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>Went to the store with my friend after smoking, grabbed munchies and went to go pay.
>Second in line and my friend was forth, felt like forever so we both zoned the **** out looking at something (cant remember what).
> Meanwhile another employee opened the next register so the line would move faster.
>I don´t notice and put my munchies next to the first register(and zone the **** out again) while the old lady in front of me looks for her money in her purse.
>First cashier puts my stuff to the second register without me noticing because I was high as ****
>Old lady still looking for the ******* money
>First cashier attempts to notify me that I can pay at the second register, don´t even notice hes talking.
>I just stand there higher than ******* Felix Baumgartner before he jumped.
>Both cashiers now trying to get my attention.
>Finally the first cashier raises his voice and says "Are you a total pothead, next register is open, simultaneously giving me a mini heart attack.
> I pay and quickly walk out the store completely forgetting that I was even with somebody.
That high
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