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#157 - happyfox (04/23/2013) [-]
Between 1900 and 2003 there were about 52 recorded deaths due to black bears, 50 due to brown bears and 5 due to polar bears.    
Cannabis has killed.....nobody.    
Sure the smoke's bad for you but you can eat it or vape it....and you'd have to smoke a fair amount every day for it to be as bad as cigarettes. Just sayin.
Between 1900 and 2003 there were about 52 recorded deaths due to black bears, 50 due to brown bears and 5 due to polar bears.

Cannabis has killed.....nobody.

Sure the smoke's bad for you but you can eat it or vape it....and you'd have to smoke a fair amount every day for it to be as bad as cigarettes. Just sayin.
#255 to #157 - anon (04/23/2013) [-]
it hasnt killed anybody but it had ruined lives by making people lazy and stupid.
User avatar #389 to #255 - happyfox (04/24/2013) [-]
so it should be illegal?

Seems a fair bit tamer than the destruction alcohol or other hard drugs can wreck....
"You have ruined your own life because you were injecting so often that your teeth fell out."
"You have ruined my life because you stole from me to pay your dealer."
"You ruined my life because you're lazy."

...doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Anything can be abused by a person with an addictive personality, doesn't mean we should ban anything that could possibly do damage. If we did that we'd have to ban almost everything in existence.
User avatar #390 to #389 - happyfox (04/24/2013) [-]
also saying it makes people stupid is pretty stupid in itself. What evidence do you have to prove this other than the "lazy stoner" image that the media likes to portray so much. Obama used to smoke weed....guess he is pretty lazy and stupid..not like he;s the ******* president or anything.
User avatar #233 to #157 - cormy (04/23/2013) [-]
Cannabis has killed no one? Neither has old age.
It's just not something you can diagnose... It's still possible that the cannabis caused some problems already present to become worse, or for the person to develop problems, neither of which killed him instantly.
Another analogy, blow some guy's leg off.
The bomb didn't kill him, the blood loss did.
Not trying to argue or anything here, just saying.
User avatar #244 to #233 - happyfox (04/23/2013) [-]
I think the only case for that that sort of matches what your saying was that there was once a guy who got very high, who fell over and happened to hit his head off a concrete pavement, and died from the injuries.

I'd say that was more of a freak accident than the result of cannabis causing death/concrete causing death.

Still they manage to have clear numbers for alcohol deaths and tobacco deaths, and it's not like they're going "oh no it wasn't the smoking that killed him, it was the lack of healthy lung." They also seem to have enough data for car crash deaths, rather than saying "No it wasn't the car crash that killed them, it was the sudden stopping."

k I just used a Jeremy Clarkson quote in a weed argument. Must be high.
User avatar #253 to #244 - cormy (04/23/2013) [-]
I think... You may have missed my point.
In the case of tobacco, alcohol and even in car crashes, if the person doesn't die right away, but later dies from some organ failure or something when he's older, it could have been those earlier abuses/accidents that acted as a catalyst for those complications.
I was just pointing out that although there's no evidence of the cannabis actually causing any deaths, doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't have any nefarious side effects. I don't know what the actual chemical in marijuana is that gets you that high (cannabis is marijuana right?! O.o) but I'm sure if you got it in a more concentrated form (I have no idea how all this goes down) I'm sure you could see some more nefarious effects. Alcohol is taken in 40% doses or you know, 4% but in 1L+ quantities so it's ingested in huge amounts where it's obvious what it's doing when they die from it. We don't tend to see huge amounts like that when it comes to cannabis. Tobacco is smoked... Like every 30 minutes with those who are seriously into it lol Once again a fairly high amount is taken so the effects are noticeable.
I don't think people typically do that kind of amounts with cannabis do they?
User avatar #388 to #253 - happyfox (04/24/2013) [-]
Oh well of course just because something is natural doesn't mean it's safe. That is a silly argument, although I haven't heard many stoners I know say that.

The active ingredient is THC, here are some figures from a report, based on research conducted around 1971 using two synthetic THC chemicals and an extract of THC from marijuana. The studies were conducted on rats, dogs and monkeys. These resulting figures gave them an estimate of how much a 70kg(154lb) human would need to take to match the doses DJ 4DM1Nistered to the animals:
The non-fatal consumption of 3000 mg/kg A THC by the dog and monkey would be comparable to a 154-pound human eating approximately 46 pounds (21 kilograms) of 1%-marihuana or 10 pounds of 5% hashish at one time. In addition, 92 mg/kg THC intravenously produced no fatalities in monkeys. These doses would be comparable to a 154-pound human smoking at one time almost three pounds (1.28 kg) of 1%-marihuana or 250,000 times the usual smoked dose and over a million times the minimal effective dose assuming 50% destruction of the THC by smoking.
In other words, it would be impossible for humans to ingest enough cannabis by eating or smoking to kill themselves with a THC overdose.

Big read but yes it looks humanly impossible to OD on cannabis. Someone further down mentioned if you take too much you can hallucinate, which is true, but you'd have to be taking a hell of a lot...and I assure you before you started tripping balls you'd be planted in your seat pretty hard. Doesn't normally happen though. People smoke to relax, not to get trippy. If they wanted that it would be much cheaper to buy salvia or something.
User avatar #399 to #388 - cormy (04/25/2013) [-]
Mmmmmmnot sure if I got my point across yet, I'm not talking about death from ODing or anything. Just saying the drug isn't particularly healthy for your system and can act as a catalyst for later complications in life. Things that really had nothing to do with taking the drug may be worsened by it.
That was all I was basically trying to say lol I did know that it takes an absurd amount of it in order to OD.
User avatar #222 to #157 - thedarkhavok (04/23/2013) [-]
It's lethality isn't the only criteria that determines whether or not it is damaging. As you said, the actual smoking of cannabis impedes respiratory ability but in reality consumption of cannabis has its dangers. The affect is delayed, so you can easily overdose by eating just a little too much. This leads to hallucinations, and in rare cases permanent brain defects. Hallucinations in themselves are quite dangerous in certain situations, so to claim it's a harmless drug is pretty moronic.
User avatar #240 to #222 - happyfox (04/23/2013) [-]
I never said it was harmless. ODing on alcohol is far far easier to do. Just in comparison to other drugs it's a lot safer.

All this in mind, obviously it could still be harmful to people with developing brains (children/young teens) and it can affect some people adversely if they have a likelihood to have mental disease, however this can also be said for alcohol, or cigarettes, or any drug. You're 7 times more likely to develop a mental health issue through alcohol use than cannabis use.
#183 to #157 - kaoknight **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #197 to #183 - happyfox (04/23/2013) [-]
yeaaaaaaah it's really sad where I come from, the UK. A lot of places in Europe have drug programs that include special DCRs (drug consumption rooms) where people who have drug problems can go to safely inject their own drugs, be supplied with clean needles to stop the spread of diseases, be given options of help and treatment, and generally are treated like human beings with a problem rather than criminals. Also they've relaxed the cannabis laws so as peaceful people aren't being thrown in jail...

Unfortunately, this doesn't fit in with the UK government's stance on drugs. They've spent so long trying to convince the public that cannabis is a lethal danger, and so long making drug addicts out to be the scum of the earth that they really have no interest in helping people. The more drug related deaths they can preach at us, the stronger they feel their argument is.

No wonder that so many of our junkies don't ever seek help and end up dead in a gutter. ******* terrible. Wow that was a rant and a half. I smoke weed a lot...and hate the general feeling that we're all idiots who can't string a sentence together.
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