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#31 - DremoraValkynaz ONLINE (05/24/2013) [-]
Lot's of Oblivion on past few days.

This makes me happy.
#58 to #31 - castroishere (05/25/2013) [-]
Its because summer is here. More time to play through Oblivion 5 more times.
#105 to #58 - DremoraValkynaz ONLINE (05/25/2013) [-]
This is rather true.

User avatar #112 to #105 - newforomador (05/25/2013) [-]
Do you guys know any (real) ways to fix a disc. I have Oblivion:Game of the Year Edition but it won't get past the title screen without the disc being unreadable.
User avatar #113 to #112 - DremoraValkynaz ONLINE (05/25/2013) [-]
Not a clue to be honest.

I bought Oblivion on launch date and downloaded the DLC along the way. Haven't played it on Xbox for years sadly, picked up GOTY on steam and that's where I play for now on.

Sorry that I can't help ya.
#117 to #113 - castroishere (05/25/2013) [-]
Same story. If it was on 360 you could get another game disc and just download it. Sadly its not. Probably just going to need to buy a new one bro.
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