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User avatar #2 - aldheim (02/11/2012) [-]
That would be good if it was actually implemented into the game, but only if it had drawbacks, like a really slow reload and a fairly poor range. Obviously the main advantage would be the ability to ignore armor ratings and a fairly high damage.
User avatar #6 to #2 - axflyingxhobo (02/11/2012) [-]
Meh, I just dd it anyways :/ It works great, but the pistols seem to run out of "ammo" or soul gem crap very quickly and I forgot the console command to change that :( lemme know if you figure out the command.
User avatar #8 to #6 - skyrimmers (02/11/2012) [-]
Hey, I used god mode for the video, the code is TGM . Maybe their is unlimited ammo code idk.
User avatar #9 to #8 - axflyingxhobo (02/11/2012) [-]
There is a console command to give magical items specific energy amounts, but I can't seem to remember :/
User avatar #4 to #2 - axflyingxhobo (02/11/2012) [-]
Ill check in a bit seeing you're offline because here it is nearly 2 am.
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