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User avatar #50 - neoexdeath ONLINE (12/27/2012) [-]
What pisses me off about Star Wars is basically if you're a Force user...

1. You can be a totally evil douchebag drunk on the dark side
2. You can be an anal retentive lawful stupid douchebag

#66 to #50 - justtocomment (12/27/2012) [-]
It's kind of like the mages in Dragon Age... There's a huge amount of power and potential there, so people are terrified of the repercussions of letting it go unhindered. So the Jedi order is there to train force-users to only uphold good in all things, so that they don't have to risk being ostracized by the universe at large.
And most people are happy to keep it that way, because in the event that force users demand "freedom", it's usually because they've fallen to the dark side. Because complete power corrupts completely, it's not often that powerful force-users remain truly neutral. As in, you're not likely to find a dude just chilling, using the force to levitate beers from the kitchen and his lightsaber to trim the hedges.
Sadly, we can't risk leaving Jedi completely out of check because of the power they could wield against the galaxy and further... Not only that, but many people confuse the Jedi order with a sort of religion, when it's more like Bhuddism -- just a system of beliefs, meditation, and a goal of complete peace with oneself inside and out.
User avatar #54 to #50 - hugejuggernaut (12/27/2012) [-]
Or you can just step away from the Council and its Order. There are all kinds of rouge Jedi. Even a whole realm of Gray Jedi, whom traverse all regions of the force without giving into the Dark side temptations or the boundaries of the Light.

One of the most notable and popular being Qui-Gon Jinn.
User avatar #55 to #54 - neoexdeath ONLINE (12/27/2012) [-]
Oh I know about the Grey Jedi, Lucasfilm came out and said they where deluding themselves.
User avatar #57 to #55 - hugejuggernaut (12/27/2012) [-]
What do you mean by that?
User avatar #58 to #57 - neoexdeath ONLINE (12/27/2012) [-]
Word of God says they're deluding themselves.
#52 to #50 - snakefire (12/27/2012) [-]
"you're either with us... or you're with the terrorists"

I think George Dubya watched star wars
#60 to #52 - sixfootfive (12/27/2012) [-]
"Only a Sith deals in absolutes."
User avatar #64 to #60 - zekeon (12/27/2012) [-]
"There is no try, you do, or you do not."

Gee, who the **** said that again?

Oh yeah, it was Yoda. This has to be the reason that some people hate the prequels.
User avatar #70 to #64 - SemiAnon (12/27/2012) [-]
Maybe Yoda decided absolutes weren't so bad after his entire order was killed.
User avatar #69 to #64 - sixfootfive (12/27/2012) [-]
I guess you could argue that these two quotes relate to completely different things.

Yoda's philosophy of "there is no try" refers to using the Force, telling Luke that in order to truly become a Jedi, you must completely immerse yourself in the Force and free your mind from the limits of physical being to gain abilities that would normally be impossible.

Whereas Obi-Wan's theory of only Sith dealing in absolutes refers to loyalties and allegiances, showing that only the Sith would ever have such a narrow-minded view of the World, seeing people only as enemies if they dare to challenge their views on the way of the galaxy.
User avatar #77 to #69 - thatnerdyguy (12/27/2012) [-]
Comments like this and clavatninenine's make me save threads.
I love seeing such insightful and interesting views on things like this.
User avatar #51 to #50 - NeucularNINJA (12/27/2012) [-]
No, no, Middle Ground is for Lord of the Rings
User avatar #79 to #51 - thatnerdyguy (12/27/2012) [-]
Don't you mean Middle Earth?
User avatar #133 to #79 - NeucularNINJA (12/27/2012) [-]
Yep... that was the uh... that was the reference
User avatar #136 to #133 - thatnerdyguy (12/27/2012) [-]
Looking back at this after getting some sleep, I feel really stupid.
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