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#6 - mattdoggy ONLINE
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(06/14/2013) [-]
I see OP just made his profile here today so i'm going to teach you to the internet

1: Internet communities
>the internet is made up of lots of different communities
>each one accepts different things and has different sayings and inside jokes
>some of these things are shared over the whole, but many of these are not common
>understanding which things fly in which communities is important, using the wrong one (as you did above) will get you some backlash
2: Purpose of the internet
>remember that the internet is serious business all the time and anything else is just abuse of the internet
>some ruffians however decide to use it for sharing funny pictures, and that bad habit has stuck around
>occasionally there are other things such as feels, important, scientific, and nostalgia along with many other things
>it is important to know how to share each of these things and in the correct place
3: Understanding funny
>the majority of time spent on the internet now (aside from porn and facebook) is looking for funny
>it comes in many different shapes sizes and forms
>some funny is as complex as massive compilations and small books, while others can be something as simple as a brick or a single word
>understanding what's funny to you and to others is key to enjoying your time and posting good content
>once again, remember that different "lulzy" things belong in different places
Remember to lurk more, and enjoy your time here on the internet