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Effect of Feminism 131

India has decreed that every woman who testifies that a male
raped her will be handed the equivalent of 4370 USD, a
sum anywhere, but a huge payday in India.
A rape victim will be entitled to a compensation of aoo, aoo
rupees, provided she testifies in a court of law against the
accused. The victim will get the money within a fortnight of
lodging a rape complaint as interim relief. Another , aoo
rupees will be provided for immediate rehabilitation and
medical expenses.
The average annual income in the US is more than 45 times
that of India, so this payday is actually equivalent to
aoo in US. dollars.
What if the woman falsely cries rape? She keeps the money:
The scheme doesn' t have any provision of recovering
compensation, in case the complaint is false.
Our aim is to provide financial succour", Women and Child
Development Minister Krishna Tirith said.
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