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evolution is a popular myth perpetuated by atheists. evolution states that the universe was accidentally created by an explosion called the "big bang"
evolution also claims that life somehow changed and became more complex because of random mutations. these two foundations of evolution are lies backed up by pseudo-science and logical fallacies.
you may hear about evolution in your schools. your teachers will tell you its a fact. dont listen to them. question evolution, point out the factual errors of the theory and let your classmates know that evolution is WRONG

The evidence against evolution is overwhelming. The DNA code is undeniable proof of intelligent design by our creator. this is evident because codes, by definition, must come from a mind.
evolution is also refuted by the nature and existence of genetic mutations. mutations can only scramble information. mutations cause serious problems like cancer and CANNOT produce anything that is conducive to survival
Biblical miracles like the Virgin Mary apparitions and The miracles of Fatima are perhaps the best evidence against evolution. the only why to deny these events is to say that thousands of people hallucinated at once!

Thank you for reading my message. Blessed are those who accept Jesus and reject false and dangerous ideas like evolution
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Leave this site or   
Leave this site or
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All I'm hearing is:
All I'm hearing is:
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here look this
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I heard Satan is a pretty cool guy.
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dat same profile pic
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You're not offending anyone, you're just annoying the **** out of everyone. If that's what you believe, fair enough, but don't go pushing it on other people. I'm reading your comments and seeing that you feel strongly about your beliefs, wouldn't you think we feel the same about ours?
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what religion are you? and the "evidence" against evolution is evolution.. evolution is the adaptions we make in life and along the span of generations. its not necessarily monkeys to people... the big bang is possible in scientific terms. i mean it doesn't mean that God didn't make the orb of energy and then make it go boom. and if you notice that it only speaks of the earth in the beginning of the Bible.. yet there are many other planets and stars. so i mean there are many possibilities. and evolution is just publicly associated to the big bang both are very different events... and in the Bible is says that doing things like throwing down other beliefs is worse than denying them yourself. you doing this pushes you farther from God with every post. you spread your word people will listen or they will not. its not up to you. saying something is wrong like you have done does nothing for the true word of God. i hope you understand and you may change your ways somehow to benefit God instead of just putting down other beliefs. if you say it they will listen if you teach them they will follow.
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@grimcrimson even with a big wall of text you have managed to say nothing! please read my other posts where i refute what you are saying!
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link maybe? lol anon so stupid
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@grimcrimson it's still me, jesusissavior! read my other comments and find out why you are wrong!
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why dont you just post it here so everyone can see and besides you have a lot posted. if you think it will help my beliefs for me to read stuff over and over then its not going to work well.
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Don't come here and try to ram your opinion down other peoples throats. Nobody asked for it. If we wanted your opinion on evolution we'd ask for it. But since you were so kind to give your opinion, here is mine. Enjoy
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when i read your username, i knew i would be reading ******** , how do you think we repeatedly catch the common flu if our bodies are immune to the same disease over again, it is because the bacteria mutates, it still works the same way, just smarter in order to think around your immune system (although of course our immune system defeats it in most cases) Plus how can you say that something that isn't proven is fact, but then you say that another thing that isn't proven is impossible, I also have to say, why couldn't we have formed from single cell organisms that mutated, single cells mutate all the time, and do they always kill, no, they just become stronger (in most cases)

Now I'm not saying that you are wrong, but neither way is necessarily correct, plus if you say that the fact that people saw it makes it fact, you must be a fool, now of course this works the same for the big bang, just with nobody seeing it, but that has more things that seem factual, it is scientifically proven that we cannot reproduce without a mate, who says the "Virgin Mary" is a virgin, maybe she just lied to not be labelled with Adultery, I know if I were in her place I would.

I'm not sure that either are correct, nobody is...

but you simply can't say that you are right because of a few things
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@shoisoozettaslow you are describing micro evolution which has nothing to do with the myth of macro evolution! im sorry but i must give your post a 0/10!
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Multiple Miro-Evolutions over a period of time is the definition of Macro-Evolution.
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Please don't feel offended, I'm just correcting some information.

1. Evolution does not state anything about the origin of the universe, the Big Bang theory covers this.
2. Evolution tells about why life is so diverse, not the origin of life.
3. It has been proven has been proven by science many times, ever heard of selective breeding? Such as breeding cattle to get the fattest cow, evolution through natural selection is similar only instead of humans doing it to one species, its nature doing it to all species.
4. Can you please further elaborate on how the Virgin Mary disproves evolution?

2/10, your lack of knowledge on what you are refuting is the main reason why people thumb you down.
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@treckietwo sorry, i cannot take your reply seriously. as i stated earlier, attempts have been made to dilute the definition of evolution so that it cannot be criticized! please educate yourself.
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>It has been proven has been proven

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evolution states that the universe was accidentally created by an explosion called the "big bang"
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@uristits yes this is known as cosmological evolution! it is a logical fallacy!
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Can I tell you about my god Allah and convert you to islam under the holy prophet Muhammad?
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know your ******* facts, evolution is a form of the being to adapt to the new place
the biblical miracles... lol, in which religion anyways?
if you want people to follow christianism, fine, but don't spread lies
i just hope you don't say god hates fags.
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You said: "evolution is a form of the being to adapt to the new place", you just described natural selection. Not taking sides, I'm just saying if you're going to get angry at someone and use an arguement to prove a point, at least be right.
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i would say habbitat, but at some point i was right...
but for real? this is not school, and he's just trolling, so no point actualy checking my facts

evolution states that the universe was accidentally created by an explosion called the "big bang" WUT?
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@guiguito your definition of evolution is incorrect! atheists have tried to dilute the definition of evolution as an attempt to exempt it from criticsim! please educate yourself!
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please, you are pathetic, little science keeps you away from god, big science keeps you near him, my definition is correct by my standards.
i am going to give you a little advice, this is the wrost place in the whole world to talk about religion

if you want to spread your incorrect statements you should go here You need to login to view this link
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@cpthaze ???
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@cpthaze no this is not my intention at all! i am trying to educate people wherever i can! i am aware that many people dont like my message, but it is very important!
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@cpthaze you are just proving how hateful and ignorant you are without God. any further contact will be considered harassment and will be reported!
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How many accounts have you lost due to negative thumbs?
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just gonna throw out that not all Christians are like this idiot...gif completely unrelated
just gonna throw out that not all Christians are like this idiot...gif completely unrelated
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Lol I know. This guy has been coming here for years doing the same thing. That was the point in my comment.
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