James. .. bringin back the stoner humor! james bong Stoner humor
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User avatar #1 - chiengbang (07/18/2012) [-]
bringin back the stoner humor!
#4 to #1 - anon (07/19/2012) [-]
too bad its a repost. this kinda **** is holdin back the stoner humor. cmon stop thumbin this ****
#5 to #4 - chiengbang (07/20/2012) [-]
srry anon :( will this picture help you?
#2 - theoriginaltyson (07/18/2012) [-]
#3 - anon (07/18/2012) [-]
This reminds me of the stories my grandfather told me, of him fighting in the world wars with this post
#6 - anon (07/25/2012) [-]
My friends got a sleek perc bong, with an ash catcher and a sweet bowl. It was named James Bong. The main body of the bong was represented the Walther PPK he carries, and the ash catcher was the silencer.
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