Effect of Feminism 143. Those poor bastards over at Wizardchan have it hard enough already. Sum: " mead Boss Edwin Cnet Pans we toned user: 2005 we evidence oth
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Effect of Feminism 143

Effect of Feminism 143. Those poor bastards over at Wizardchan have it hard enough already. Sum: " mead Boss Edwin Cnet Pans we toned user: 2005 we evidence oth

Those poor bastards over at Wizardchan have it hard enough already

Sum: " mead Boss
Edwin Cnet
Pans we
toned user: 2005
we evidence
other than her word
we evidence
other than her word
lime evidence
otherthan her word
Top commenter
whatthe hell rs wrong WM some
Reply we air 38
we don' t need
because our merely has
l remember
all those news stones about male
game designers who haithere
personal phone numbers tracked
down andthen received
Hello everyone.
The Escapist ran a story about Quinn‘: harassment m late 2013 with little evidence other than her word, we will always default
towards people who are the molest or harassment on the Internet I do not support behavior ifthat tone and will strive to
protect those who are effects or rt we will those moments because I think ms Importantly create change, and
choose not to post such stones Irl decide they trll do more haruto the situation
I continue to ask that you consider whether anirac on craft urinal e are How
situation on this Forum make the world a better It lust doesn' t make sense to me why ms so important that this person rs med
before the Internet and round guilty or her alleged , The Dames directly Involved have already resolved any personal
Issue they had, or I hope they are at least It now Than: all that' s important
Whatyou think rs isn' t true There rs no conspiracy There mun breach met cs There rs except than
small group of posters on the Internet think there rs
Contrary to your claws. harassment and abuse on the Internet are real tht that cause actual harm to re It' s Important for
you to see how In crafting the story contributes to harmful actions and deeds, Please respect all people
Depression Quest Dev Faces
Harassment after Steam Submission
may SMITH I 14 DECEMBER was o 11 AM
After masato Steam' s
Greenlight, developer he Quinn has reported
severe lance: or harassment
The browser game Agression Quest will be
released on Steam as long as Its Greenlight
campaigne In response to developer
he Quon' s submision, some users or
imageboard harassed for her
After the hast Greenlight submission or Depression
Rasest, apm: e "" seeking
to enlighten players on depression, Quinn experienced statler sexest remarks This time willie anonymous posters
or boards We harassed Quinn rollme. she also received sexually harassing phone calls Fran
removed Quest from Greenlight the first Irma she experienced abuse, but she ml not be this
otherthan heywood --
lime evedence
we evidence
other than her word,
We little evidence
other than her word
Quinn Included two screencaptured or comments on Anonymous posters used slurs and sad women
cannot relate to anyone with Lapras_ sloot," hi_ we no rm to be depressed “and other Alter
posters from round her hone number mun had to an hone numbers we evidence
otherthan her word,
Quinn continued her experience abuse and the prevalence or sexism in the game
Industry, addressing that recently Nonstarter backers for Mighty No 9 attacking corncobs decision to we ma
Abou mam as a manager
Harassment rs a my real mm; marl‘/ women m the games Industry expeirence Sexism can prevent games from
happenig and discourage miner: horn getting involved A game about empathy tor those who have depression
should not be met with any level or or abuse Turnings blind eye to Internet harassment also discourages
arms from vmrc an: in
To learn more about Depression Quest, visit the game' s website or Steam The game rs available for tree and will Sree, we IS why may cant have
also be free on Steam should t be Greenlit rune things
A Top
Source ( Twatter Stung Commenter am
Perhaps mews not UHF!‘ * Top
Heel We there' s a
Reply mks an ' t
AT C at El/
alter about age Kl why
the same alter
that reel when no girlfrend revert
The onlything l can trunk rs the
suede Hume UM: a
people" making these comments
Catalan are cowards Pure years'
phone calls horn guys
Reply we 17
what rs wrong WM! people these
wow, l donatello Anna's
as F u to the
people who abused her, sol
guess lad better go bums Danna’
sounding garnet's
Reply we 2
its completely , anal
wellthere was awaits do
Reply we che
Website for Lonely Men Harasses
Female Game Developer
Female Developer Verbally Abused
After Submitting Game to Steam
Depression Quest developer harassed
for being a female game developer
Female Game Developers
Can' t Even Submit A Game
To Greenlight Without
Receiving Harassment
Many articles, forum topics
and insults later
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have a gif
have a gif
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instagram.com/zoequinn her instagram for those who love to spam
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