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Video Game Trivia 4

Video Game Facts 4
There are two special infected that were
cut from MD and .
The Screamers a special infected that was constrained in a
straitjacket and couldn' t attack. When confronted, he
would run away and begin yelling. The yelling would cause
a howdedo spawn and . He was removed dieto
being too difficult to kill, and the horde ability was given to
the Boomer.
The Leaker- the Leaker was cut earlier in development, and
only basic coding are left. The Leaker was able to
plant itself into the ground and act like a mine. The
Leaker can be played in versus using the console code
Boomer_ Leaker_ ."
According to the official artwork for
Nintendo Power 47, Fox Mccloud has
prosthetic legs. This can be due to the
fact that high amounts of Gs can move
blood down to the lower body, which
can cause the pilot to fall unconscious.
Cortana from Halo, Zoey from LED, and
Princess Peach from Super Mario all
have the same voice actor: Jen Taylor.
In the original Super Mario for the NES,
Mario wouldn' t use fireballs, but would
instead utilize a gun to shoot his
enemies. However they were changed
before the final release of the game.
Mike Tyson' s Punchiest character
Soda Polanski was originally named
vodka ," but was changed
due to Nintendo' s strict censorship laws
at the time.
There is an achievement in MD called
Zombie Genocide's," which is earned when
the player kills 53, 595 infected.
This is a reference to Dead Rising' s
achievement "Zombie Genocided" which
involves 53, 594 zombies.
This was also referenced in the game
Prototype, which involves killing 53, 596
zombies for the "Trail of Corpses"
Thanks to user "" for informing me about this trivia ,
None of the water type starter Pokemon
are based on animals.
Penguin Otter
According to Gabe Newell, the Half Life
enemy was created when a
person at Valve said "Why don' t we put
a giant testicle on a armored
In SRO if you travel to Prison Island you
can find a small island with a sign with an
arrow on it. Following the arrow will bring
you to another island with an arrow on it.
After repeating the process a number of
times you' ll reach the final island.
This island will sink and a giant purple
bunny will come out of the water.
The name "Final Fantasy" comes from
the fact that it was planned to be Square
confounded Hironobu Sakamichi' s last
game, as the budget was running out due
to many unsuccessful projects.
Feel free to if you want more gaming
trivia and facts.
It mu have any ideas furnature facts and trivia to Cie. added to the
series. feel free to PM me. and Ill give creditor mu in the next
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Congratulations! You have won nothing for wasting your time.
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I'll just go thumb my butt now then.
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I'm telling my filthy item daddy!
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>"Thumbed down all the comments."
>Log in
>"Thumbed up all the comments."
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Sorry, addy made it so that anons can't thumb.
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Also, the name "Gonarch" is a portmanteau of the two words gonad and monarch.
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It'd be better if it was gonad + arachnid.
better, or different.
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Can somebody please tell me how they got away with that?
#24 to #17 - youareohsowrong
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I read something about it being pretty controversial, but both Ted Backman(the designer) and Gabe Newell liked it, which settled it.
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I guess a giant penis monster that rapes the player crosses the line.
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No, really, look up "Mr Friendly," or not, if you have a weak stomach.
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I already know about him Pretty disturbed kid who designed him..
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I really like these posts! I haven't been on FJ in a while, and I'm glad to see you and this good OC. Have a thumb, I wish that did more.
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I shall take this thumb, and cherish it forever.
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Keep up the good work, my friend.
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I see my name.
I see my name.
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Kind of ironic that your username is "nopenotme" considering your gif there.
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Exactly why I have it.
Plus, my old account actually was called "yesthatsme." I don't remember why I stopped using it though....
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So, The Screamer is sort of like a Siren?
So, The Screamer is sort of like a Siren?
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Was just thinking the same thing
#64 to #38 - skulldan ONLINE
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almost, only completely different. The screamer runs away and then calls the horder, where as the siren walks towards you and does damage
#133 - silverhellion
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(08/01/2013) [-]
so final fantasy was supposed to be their last breath, and now they're up to FIFTEEN.   
maybe there's some sort of deep moral lesson here that we're all missing. any ideas?.
so final fantasy was supposed to be their last breath, and now they're up to FIFTEEN.

maybe there's some sort of deep moral lesson here that we're all missing. any ideas?.
#141 to #133 - mogex
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(08/01/2013) [-]

I just got into Final Fantasy, and I've wondered what the title was meant for.
#151 to #141 - zeroxnight
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(08/01/2013) [-]
last hope to save their world. final fantasy
#158 to #133 - ivoryhammer
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That's why they're still trying to milk it for all it's worth.
#163 to #133 - scorcho
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it's probably, that when you develop final fantasy, you will get a ******** of money, so you might aswell milk that cow until it drops.
#206 to #163 - silverhellion
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#153 to #133 - HeartOfTheDL
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Your last breath might save you?

Don't stick your dick in a blender, it hurts?

Sometimes clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It's like a silver sandwich! So when life seems hard, just take a bite out of the silver sandwich.
#137 to #133 - dragonock
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never count your chickens before they hatch
or some other moral
#142 - pappathethird
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I enjoy these even though I haven't played most of the games
I enjoy these even though I haven't played most of the games
#148 to #142 - dartharc
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Me too.
#98 - pankikilord
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My lil bro found that purple bunny while I watched.

Neither of us knew it was there. Or what was coming.

Neither of us knew WHAT the **** was going on.