2013) [-]
Too bad portals don't stay on moving pistons.
#170 - TIIColdKillaIIT (07/02/2013) [-]
it would be like this....but faster....much faster, fast enough to rip your body to shreds
it would be like this....but faster....much faster, fast enough to rip your body to shreds
User avatar #164 - reactor (07/02/2013) [-]
Actually, when you pass through a portal there is a brief moment of increased gravity. So when the two portals merged you would be stuck in that gravitational flux and one of two things would happen, you would be crushed to a single point by ever increasing gravity, or time would slow down and you would be stuck there forever.
User avatar #161 - thunderkrux (07/02/2013) [-]
Except if we follow portals physics when the walls move the portal becomes unstable and disappears
#173 to #161 - warofdawn (07/02/2013) [-]
ok this post has been on here before and this argument has already taken place portals can be on moving surfaces the game portal two covers this.
#159 - anonymous (07/02/2013) [-]
Mayhaps you'd end with an effect similar to being inside a cement pipe that never ends. I like my idea.
User avatar #155 - zeecan (07/02/2013) [-]
Portals cant be placed on moving objects
User avatar #154 - rplix (07/02/2013) [-]
I think you would be stuck in the area that is the gateway between the two portals. Kind of like a parallel universe. Wish I could draw a picture, but when you go through one portal, there is a space that you pass through to get to the other portal. So if two portals were up against each other, everywhere else would be that space.
#175 to #154 - warofdawn (07/02/2013) [-]
the basics of this is your own body would crush it self as the space you are in slowly becomes 0 its the same as if you were being crushed by two walls moving closer together
User avatar #172 to #154 - swedishassassin (07/02/2013) [-]
No, you'd hit the opposite wall that the other portal's attached to. Each wall is reversed, but when they connect, they touch, thus crushing you
User avatar #156 to #154 - evictedone (07/02/2013) [-]
Except that that space is there because there is still space between the two portals. Were the two portals pressed up against each other, there would be no more space because there is no space between them, so there will be no space beyond them. The portals themselves are flat, they contain no space themselves.
User avatar #158 to #156 - rplix (07/02/2013) [-]
Well just thinking about how wormholes work. There is always a "space" that you must travel through to get somewhere. You don't just teleport from one place to another.

Since portals don't really exist, there is no way to know for sure of course. Just that is how I picture it.
#160 to #158 - evictedone (07/02/2013) [-]
When you look at the portals from an angle, you see they are flat. The only space to move through is probably that hundredth of a centimeter, and even that is a MAYBE at best. A worm hole is not like the portals in-game.
If we started saying things about how the portals might be in reality, this conversation would immediately be thrown out the window, be drenched in gasoline, immolated with the hottest of flames, crushed by 1000x the largest metric unit imaginable, and covered in maggots to ensure whatever is left doesn't go to waste.
Pic related, it's how I feel about your continued belief in the theoretical (being generous) space between.
User avatar #162 to #160 - rplix (07/02/2013) [-]
Well fine! Just expressing my thoughts (
#165 to #162 - evictedone (07/02/2013) [-]
...Wow. I'm surprised your comment wasn't a big "						****					 you" or anything. Props, friend. Take a comfy gif.
...Wow. I'm surprised your comment wasn't a big " **** you" or anything. Props, friend. Take a comfy gif.
User avatar #163 to #162 - rplix (07/02/2013) [-]
Ignore the kiss face.
#153 - logibearrawr (07/02/2013) [-]
when the portals move they are destroyed..... the end
when the portals move they are destroyed..... the end
#176 to #153 - warofdawn (07/02/2013) [-]
i know i have said this before but your wrong play portal 2
#150 - thatsdrfryetoyou (07/02/2013) [-]
I think this depends on whether or not going through the portal instantaneously moves you somewhere else or if there is an infinitely small yet still existing space going between portals. Either way, pretty sure you'll end up crushing yourself into a virtual singularity
#142 - blockheadboy (07/02/2013) [-]
The phrase " **** yourself" comes to mind...
#141 - anonymous (07/02/2013) [-]
Whats with all the people who have only played portal one?
You can move portals in the second game ya know.
(And is it really valid to argue that it makes no sense to be able to move a rip in the fabric of time and space, when the rip is created by a shiny laser gun from a game?)
User avatar #146 to #141 - Greevon (07/02/2013) [-]
Especially since the Earth is constantly moving in an orbit, so if the portals did not move, then you would not be able to use them at all.
#140 - anonymous (07/02/2013) [-]
Stephen Hawking talked about portals, and he said portals would need to be like amplifiers, instead of sound they transmit space and gas (air really) and if 2 portals were open too close to each other they would eventually destroy each other. So the man would be crushed by the plates.
User avatar #138 - the fuzzball ONLINE (07/02/2013) [-]
portals dont stay on a moving surface
#179 to #139 - warofdawn (07/02/2013) [-]
hes wrong and that makes you wrong play portal 2
User avatar #193 to #179 - dagramcraka (07/02/2013) [-]
I have played it, I've beaten it to.
User avatar #194 to #193 - dagramcraka (07/02/2013) [-]
Multiple times infact.
User avatar #144 to #139 - Greevon (07/02/2013) [-]
Except the whole world is a moving surface.
User avatar #157 to #144 - dagramcraka (07/02/2013) [-]
Yea, well its a game, and you're going to have to deal with that.
User avatar #147 to #144 - rynkar (07/02/2013) [-]
It's relative.
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